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Savage Beatdown

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 4.30.04

Constructed Average Rating: 4.70
Limited Average Rating: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


* Game Store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
There is a very good reason this is the single most expensive Vs. card right now.  It's broken.  In a game where the curve is SO important, this card allows characters to jump the curve 1-3 spots to do damage where otherwise they wouldn't be able to.  In addition, it works as great "burn" in a situation you're just trying to do an insane amount of B.E.L.  I'm not sure it's worth the almost $30 tag it's been fetching, but it's really, REALLY good, and it will be fetching almost $30 for some time to come.

In limited, it's just as good.  Offnsive pumpers are amazing in this game when they make a significant impact.  +5 ATK is a significant impact.

Constructed: 5
Limited: 5
Current Price: $30.31

* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Rar!  Pump 'em up, boys!  Savage Beatdown has quickly become the hottest card of the set, and the ability to push through 5 extra damage fires up an agressive deck even more.  The great thing about Plot Twists is you only have to have threshold to use them.  If you have 4 Resourses, and they all had a threshold of 3 or 4, you could use them all in one turn if you wanted to blow your load.  Savage Beatdown is an amazing add to any aggressive deck, and  many other decks as well, a trend reflected in my company's brisk sales of the card. People believe in this card and are willing to put their money into a game winner.
In limited, Savage Beatdown is a bit less focused, but still a great card.  In and of itself, it can cut your opponent's endurance by at least 10%, and help a little guy take out a big guy.
Constructed: 5
Limited: 4

Judge Bill

*game store employee

When I played the Starter game, and saw Nasty Surprise, I thought, "Boy, wouldn't it be great if I could give an attacker +5 ATK?" Then I saw this card. Exactly the card I was looking for.
This is an awesome card. Many times, this can be used to finish off an attacker and cause Breakthrough Endurance Loss. The power this card provides makes it the best Plot Twist available right now, in my opinion. As such, it should be used without question in either limited or constructed. (Not to mention the card's value if you have an opportunity to take it in a draft.)
Constructed: 5
Limited: 5
What can you say about this card other than its just plain savage. Well now that I have my first pun out of the way I can talk about the card. If you are playing a deck based around a lot combat this is definitely you card. The problem most people will face with this cards is that it really cost a lot of money to get it. It has found its home in a lot of decks and understandably. It the highest amount of extra attack you can get for an attacker. It will allow the majority of one drops and two drops to stun just about every other four drop and even some five drops. Look for this card to remain and expensive card to get.

Constructed 4

Limited 4

Paul Hagan
Hm, what can I say about Savage Beatdown that other people won't say?  I'll start with I think that the card is overrated.  Don't get me wrong, I definitely think that its a very good card, and whenever I get ahold of one, it stays with me and doesn't get traded, but I don't think it is worth the $20+ that the card is pulling online.  There have been very few occassions where I say, "Gee, I wish I had a Savage Beatdown as opposed to this Flying Kick, then I would be set."  In fact, the flight aspect of Flying Kick sometimes makes up for the missing +2 ATK.
With that said (which should get me some hate mail), I definitely think Savage Beatdown belongs in almost every deck, so if you have them, play them.  The only drawback I can think of is the 4-RC, which can hurt on occassion, but not too much.
In limited, draft this card up.  It wins games.  'Nuff said.
Constructed Rating: 4.5
Limited Rating: 4.5
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