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DC  Origins

Date Reviewed: 8.25.04

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Shimmer, Selinda Flinders

Welcome to Fearsome Five (F5) week and be prepare for all of my wild rant attacks when it comes to this affiliation. They’re not because I don’t like this affiliation but because I think they have some great effects but they just can’t seem to work together to save their butts and I’ve come to the conclusion that each one of their characters works better as a plash in some other deck. Just wish they were the Fearsome Ten instead so they would have more character to offer and a solid deck could be built around them.



Shimmer is one of those characters I really like and feel they have a lot of potential… if there where more F5 characterless out there. I’ve always loved aggressive decks but I know there are a million control players wishing this character would belong to just about any other affiliation so they could use her and abuse her. I think her ability is good enough to make even the X-Men viable but that’s a whole different story.
In F5 decks she’s a must. Good two drop that can normally exhaust two characters average during your attack step. Use her the right way and you can get a decent amount of breakthrough damage a lot of the time that you normally wouldn’t have been able to deal.



Unless you’re playing with that weird double affiliation rule Upper Deck introduced at Origins don’t even bother trying to pick her up because at most she’ll be a 2/2 that’ll more than likely be taping another 2/2 if you’re lucky.



Shimmer – Selinda Flinders


Ah, looks like we are onto Fearsome Five week. 


Well, let me begin by giving you guys some bad news.  I know as a card reviewer I am suppose to research every card thoroughly; making sure to test each card extensively in every possible situation that could possible arise in the current gaming environment.  In the case of F5 I am afraid I will have to let some of you guys down.  I am going to be honest and up front with everyone reading this and say that I have never created, played, or played against a F5 deck.  Why?  Well let’s put it this way.  I was one of the lucky few to run across a couple of hot boxes when the set was first released.  So while I have 5 of each rare in the set, I only have 3 Shimmers total.  It’s kind of hard to put together a deck when you don’t even have the basic ingredients.  With that said, I am going to do my best for everyone out there this week in my reviews…..


Hmmm….It seems as though we are going to start the week off with one of the better F5 cards – Shimmer.  Since this group is such a small group, you don’t have any choices in your drops if you are going to create a F5 deck.  It is nice to see that the 2-drop you have has quite the effect to work with.  This card is a great way to insure that your opponent can not exhaust their own support row characters to provide reinforcement.  The key to playing this card is to pack four of these in your F5 deck.  This way you can play one on turn two if you need it and still have a chance to get another one for later on in the game.  Depending on when you have initiative (For a F5 deck I would say take the initiative first for your Psimon.) activate this card on turn 5/6 and wham! have just provided a great chance to end the game right there.


The bad news concerning this card is that you can only activate it during your attack step.  This means that if you were thinking about relying on this card for defense, think again.  Another problem is the fact that your opponent gets to choose which characters he/she wants to exhaust.  Something tells me that when given the choice, they are not going to choose something in your favor (i.e. support row characters), so make sure that if you use her effect, that you make it count.  (You may even want to drop a bunch of lower level characters later on in the game some you can get the most with her effect.)  Well, if you can’t exhaust everything, at least you will be able to give your opponent a headache.



Fearsome Five constructed deck - 4.0/5.0 …..This card is the new and improved Blindsided for F5.


Limited – 1.0/5.0 ….Anything that relies on F5 heavily is not a good idea since they are such a hard group to draft.


Johnny Blaze Shimmer, Selinda Flinders - Fearsome Five week. The Fearsome Five is an underrated Team, but boy do they have abilities that make other Teams drool. Case in point with today’s card – Shimmer. Shimmer is your avg. 2/2 for a 2 drop. Where Shimmer shines is with her activated ability. You can possibly exhaust their entire team if you have enough F5 characters on the board. So much for your opponent reinforcing or using their abilities.

The only drawback I see to this card is that you can only use it during your attack step. Imagine if it was at the beginning of the attack step? Now that would be incredibly broken.

Constructed: 3/5 - This card is just screaming with all sorts of Combos.

Limited: 2/5 - F5 is a very difficult deck to draft, however the lack of loyalty could make her playable if you are lucky enough to also draft a Team-up plot twist
This week we're looking at the Fearsome Five, not the most powerhouse team in the set, but with some effects that make them very to use in a teamup deck. Today's card is the essence of control. Shimmer can make it so that if you have initiative, your opponent won't be doing any attacking that turn. Her effect also combos nicely with Crushing Blow. Only being able to do this in your attack step makes her a liability on turns where you don't have the initiative though, and 2/2 means that you'll be taking some big breakthrough on those turns. Still, she's an automatic for a F5 deck, although time will tell how well those work.

In Limited, stay away. She's tiny, and you'll have to be playing an all Fearsome Five deck to use her ability much.


Constructed: 3/5
Limited: 1.5/5
Paul Hagan Shimmer, Selinda Flinders

I really like Shimmer. She has a good ability that, in a well-built deck, reads as, "If I have initiative, you aren't going to be swinging or reinforcing this turn." Shimmer also comes equipped with a decent (if not great) body for a 2-Drop. The biggest drawback to Shimmer is that she is a pretty poor card when you don't have initiative, being just an average 2/2 for 2 with a large target on her chest.

In limited, Shimmer is a decent enough 2-Drop. As long as I don't have anything stellar and am willing to go out of my team, I'll play Shimmer. Don't be misled, though: she definitely isn't an early pick in Draft.

Constructed Rating: 2.5
Limited Rating: 2.5
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