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PoJo's Fire Red - Leaf Green
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This list was compiled by "clown master" on our Message Boards.

Here is a FAQ section to help answer of more questions:

How do I get the Silph Scope and Pokeflute?

You get the Silph Scope in the Casino Rocket Hideout after you beat Giovanni. You get the Pokeflute after resquing Mr.Fuji. He gives it to you.

How do I get passed the guards outside of Saffron?

You get tea from the Lady on the first floor of Pokemon Mansion in Celadon(the place where you get Eevee).

How do I get Pokemon in Altering Cave to appear?

You get Pokemon in Altering Cave to appear through the Mystery Gift Feature. After you use the Mystery Gift, something will say that so and so Pokemon have appeared and Altering Cave. *From Serebii*

Do the old RB glitches still work?

This one is simple. No. Different technology, better programming, no Missingno.

How do I get the National Dex?

You get it by defeating the elite four and having 60 Pokemon in your Pokedex.

How do I get the legendary dogs?

Here is how: It depends on your starter. They'll apear after you beat the E4.

Raikou-- Squirtle
Entei- Bulbasaur
Suicune-- Charmander

How do I get to Islands 8 and 9?

You get to them through Nintendo sanctioned events.

How do I get Mew?

You get on on Emerald. Here is the link: http://www.serebii.net/emerald/worldsedgeisland.shtml

What should I use my Master Ball on?

I used it on Mewtwo. Other posters, including ShineyAltaria, would suggest using it on the legendary cats(Entei, Raikou, or Suicune) as they run away before you can fight them.

How do I trade with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald?

Have 100Pokemon in your Pokedex and have the Nationaldex

But what about breeding?

xxBatosaixx posted the following:

Breeding Moves
Breeding a particular move is fairly simple, for the most part. All moves are inherited from the father (unless you are using Ditto). In a normal male and female pair, TM's and HM's that the father knows will be learned by the baby, as long as the baby is also able to learn those same TM's and HM's. TM and HM moves take priority in breeding, and will override other possible moves the baby may have had .If all you want is another Rhydon with Earthquake, this is easy. Supposing the father knows: Surf, Strength, and Earthquake, and the mother is Rhydon, the baby will learn Earthquake, and Strength.This is because the baby will be a Rhyhorn (since the baby is always the mother's lowest form), and Rhyhorn can learn EQ from TM's and Strength form the HM, but because Rhyhorn can't learn Surf form HM, Surf wouldn't be one of its starting moves.

Egg moves are moves that a baby can only learn by breeding from a male parent. If a move is on a Poke's Egg move list, and the father has it, that move will be learned by the baby in addition to the rest. Using the example form above, and supposing that the father also had Crunch, we would find that the baby's move list would include EQ, Strength, and Crunch - as Crunch is one of Rhyhorn's Egg Moves. Now, let's say you wanted to breed the same Rhyhorn with Scary Face. In this case, you have to get not only the father to know the move, but the mother as well. Egg moves, TM's, and HM's are automatically placed on the baby if the father already has them - but for the baby to obtain a move learned only by the natural leveling up of that Pokemon, both parents MUST know the move. If both parents know Scary Face, the sample baby would come out with a move list of EQ, Strength, Crunch, and Scary Face.

How do I track the Legendary Dogs?

Well, here is the user Flammable's subission on the subject:

First, you have to find it once, either by trading it or running around with repel on, changing areas regularly. Once it's in the pokedex you can look up its current location. Note that every time you change an area, so does it, and if you fly, it goes to a random spot, so you must catch it on foot. When it moves, it generally goes to an adjacent route (skipping towns), but occaisionally it will "leap" across the world. Every time you change areas, look it up in the dex, and take note of where it may be headed, you could cut it off. You can encounter it on grass or water. Once you're on the same route as it, save and repel, then just run around until it shows up. If you reset, it will reappear randomly, so saving is just to insure you don't kill it on accident. For repel to work, your lead poke must be Lv. 49 or less. The first thing you must do in the battle is use Mean Look to prevent escape. Gengar is a good choice because it's fast and can learn hypnosis. Once it is trapped, it's just another legendary, but you can't switch out or Mean Look will stop working. Overall, it's a helluva lot easier to just trade them over from Colluseum.

Best Slots?

the lucky slot machine in fire red or leaf green spins a little bit slower than all of the other ones. walk in and look at the top left slot machine. it is on the left at the top and it will spin a little bit slower - jirachi deoxys

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