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What is Pokemon NetBattle?

Pokemon NetBattle is a program where you the gamer takes the role of a Pokemon Master from the Nintendo Pokemon GameBoy Games. You have all 251 Pokemon, Attacks, TMs, HMs, and every Item that your Pokemon may hold. So you can beat anyone you say? Well your opponents have the same advantage.

Download Pokemon NetBattle

If your download is slow (or the link is down), use one of the mirrors.
Mirror 1 provided by Zorakarkat
Mirror 2 provided by ShadowHawk
Mirror 3 provided by ZTNet
Mirror 4 Provided by Pojo.com

Quick Download FAQ

Q: Which file should I download?
A: If you're running Win98 or earlier, and don't have MS Office installed, you should probably download the Huge Install.  If you're running Win2k or higher, or have a recent (2k or XP) MS Office install, you should be able to use the Full Install.

Q: What are these data components?
A: NetBattle uses the Microsoft Data Access drivers to load the Pokemon database.  Many commercial programs (such as MS Office) will install these by default, so they may already be on your computer.  If you get runtime errors when you start the program, your system does not have them.  The two links on the site are for the Microsoft Components and Jet Drivers, you'll need to download them both from Microsoft's site.

Q: How do I upgrade my version of NetBattle?
A: If your version is older than 0.8.21, you'll need to download the Full Install (NOT the Huge Install).  It would be a good idea to uninstall first.  If your version is 0.8.21 or later, download the upgrade, and extract the files into your NetBattle folder.  By default, the folder is C:\Program Files\NetBattle.  Version 0.8.30 and higher can automatically check for, download, and install updates.

Q: What are these mirrors?
A: The main download site sometimes gets swamped (usually when a new version is released or when a new group finds out about NetBattle).  If you have trouble with the main site, use one of the mirrors.  Mirror 3 will probably be the first to update most times.

Full Install
NetBattle v0.8.31 Older OS (Mirror 1 • Mirror 2 • Mirror 3 • Mirror 4)
File Size: 21.5 Mb. If you're running Win98 or earlier, and don't have MS Office installed, download this. Main download down, use mirrors.

NetBattle v0.8.31 Newer OS (Mirror 1 • Mirror 2 • Mirror 3Mirror 4)
File Size: 6.47 Mb. If you're running Win2k or higher, or have a recent MS Office install, you should be able to use this Install.

Required Install
These components may be needed for some systems.  Only download if the installer asks, or you're getting errors after installing.

Microsoft Data Access Components (5 Mb) - Select the appropriate language for your version of Windows.
Microsoft JET Drivers (3.5 Mb) - Select the appropriate language for your version of Windows.

Current Update (From 0.8.21 and higher)
NetBattle v0.8.31 UPDATE (Mirror 1
Mirror 2Mirror 3Mirror 4)
File Size: 427 kb. Extract the .zip file into your NetBattle folder (C:\Program Files\NetBattle by default).

Older Updates (From lower than 0.8.21)
Removed due to installer changes - please download the full installer if your version is earlier than 0.8.21.

Anyone using the full installer after using a previous version:
At some point, the installation folder changed from Pokémon NetBattle to just NetBattle.  If you have the old folder, and have since run another full install, you should delete the Pokémon NetBattle folder.  If your install is currently in Pokémon NetBattle, uninstall before running the full installer.

TCP/IP Ports Used
16150 - Hosted Game
30000 - Player Dedicated Server
These are server ports - Clients will receive a random port to use.

NetBattle Bugs and Fixes

Known/Reported Bugs
(Avoidable issues highlighted)
Crash after loading a team/On startup (Related to install problems - please get the full install & JET drivers)
Wrong graphics displayed during battle (Happens when you run two copies from the same installation - Don't do that!)

Some server oddities - "Ghost" players, and possibly reporting the wrong number of users online (Possibly fixed in 0.8.26, will be monitoring)
Move description text gets cut off (Limitation of Windows, looking for an alternative)
Toxic does increasing damage, even after switching (See note below)
I haven't seen this happen yet - if it happens to you, please check to see if the message says, "Hurt by Poison" or "Hurt by Toxic," and also make sure you didn't Baton Pass between two Toxiced Pokémon.
Occasionally getting "stuck" in battles - both Switch and Attack are greyed out. (See note below)
 The source of this unknown - if this happens, please send me as much information as possible about the battle - Pokémon used, moves used, and any status conditions when it happens.  Have both players e-mail me a dump file if possible - I suspect a missing network command, but without both dumps, I have no way to be sure.

Recently Fixed Bugs
Fixes to options menu and challenging (let me know if any new problems show up) (0.8.31)
Move Tutor moves added (0.8.31)
More illegal move checks (0.8.31)
Floodcount will occasionally kick you before you connect (0.8.30)
Ice Beam added to Vaporeon and removed from Moltres, types for Cleffa and Farfetch'd fixed (0.8.30)
Done button in Team Builder doesn't always update (0.8.30)
Destiny Bond fixed (0.8.29)
Repeat moves fixed (0.8.29)
Server disconnect issue fixed (0.8.29)
Fixed moves that fail when your opponent switches (0.8.28)
Fixed Mirror Coat (0.8.28)
Fixed battle chart for Ice-type attacks (0.8.28)
Corrected server password checks (0.8.28)
Sped up team loading & database loading (0.8.28)
Changed database verification (0.8.27)
Can't play against somebody with a different language version of Windows (0.8.26)
Baton Pass fails under some conditions (0.8.26)
Network locks up after errors (0.8.26)
Roar/Whirlwind occasionally switch to a fainted Pokémon (0.8.25)
Crash when loading a team after a team is already built/loaded (0.8.25)
Implemented special type immunities (0.8.25)
Stat rollovers implemented (0.8.25)
Direct connection games were broken (0.8.25)

Some problems with the R/B/Y moves (0.8.24)
If you use the close button on the main window, it may not end the process (0.8.24)

Max HP out of sync between players (0.8.23)
Server reports wrong number of users online (0.8.23)
Possible problems with being challenged while already in battle (0.8.23)

Chatting on the server doesn't work (0.8.22)
Blizzard freezes too often (Current database)
Use opponent's move, move fails (0.8.21)

Can be frozen when Sunny Day is in effect (0.8.21)
Ancientpower boosts Evasiveness and Accuracy (0.8.21)
Charm drops Speed instead of Attack (0.8.21)

Metronome doesn't work (0.8.21)
Sometimes music will not disable (0.8.21)
Disable doesn't go away when you switch Pokémon (0.8.21)
Roar/Whirlwind sometimes switches the wrong Pokémon (0.8.21)
Sometimes if a player disconnects unexpectedly, challenges on their channel will no longer work (0.8.21)

Future Plans
Add whispering to matching server chat
Add Stadium rules as Server-Side options
Add password-protected user names
Updates for Pokémon Advance when available

Report Problem
Found a bug or a problem with the database?
•Email: tvsian@retrogames.com
•AIM: TVsIan
•ICQ: 38441788
•MSN: TVs_Ian
•Yahoo: TVsIan
Please provide as much information as you can - error messages, moves/Pokémon used, whether you were the client or server, etc. Dump files would also be EXTREMELY helpful.

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