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Shade of the Devoured Emperor & Gencon World Championships Press Release

by Terence Jason Dorman & Ian Spiegel - Blum


Following the success of Seed 3: Fall of Marmothoa, Arcane Tinmen is proud to announce their next expansion set and the first in the Unlikely Heroes block for The Spoils Community Card Game (CCG): Shade of the Devoured Emperor!



Featuring 130 brand new cards, Shade of the Devoured Emperor returns to the world of Clockman, first seen in the original First Edition booster sets, as well as fan favorite Spoils characters, including Jo Ciendeilio, Pluck, Eldridge Gosche, and more!


Shade also marks a return to the booster pack format, allowing players to enjoy draft, sealed, and constructed formats!


Players can expect each of the five trades to get new tricks in Shade. While some game mechanics will be familiar, Shade also introduces exciting new game play strategies that are sure to entice players and shake up the metagame.


Arcane Tinmen is celebrating the release of this much-awaited set at Gen Con in Indianapolis August 15-18, where players will have their first chance to try out the new cards in a full schedule of casual and professional tournaments geared towards both the occasional player and seasoned pro.


Additionally, all players from around the globe are cordially invited to help celebrate a new era of Spoils by participating in the first ever The Spoils CCG World Championship Tournament!


The winner will take home a specially designed, custom Micromajig trophy, exclusive promotional cards and items, the title King of Lugubria, Master of 1337, Warden of Acrolos, Clockman, and Direstock, First of His or Her Name, Champion of the World, and an Open R&D card designed by the champion and featuring his or her likeness for release in a future set.



Thursday and Friday before the World Championships, players will also have the opportunity to compete in the Gen Con Constructed Championship (Thursday August 15) and Gen Con Limited Championship (Friday August 16) and will be the first time players will have access to Shade of the Devoured Emperor! The complete tournament schedule is as follows:


2013 The Spoils CCG World Championship Location

Indiana Convention Center

100 S Capitol Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46225

Gen Con, August 17th, Booth 2238


2013 The Spoils CCG Gen Con Schedule



Pick Up Drafts

     Time: Whenever 8 people are available to play

Pick Up Constructed

     Time: Whenever 8 people are available to play

THURSDAY August 15

Gen Con Constructed Championships

     6:00 pm

FRIDAY August 16

Friday Afternoon Sealed

     11:00 am

Gen Con Sealed Championships

     6:00 pm

Booze Draft

     10:00 pm

SATURDAY August 17

World Championships

     12:00 pm

Scrub Draft

     6:00 pm



Demos will also be given all day every day of the con.


Details regarding sneak preview events, release parties, the Epic Championships, and the Spring Championships for the street release of Shade are forthcoming. These events are all great for new players to learn the game, meet the great community, and build their Spoils collection.


Shade of the Devoured Emperor is set to hit the shelves at retailers all over the world in the first quarter of 2013. Be sure to contact your local retailer about ordering product and scheduling events!


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