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DC  Origins

Date Reviewed: 8.31.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.16
Limited Average Rating: 2.83

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Superman – Big Blue Boy Scout


This week we are going to move on to my favorite DC affiliation – Gotham Knights.  This affiliation is an excellent affiliation to start with if you are new to game and have the money to spend.  This group is all around solid, with plenty of strong characters, the all-powerful searching capabilities, and an amazing new counter ability for non on-going plot twists.  What more could you ask for in a group?  Well, you may ask for a lower price tag….This group can be pretty costly to run, especially if you add Have a Blast to your deck for good measure.  I personally chose to run this affiliation in my ‘tournament’ deck (abandoning my X-men deck for the time being) and a GCPD weenie rush deck as my ‘fun’ deck.  Therefore I will be able to make up for last week’s reviews by reviewing some cards that I have tested thoroughly.


To start the week off, we are going to take a look at Superman – Big Blue Boy Scout (This card would probably be the only reason I would put the 7-drop Batman in my GK deck).


So you are building a GK deck and you are not sure if you want to put one of these guys in or not.  Well I have come up with an easy checklist so that you can determine whether or not you want to run this character.


1.)    Do you like playing with the 7-drop Batman?

2.)    Can you play the 7-drop Batman?

3.)    If you do not like the 7-drop Batman, are you willing to possibly sacrifice your big drops to keep your 5-drop Batman on the field until turn 8?

4.)    Do you have a Bat Signal that you can spare and a GK character that you can exhaust so that you can look for Superman?

5.)    Does a typical game in your area last until turn 8?

6.)    Is Superman going to make the difference when it comes to winning most of your games?


If you answer yes to at least two of the above questions, then find a place to put this character in.  Otherwise, it might be best to put this guy on the backburner for the time being.


So as you can see, Superman’s playability is definitely in question, especially when considering you have to have Batman in play just so that you can recruit him.  Why would you try to play this guy?  Easy, Superman is an awesome card with a great ability and excellent stats.  With a 20 attack and defense, this guy is the biggest 8-drop out right now.  His flight and range will definitely put a hurt on your opponent, and will probably win you the game.  However, it is his effect that makes him so good.  Whenever this guy is ready he can not be stunned.  Therefore, in order for your opponent to dent this guy, they are going to have to find a way to exhaust him first.  This is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  Basically this guy is going to run over your opponent once you get him out on the field.



GK Constructed deck – 3.0/5.0 ….He would be a much better character if he did not require Batman in order to be recruited.


Limited – 4.0/5.0 …Granted if you can get a Batman, this guy is the best 8-drop DC has to offer.


Johnny Blaze Superman, Big Blue Boy Scout – More Gotham Knights this week. Here is Big Blue. I knew somehow Superman would get incorporated into the DC set. I just didn’t know how. This version UDE decided to make him the Gotham Knights version. Boy I cant wait until the next DC set with it having the Superman theme and all.

Constructed: 2/5 Stat-wise (unmodified) the biggest 8 drop in the game at 20/20 with Flight and Range. How can one go wrong? This is how. Until there is an equivalent Doomstadt for “You are considered to control Batman” Supes will be hard pressed to come into play. I guess this I how they kept Supes from being uberly broken. If you can get it to work good job. But I never can manage it.

Limited: 1/5 – I know, I tried. I drafted GK with the 5 drop Batman and kept Supes but without Bat Signal in my deck I could never manage to keep Batman in play for Superman to come into play Turn 8. Thing is by Turn 8, I always had Superman in my hand too.
We're starting this week with a bang, as we review the powerhouse of the DC Origins set. Superman is just a killer, even if your opponent plays an 8 drop, its not going to match up to this. Its even worse for him if he has initiative, because he's not going to be able to do ANYTHING to stop Supes. 20/20 ties him at third for biggest card in the game, and the only bigger characters are 9 and 10 drops. Having to control Batman to recruit him isn't really that big of a deal, you've got 3 versions to choose from, and all of them are fairly playable. A well built GK deck with a handful of cards could drop a giant Batman on 7 and then follow it with Superman on turn 8...that's just demoralizing to the opponent.

In Limited, you'll see at least one or two Batman cards, so if you see Superman, grab him and find a way to play him later. This card ends games, plain and simple.


Constructed - 4.5/5
Limited - 3.5/5
Without Victory, there is no survival...


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