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Fun Factor: 9/10

Replay Value: 9/10

Graphics: 8/10

Total: 8/10


Sega Soccer Slam


Console: Nintendo GameCube
Storyline: Play as different Internatinal Soccer teams full wacky players.

Reviewed By TazedSoul

If you hear the title "Sega Soccer Slam" chances are your going to think it is just another Soccer game. Right? Wrong. Sega Soccer Slam (SSS) is anything, but ordinary. So as you sit back and read this review keep in mind that I am not a big fan of soccer games, let alone soccer itself. Now sit back, relax and get a beer, here it goes:

Your first impressions of SSS are most likely going to be, "This is a fighting game with a little bit of soccer, and crazy looking characters. Well if those are yours then your right. Even if you are not a big fan of soccer you will most likely have a blast playing this game. The funnest part of this game is most definetly the multiplayer. You have five different teams to chose from. Each team comes with three wacky looking players to play as. In gameplay you can charge up really cool moves to send the ball flying at the goalie. You also have different boosts that help you run, and kcik the ball.

The single player mode is just as fun. You have different matches you are put up to. After a match you can win money, and take a trip to the shop. The games single player mode which is called "The Quest" is bestly described as a soccer version of career mode in THPS3. In the Quest you are on a quest to get the championship Trofy.

Your controls are a bit confusing at first, but aren't all sport games controlling weird at first? But don't worry in minutes you'll be playing the game like you have had the game for years. The games controls are easy to remember, and come second nature to you after a few seconds of play. You not only kick the ball you also kick the team your up against as well you also punch them several times. Even with all the violence the game only recieved a E rating so don't not buy this game because you think it has to much fighting in it.

Graphics wise that game is not amazing, but they are definetly some of the best out on the cube. The ball almost looks real. When you look at the crowd it feels like your at a rave, and are as high as a drugie. The game does not have a realalistic look at all. But who says that a bad thing? One of our favorite things about the game is it's cartonny wacky ass look. It is simply funny. Some of these players are so ridiculousing stupid looking it makes the game hard to play without looking down from the screen and making a comment to the extent of: "retard". These kind of comments are usually used when you are losing or you lose control of the player.

Now that you have some info on the game you know if it is worth it. I would suggest you give it a rent and see if you like if so definetly buy it. Because someday you will be in the mood to play this game.

- by TazedSoul