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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Hidden Sandwich

ATTACH TO CHARACTER*You may play this card whenever you could play a tactic.*If the attached character would be destroyed, instead destroy this card. Treat the character as though it has received no damage this turn.

Card Ratings
Constructed: 3.9
Limited: 4.4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.27.

One of the good gearsmith cards, this is another little beauty that works similar to Limited Liability, only will allow your slower fattie to push throw damage against a fast army and still actually hurt them. Sure Liability is more general, but when you have a fat Quarterfinalist or Dock Sentinel on the board, nothin’ says lovin’ like a Sandwich to the face. J

In constructed I think it will have the same purpose, generally used in a deck with larger fatties to push through against an army of weenies. It looks rather harmless until it just straight up screws over your army. L

Constructed: 4

Limited: 4.5
doc Today we have our first Gear card, the Gearsmith Item Hidden Sandwich.

Not exactly a card name that will inspire fear in the hearts of men, but its flavor text should at least get a smirk out of you: “Never underestimate the deflective power of pumpernickel.”

For a cost of 3 with a threshold of 2 you get a mini Limited Liability (see yesterday’s CotD) or a nice little insurance policy. Since it can be played at “tactic speed”, you can save your biggest beatstick or nastiest/trickiest character from your opponent’s devious plot or play it on your turn, attach it to your favorite-character-of-the-moment, and presto! Instant life insurance.

This card will likely find its way into a good share of constructed Gearsmith decks and even more sealed decks.

Limited: 4.5/5
Constructed: 4/5
Steve "Zambo" Zamborsky Hidden Sandwich

Hidden Sandwich in both formats is a pretty good card. It only costs three resources and has a threshold of two Elitism, meaning you can splash Elitism in your deck to equip it with some Hidden Sandwiches. It’s a gear (and we all know there are ways to snag gear from your deck). Most importantly, it can be played as a Tactic. Now I’m a big fan of Tactics, especially ones that provide a big surprise factor. Hidden Sandwich is one of the best; it has the potential of completely throwing your opponent’s rhythm and strategy off, which is why I like it. Even the tiniest Micromajig can suck up lots of damage and still survive to tell the tale. Or say your opponent is attacking with two different speeds, the lower of the two doing lots of damage. Block with one character, Hidden Sandwich after damage from the first is assigned, and let it soak up the rest so your faction doesn’t get hit. Lots of things a Hidden Sandwich can do.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 4.5
lgmk Hidden Sandwich

Many factors make Hidden Sandwich a useful card, especially in Sealed. Before even touching on its effect, it has a threshold of two meaning that it can be easily used even in a dual trade deck. The cost of three means that you won't have to play too conservatively to have this as the card up your sleeve- hopefully not literally. Incidentally the cost of three is perfect for a card that can be played like a tactic (more on this later). It means that if you don't use it, you can draw a card. And even if you did choose to use it, your opponent might think that you were just bluffing with the intent of drawing a card later.

It's an Item so it's easily searchable and you can get a discount for it in a hardcore Item based Gearsmith deck. It's also a gear so it is even more searchable. Just don't bring it into play attached to a Toolbox Elf (for those of you who dislike 1337).

Now to the actual text. The real reason this card is good is that it can be played whenever a tactic can be played. That means that you could use any on field ability or tactic to search for an Item (a certain mechanic comes to mind) and then play this.

The card's actual ability basically saves a character one time and resets it to full health. This means it can be used to spare your large character from a slow painful death by several damage dealing effects so it will still be able to block or use an ability as needed. Unfortunately it will only save one character and is pretty much a one time thing, minus recursion. Still, it deserves consideration in any deck that has a focus on it's characters, especially expensive ones. As a general rule I would only use this card on characters that cost at least 6 unless it's about to determine the outcome of a game.

3.5/5 Constructed

3/5 Sealed (less likely to be searchable at need)

Art 3/5

Flavor text- godly, both parts. "Forged from the remains of lesser sandwiches." and "Never underestimate the deflective powers of pumpernickle."

I wouldn't try eating that pumpernickle. Not that I'd eat it normally...

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