Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Walkthrough – by Josh F. 


If you want to assist, feel free to email Josh - joshua@newark.co.uk


This is just a rough copy of a small portion of the game and I will add more and more over a period of time.


New Bark Town: After a pep talk with Professor Oak, you start your adventure in your bedroom.  Unfortunately, there is no potion in the PC, but that doesn’t really matter because you will receive one in a few minutes.  Go straight downstairs, and as you are about to leave your house, your mum stops you and gives you a poke’ gear, you can finally leave to start your epic journey.  Don’t bother trying to leave town, as the professor will not stop you.  Go straight to the lab next door.  Now professor Elm will give you a choice between 3 different pokemon, a Chikorita, a Cyndaquil or a Totodile.  I strongly recommend Totodile, but any will do.  Chikorita can learn Razor leaf at level 8, but choosing this will make it harder for you to defeat many of the Gym Leaders.  Cyndaquil has many great STATS, but its bad moves make it hard to take full advantage of these at the start.  Totodile, although the best of the Starters, water types are far more common than Fire or Grass pokemon in the game.  After choosing your pokemon, the lab assistant, Bob, gives you a potion, which will prove very useful, as the route ahead is extremely tough.  After that go through to Route 29.


Route 29: When you cross into this route, your main ambition is to get through in one piece, but that is quite tough.  Your pokemon will eat its berry if it loses a set amount of health, and if you really need to, you can also use the potion, and after using the potion, and your monster still needs surgery, take it to the machine in Prof. Elm’s lab.  Before getting to Cherrygrove city, try raising your pokemon to level 10, and don’t bother going north just yet. 


Cherrygrove city: Talk to the person at the threshold immediately, and answer YES to his question.  The tour itself is not what you want to take this for, but after the tour, you will get a MAP CARD for your Poke’ gear.  Afterwards, go to the Pokemon centre and heal up.  Now go straight north to Mr. Pokemons house. 


Route 30: Train your pokemon to level 11 and go inside the first house and talk to the person inside for a free berry.  Afterwards, go up to the tree outside and press A.  Go upwards, and collect the items on the way.  Go up to Mr.Pokemons house, looking out for the hidden potion in the flowerbed on the way.


Cherrygrove: Heal your pokemon (It should be about level 12) and head out of town, but wait a second, what was that!?


Vs. ???:  He’s really quite easy to beat at the moment.  He’ll have the pokemon that has the type advantage over yours, but just keep using tackle/scratch and it’ll be a pushover. 


Route 29: Go straight back to New Bark Town. 


New Bark Town: Take the egg to Prof. Elm, but a police officer will ask you the name of the pokemon thief before you can do a thing.  After naming the villain, who later becomes your rival.  Now, you will receive 5 Poke ‘balls from Bob.  When you leave, go to your mums and answer that you would like open a bank account, so that if you lose to a trainer, the money she has with her will not be lost.  Leave for route 29 once again.




Route 29: Now the walkthrough will be slightly different, because text in Red will be an appearance graph, telling you how many pokemon you can catch and how likely it would be to run into that pokemon.  Text in green will mean trainer rosters, and how much money they would pay out. 


Hoppip: 10% Morn, Day

Sentret:  30% Morn, 40% Day

Pidgey:  50% Morn, 40% Day

Rattata: 10% Morn, Day, 30% Nite

Hoothoot: 70% Nite


Try to catch Rattata or Sentret, and train them up to level 7.  Also, try to catch a Pidgey/Hoothoot and train that up to 11.   Train your starter up to level 13 and head towards Cherrygrove.  But first make a slight detour north…


Route 46: If you wake up early, you have a small chance of catching an early Phanpy, and if you aggressively level it up now, you will end up with an excellent fighter and you will be able to complete many parts of the game with ease. 


Phanpy: 5% Morn

Spearow: 25% Morn, 30% Day

Geodude: 45% Morn, 30% Day, 40% Nite

Rattata: 25% Morn, 40% Day, 60%, Nite


CherryGrove city: Heal up; buy some Pokeballs and a potion and head to Route 30.


Route 30:


Ledyba: 12% Morn

Hoppip:  4% Morn, 16% Day

Pidgey:  40% Morn, Day

Weedle: 4% Morn, Day

Caterpie: 40% Morn, Day

Spinarak: 8% Nite

Zubat: 16% Nite

Poliwag: 16% Nite

Hoothoot: 60% Nite


Youngster Joey: $64: Rattata lvl 4   Phone

Youngster Mikey: $64: Pidgey lvl2, Rattata lvl 4

Bug Boy Don: $48: Caterpie, lvl 3 Caterpie lvl 3   Phone


On this route, focus on catching a Bug pokemon, preferably Caterpie/Spinarak for a good balanced team, and quite a strong pokemon.  If you catch Caterpie, raise it to level 12.  But if you catch Spinarak, just raise it to level 10.  Go to route 31.


Route 31:


Ledyba: 5% Morn.

Hoppip: 10% Morn, Day

Pidgey: 40% Morn, Day

Weedle: 5% Morn, Day

Caterpie: 20% Morn, Day

Bellsprout: 20% Morn, 25% Day, 15% Nite

Spinarak: 35% Nite

Zubat: 5% Nite

Poliwag: 25% Nite

Hoothoot: 15% Nite

Gastly: 5% Nite


Bug Boy Wade: $32: Caterpie lvl 2 (X3), Weedle lvl 2      Phone


Catch 2 Bellsprout and train 1 up to level 12 and the other to level 14.  Now try to catch a Gastly and train that to level 11.  Now go to Dark Cave.


Dark Cave:


Teddiursa: 4% Morn

Geodude: 35% Morn, 39% Day, Nite

Zubat: 59.4% Morn, Day, Nite.

Dunsparce: 0.6% Morn, Day, Nite (Dunsparce sightings increase during swarms)


Try to catch a Teddiursa and raise it to level 11.  If you must, catch a Dunsparce and raise it to level 6.  Go to Violet City.


Voilet city:Get your level 14 Bellsprout out of the PC box and go to the building nearest the Pokemon centre.  Now talk to the boy walking about and answer YES to his question.  He will now trade your level 14 Bellsprout for a level 14 Onix, Rocky.  Now heal your pokemon and head to the Pokemart to buy some potions and Pokeballs.  Finally go towards the gym.  If you want, you can go to the pokemon centre and change pokemon using the PC. 

The dream team:

Onix: 15

Totodile/Poliwag: 14

Teddiursa/Phanpy/Quilava/Growlithe: 14

Bellsprout/Chikorita: 13

Pidgey/Hoothoot: 11

Rattata/Sentret: 10

Violet City Gym:

Bird Boy Abe: $216: Spearow: lvl 9

Bird Boy Rod: $168: Pidgey: lvl 7, Pidgey: lvl 7

Leader Falkner: $900: Pidgey: lvl 7, Pidgeotto: lvl 9


Now is the time to make use of your new Onix.  Use its Rock Throw attack to devastate the disciples and Falkners Pidgey.  But for Pidgeotto you should try Pidgey or Hoothoot to get away from its powerful Mud Slap attack.  If your Pidgey/Hoothoot gets injured, use your Water pokemon.  If that still does not work, send out Onix, but it doesn’t really matter if you send out another, as it should be to weak to put up much of a fight.  After receiving the Zephyr badge and TM 31 (Mud Slap) go outside to the pokemon centre, heal up, deposit Sentret/Rattata and talk to bob (Who is near the nurse).  He will give you a mysterious egg.  Now go to the Sprout tower.


Sprout Tower:


Rattata: 100% Morn, Day, 70% Nite

Gastly: 30% Nite


Sage Nico: $96: Bellsprout lvl 3 (x3)

Sage Chow: $96: Bellsprout lvl 3 (x3)

Sage Edmond: $96: Bellsprout lvl 3 (x3)

Sage Jin: $192: Bellsprout lvl 6

Sage Neal: $192: Bellsprout lvl 6

Sage Troy: $224: Bellsprout lvl 7, HootHoot lvl 7

Sage Li: $320: Bellsprout lvl 7 (x2), HootHoot lvl 10   Elder


Battle all of the trainers to gain experience, and if your pokemon get weak, head straight back to the pokemon centre.  After climbing the three floors and defeating all of the trainers, you face the elder.  He is extra tough if you do not have a rock and fire pokemon with you.  The best strategy is to fight grass with a level 12 Cyndaquil/Growlithe but if all else fails fight fire with fire and use your own grass pokemon.  As for HootHoot, use Onix’ rock throw to bring it down.  Afterwards, the elder will give you HM05 (Flash).  Now head to the pokemon centre heal up and go to the ruins of Alph with:


Totodile/Poliwag: lvl 15

Onix/Cyndaquil: lvl 15

Pidgey/HootHoot lvl 15

Bellsprout/Chikorita: lvl 13

Teddiursa/Phanpy: 12

Egg: lvl egg


The ruins of Alph:


Unown: 100% Morn,       Day, Nite


The ruins of Alph is a relatively simple puzzle where the objective is to complete a kind of jigsaw puzzle to release a spirit of an ancient pokemon called Unown.  This mysterious pokemon uses only one attack: Hidden Power.  It is basically useless.  Try to catch one for the pokedex, but don’t bother training it.  Go straight outside from the ladder and head to Route 32.







Route 32:


Ekans: 16% Morn, Day

Hoppip: 20% Morn, Day

Pidgey: 4% Morn, Day

Rattata: 40% Morn, Day, Nite

Bellsprout; 20% Morn, Day, 16% Nite

Wooper: 8% Nite

Zubat: 16% Nite

Gastly: 8% Nite

HootHoot: 12% Nite


Youngster Albert: $128: Rattata lvl 6, Zubat lvl 8

Picnicker Liz: $180: Nidoran F lvl 9

Fisherman Justin: $200: Magikarp lvl 5 (x3), Magikarp lvl 15

Fisherman Harry: $320: Poliwag lvl 8 (x2)

Fisherman Ralph: $400: Goldeen lvl 10           Phone

Camper Roland: $180: Nidoran lvl 9

Youngster Gordon: $160: Wooper lvl 10

Bird Boy Peter: $192: Pidgey lvl 6 (x2), Spearow lvl 8


Go straight down and talk to the first person you see.  He will give you a Miracle seed.  Attach that to Bellsprout and carry on fighting all of the trainers for experience.  Try to catch the two pokemon Wooper (Train it to level 12) and Ekans (optionally train it to level 10, you won’t need it that much.)  Now go down and FIGHT FISHERMAN RALPH! I can’t stress that enough.  Now, get his phone number and head to the Pokemon centre.  Talk to the person near the counter and he will give you the Old Rod.  In crystal you don’t just catch         Magikarp, but a few other Pokemon as well.  Go to the lake and try to catch a Tentacool and Magikarp.  Train Tentacool up to level 15 and Magikarp to level 15 as well. (For Magikarp, use the bait and switch method.  Use the fishing rod to hook more fish, send out Magikarp and retreat to Bellsprout.)  Now go to Union cave. 


Union Cave:


Sandshrew: 10% Morn, 20% Day

Rattata: 20% Morn, Day, 50% Nite

Geodude: 30%Morn, Day, 15% Nite

Onix: 10% Morn, Day, Nite

Zubat: 30% Morn, 20% Day, 15% Nite

Wooper: 10% Nite

Now there will be a dark blue appearance chart for fishing.  Until we get the good rod, I am just going to cover the pokemon caught on the Old Rod.


Magikarp: 80%

Goldeen: 20%


Try to catch a Goldeen now and raise that to level 15 so that it can learn the powerful Horn Drill attack.  Now put that in the Pokemon centre box and catch a Sandshrew (Raise it to level 15).  Now fight all of the trainers for experience and don’t forget the ladder near the Pokemaniac with a Slowpoke.


Hiker Daniel: $352: Onix lvl 11

Hiker Russell: $250: Geodude lvl 4, Geodude lvl 6, Geodude lvl 8

FireBreather Bill: $288: Koffing lvl 6 (x2)

Fire breather Ray: $432: Vulpix lvl 9

Pokemaniac Larry: $600: Slowpoke lvl 10


After the fights, head outside to Route 33.


Route 33:


Spearow: 36% Morn, 24% Day

Hoppip: 8% Morn, Day

Ekans: 8% Morn, Day

Geodude: 24% Morn, Day, 20% Nite.

Rattata: 24% Morn, 36% Day, 40% Nite

Zubat: 40% Nite


Hiker Anthony: $320: Geodude lvl 11, Machop lvl 11      Phone


Get the berry, fight the Hiker and DON’T FORGET TO GET HIS NUMBER!!!!!  Once again I can’t stress that enough!!!!!!!!!


Azalea Town:


Heal up, use the P.C and retrieve this team:

Quilava/Growlithe: 18

Onix/Geodude: 19

Pidgeotto/HootHoot: 19

Phanpy/Teddiursa: 17

Goldeen/Totodile/Tentacool/Poliwag/Magikarp: 16

Egg: Egg


If need be, Heal your new team.  Now go to see Kurt (His house is to the North West of the town.)  Talk to him and he will rush off to save the towns Slowpoke.  Being a very good and honest trainer, go with him for back up.











Slowpoke Well:


Zubat: 80% Morn, Day, Nite

Slowpoke: 20% Morn, Day, Nite


Magikarp 90%

Goldeen 10%


Rocket Grunt: $360: Rattata lvl 9 (x2)

Rocket Grunt: $440: Zubat lvl 9, Ekans lvl 11

Rocket Grunt: $360: Rattata lvl 7, Zubat lvl 9 (x2)

Rocket Grunt: $352: Koffing lvl 14


Try to catch Slowpoke here and raise it to level 16.  Now make your way to the final trainer and defeat him sending Team Rocket blasting off again! (Sorry, just love that line!)


Azalea Town again:


Kurt will give you a Lure ball for your hard work down at the well.  Note that your fire pokemon should be at level 20.  If not, go back to Route 33 and fight the Spearows.  After your Quilava is level 20, heal up and go to the Gym.


Azalea Town Gym:


Twins Amy and May: $200: Spinarak lvl 10, Ledyba lvl 10

Bog Boy Al: $192: Caterpie lvl 12, Weedle lvl 12

Bug Boy Benny: $168: Weedle lvl 7, Kakuna lvl 9, Beedrill lvl 12

Bug Boy Josh: $208: Paras lvl 13

Leader Bugsy: $1600: Kakuna lvl 14, Metapod lvl 14, Scyther lvl 16


Your fire Pokemon will be your best bet here but Rock and Flying work just as well.  Fight all of the junior trainers for money and maybe some experience levels, going back to the pokemon centre for a rest if necessary.  Now challenge Bugsy.  Use a low level Pokemon like Sentret of Rattata.  For Scyther, use Quilava/ Growlithe, but watch out for his Fury Cutter Attack!  After making an inferno of his gym, grab the badge, TM and cash, and go to the pokemon centre to heal up before heading to…


Vs. Rival:


Gastly lvl 12

Zubat lvl 14

Starter (Evolved): lvl 16


He’s added 2 pokemon to his team since your last encounter, and his starter pokemon has grown into its first evolutionary form!  He should fall to a rock, Growlithe and Fire/Water/Grass.  Use the rock to knock Zubat out of the air, Growlithes Bite attack to kill Gastly for the second time in its death, and the grass/water/fire pokemon for his starter.  Go to then Pokemon centre and heal up before heading into the Ilex Forest.


Ilex Forest:


Caterpie: 20% Morn, Day

Metapod: 20% Morn, Day

Weedle: 36% Morn, Day

Kakuna: 12% Morn, Day

Pidgey: 4% Morn, Day

Paras: 8% Morn, Day

Psyduck: 16% Nite

Venonat: 28% Nite

Oddish: 44% Nite

HootHoot: 4% Nite


Bug Boy Wayne: $160: Ledyba lvl 6, Paras lvl 10


Catch a Paras (Train to level 15), Venonat (train to level 12), Psyduck (16) and Oddish (15).  Go and talk to the first person in the woods who will reveal that he has lost his Farfetch’d in the woods and he is to afraid to go in any further, so it looks like you have to go chase the Farfetch’d.  After you have returned it to the owner, you will receive HM 01, Cut.  Teach it to your grass pokemon, and use it on the thin tree to clear the path to the rest of the forest.  Now collect the items and follow the path to the man with green hair, and he will give you TM 02, Headbutt.  Teach this to one of your Pokemon and use it on one of the cone shaped trees to try to catch a Pineco (Raise it to level 17) and Exeggcute (Raise it to level 15).  Now head out of the forest and fight the trainer for experience.  Now go to rout 34 and talk to the woman behind the desk for TM 12, Sweet Scent.


Route 34:


Pidgey: 16% Morn, Day

Snubbull: 30% Morn, Day

Abra: 8% Morn, Day, Nite

Rattata: 30% Morn, Day, Nite

Ditto: 8% Morn, Day, 16% Nite

Jigglypuff: 8% Morn, Day, Nite

Drowzee: 8% Nite

HootHoot: 30% Nite


Magikarp: 10%

Krabby: 90%


Youngster Samuel: $128: Rattata lvl 7, Sandshrew lvl 10, Spearow lvl 8 (x2)

Poke’ fan Brandon: $1040: Snubbull lvl 13

Picnicker Gina: $240: Hoppip lvl 9 (x2), Bulbasaur lvl 12     Phone

Youngster Ian: $192: Mankey lvl 10, Diglett lvl 12

Guard Keith: $680: Growlithe lvl 17             Only at Nite

Camper Todd: $280: Psyduck lvl 14             Phone




Catch 2 Abras.  Train 1 to level 16 and the other to level 20.  Don’t let the level 20 one evolve, because you will need to trade it for a Machop in Goldenrod City.  Catch a Ditto (Don’t bother training it, as you should only use it for breeding), a Krabby (Raise it to level 15), a Snubbull (Raise it to level 20), a Jigglypuff (level 20) and a Drowzee (Raise it to level 15).  If you kept it in your active team, the mysterious egg should have hatched.  If it has it will have become a Togepi.  Now raise that a few levels, and if you want, teach it the swift TM from Union Cave.  Now head to Goldenrod, fighting all of the trainers on the way.  Drop off a weak pokemon like Magikarp at the daycare centre.  Now head into Goldenrod City.


 Goldenrod city:  First off, heal your battle-scarred pokemon and get the level 20 Abra out of the box.  Now go to the department store and trade it off for a Machop.  Now, go to the bike shop, talk to the person behind the counter and if you promise to advertise for him, you can keep the bike.  Now it’s time to go underground. 


Underground trainers:

Pokemaniac Donald: $600: Slowpoke lvl 10 (x2)

Super Nerd Teru: $352: Magnemite lvl 7 (x2), Magnemite lvl 9, Voltorb lvl 11

Pokemaniac Isaac: $720: Likitung lvl 12

Pokemaniac Erik: $352: Grimer lvl 11 (x2)


After fighting these 4 trainers, you could get your Pokemons hair cut, which just makes it slightly happier, but the older brother does a slightly better job.  Now pick up the coin case and leg it out of the building.  Now you can gamble in the casino.

     There are 2 types of game in the Goldenrod casino; the first one is the slot machine.  Here the aim is; rather obviously to get three matching symbols in a row.  3 Cherries pay 6, 3 Pikachus pay off 8, 3 Squirtles pay 10, 3 Staryus pay 15, 3 Pokeballs pay 50 and 3 7’s pay off a massive 500!  After you feel that you have gambled enough, head to the Pokemon centre to change your pokemon, heal up and head to the pokemon gym with this team. 


Feraligatr/Quilava lvl 30

Machop lvl 29

Onix/Steelix/Graveller lvl 29

Bayleef/Weepinbell/Gloom/Parasect/Exeggcute lvl 28

Gyarados/Quagsire/Poliwhirl/Golduck/Qwifish/Godeen/Growlithe lvl 26

Furret/Raticate/Snubbull/Jigglypuff/Donphan/Teddiursa lvl 25


Goldenrod City Gym:


Beauty Victoria: $1496: Sentret lvl 09, Sentret lvl 13, Sentret lvl 17

Beauty Samantha: $1408: Meowth: 16 (x2)

Lass Carrie: $432: Snubbull: 18

Lass Bridget: $360: Jigglypuff: 15 (x3)

Leader Whitney: $2000: Clefairy: 18, Miltank: 20


Now it is time to make use of that new Machop.  Low kick your way to victory, but if he kicks the bucket, send out Onix/Graveller, but Steelix is an added bonus.  This is one of the easiest gyms (And one of the cutest[jf1] !)


GoldenRod City Department Store:    


Floor 2:  


Potion $300

Super Potion $700

Antidote $100

Parlyze heal $200

Awakening $250

Burn heal $250

Ice Heal $250




Pok’eball $200

Great ball $600

Escape rope $550

Repel $300

Revive $1500

Full Heal $600

Poke’doll $1000

Flower Mail $50




X speed $350

X special $350

X defend $550

X attack $500

Dire.Hit $650

Guard.Spec $700

X accuracy $950




Protien $9800

Iron $9800

Carbos $9800

Calcium $9800

HP UP $9800




TM 41 $3000

TM 48 $3000

TM 33 $3000

TM 02 $3000

TM 08 $3000




Fresh Water $200

Soda Pop $300

Lemonade $350




Poke’ball $150

Great Ball $500

Super Potion $500

Full Heal $500

Revive $1200


  After you’ve beaten Whitney, go to the house next to the gym and get the Squirtbottle from the gardener woman. Now heal up and leave through the northen exit.  You are now on Route 35.


Route 35:


The trainers:

Picknicker Kim: $300: Vulix 15

Camper Elliot: $300: Sandshrew 13 & Marril 12

Picknicker Brooke: $320: Pikachu 16

Camper Ivan: $280: Diglett 10, Zubat 10 & Diglett 14

Firebreather Walt: $624: Magmar 11 & Magmar 12

Juggler Irwin: $560:Voltorb 2, Voltorb 6, Voltorb 10 & Voltorb 14, Phone

Bug Boy Arnie: $240: Venonat 15 Phone, Swarm Spotter

Bird keeper Bryan: $336: Pidgey 12 & Pidgeotto 14




Pidgey:30.4% Morn, Day

Abra:12% Morn,Day, 24%Nite



Nidoran F:0%Morn,Day,Nite (Appaer when Yanma swarm)

Nidoran M: Same as Nidoran F

Yanma:0.6% Morn,Day,Nite (Appear in greater numbers during swarms)


Drowzee:12% Nite

HootHoot:26.4% Nite


Fight your way through the trainers and GET ARNIES NUMBER! Also, collect the TM Rollout.  Now cut through to the North entrance tree.  Go straight up North to find a weird tree that shakes when it is touched. Use the Squirtbottle on it to enter a fight with the ONLY SUDDOWOODO IN THE GAME! CATCH IT!