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Lex Luthor
– President

Superman: MoS

Date Reviewed: 12.10.04

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Lex Luthor – President Luthor

Today we are going to end with a card that I think anyone playing a RS deck or RS variation deck will be playing. I am talking about Lex Luthor – President Luthor.

First of all let me start by saying as a 4/4 for a 3-drop, Lex Luthor is par for the course. He has no flight or range, but attacking isn’t exactly why you want to include him in your deck. You see, he has an awesome effect that states that instead of drawing during your draw phase, you pick up as many cards off the top of your deck as you have on-going plot twists. Then you simply discard one card to the bottom of your deck. Hmmmm...if I were to run a revenge squad variation deck I will probably be running 6 team-up cards, 4 revenge pack, 2 toy soldiers, and maybe a state of the union or two. That is 14 on-going plot twists and I haven’t even thought about what team I want to team up! So basically I could draw 13 cards (because I have to discard a card) each turn! Ok, so I realize that that was a bit of a stretch but I hope you see my point. Why wouldn’t you want to run 4 of these characters? The only reason I could think you may want to be careful with this card is because you will always have the temptation to recover this card over a stronger character, just so you can get more cards in your hands. However I am sure that this does not apply to you.

RS constructed deck – 4.0/5.0 ...This card has the potential to be great – if used properly.

Limited – 1.0/5.0 ...It will be difficult, at best, to balance any on-going plot twists you get with the characters you have available. Don’t worry about trying to make this card work in this format.

Johnny Blaze
Lex Luthor – President

Today we are reviewing President Lex Luthor. Just looking at his stats he is your average 3 drop at 4/4. But his ability to manipulate is what makes Lex so evil. Instead of drawing a card you can put the X top cards of your deck into your hand where X is the number of ongoing plot twists you control. Then put a card from your hand on the bottom of your deck.

So at most on Turn 4 you can get an extra 2 cards and then lose 1 to put on the bottom of your deck.

Constructed: 3/5 – If abnormal card drawing is your thing then this card is for you. Sure most of your plot twists will be ongoing so that is going to limit your deck a little and once Lex is gone then you get to draw cards as normal. I cant see this be game breaking. I see of it more as a challenge to see how many cards you can draw in one turn.

Limited: 2/5 – With only 8 ongoing plot twists available in MOS, Lex will be better served sitting in the Oval Office. Only 3 of those ongoing plot twists would be of any real use and what are the chances of drafting all of them?
Lex Luthor - President

Lex has an interesting effect, but one that won't really help you until late game. You'd have to have three ongoing plot twists running to just break even on his effect. Fortunately, there are other cards that will reward you for playing a lot of ongoing plot twists. The extra draw power will help in the later turns, but you'll lose the extra draw on turn 6, when you are hopefully pulling out your Lex Luthor, Power Armor. Then again, it's not like Revenge Squad is really packing a lot of heat at the 3 slot, so go with your gut.

In Limited, forget about it. You won't see enough ongoing plot twists to even begin to get use out of his effect. If you use any in your deck, it'd better be to power up 6 drop Lex. Leave this one to Johnny Raredrafter.


Constructed - 3/5
Limited - 1/5
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