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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Voidal Poisoning

You may remove any number of tokens from cards you control. Use the tokens any way you want to create the following effects any number of times: 1 token: Pick a character. Inflict 1 damage to that character. 2 tokens: Draw a card. 2 tokens: Your opponent  must discard a card. - 3 tokens: Search your deck for a card and put  into your hand.

Card Ratings
Limited: 2
Constructed: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.29.0

doc Today’s card is full of possibilities. The rare Arcanist tactic Voidal Poisoning.

For a cost of three with a threshold of 3, you get what is arguably the greatest utility card in the game. In a game of options and resource management, where at every turn you have to weigh those options to ensure you come out on top, what could be better than having 4 different options which can be used over and over again, to solve any given situation?

There are several versions of “token decks”. All five trades have token using or generating cards, so no matter whether it’s mono-Arcanist or Arcanist comboed with any other trade, Voidal Poisoning has its place. Granted, you like having tokens on some cards (Ferrous Ferret, Berserker Corps, Hyperphagic Sarcophyle etc) so you might think twice about running VP. But even if that’s the case, you can’t argue that there are times when you’d let your Bipolar Sarcophyle revert to a 2/3/4 if you could only tutor for that one card you need, or inflict 2 - 3 damage to get rid of that pesky character that you know your opponent is never going to attack or block with, and is holding over your head just waiting for you to attack.

Now just envision this… Amortized Straw Man comes into play with 3 unwanted tokens, as does, Slingerang, Runic Circuitry and others. How would you like to turn those “bad” tokens into card draw, or damage, or force your opponent to discard, or tutor for more cards that could give you more tokens!

Remember what I said at the start about options? You didn’t doubt me did you? Just so we don’t miss anything, your 4 options are:

Pick a character and inflict 1 damage to that character- costs 1 token.
Draw a card- costs 2 tokens.
Force your opponent to discard card- costs 2 tokens.
Tutor for any card and put it into your hand- costs 3 tokens.

Now for the kicker. While your opponent can respond to your playing this tactic, once all of their responses resolve and it’s time for VP to resolve, you get to pick and choose to you heart’s content without your opponent interfering! That’s right. Your opponent cannot respond to your use of the various options VP presents. Let’s say there are 7 tokens on the cards you control. First you declare you’re removing 2 tokens to draw a card. Next you remove 1 token to inflict 1 damage to a character. Then you remove 2 to draw again. Lastly you chose to remove your last 2 tokens to force your opponent to discard a card. You opponent gets to sit back and watch the show, unable to respond to any of the actions you take on your shopping spree!

So are you convinced?

In limited, you may not get enough token generating cards for VP to be worth playing. In constructed however, a skilled deck builder and player can rule the field with such power!
Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 5/5

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