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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Research Investment

Both players may search their deck for up to 5 staple resources and put them into play.

Card Ratings
Limited: 1.5
Constructed: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 10.20.06

doc For our final Bomb of the week we give you the Gearsmith Tactic Research Investment.

Breaking from the mold of the other Bombs, and perhaps some will say it doesn’t belong in the same category as the previous 4; the cost of Research Investment is 0. No, I didn’t forget the “1” in front of the “0”. While it still has a threshold of 4, this card is otherwise played for free.

Unlike out other Bombs (again) this one is a boon to both you and your opponent. “Both players may search their deck for up to 5 staple resources and put them into play.” Resource acceleration in a deck that needs it is invaluable. While some decks will be designed to stall until all the pieces of a combo are in place or until you can afford to pull of your 1-2-3 in one turn, one Research Investment can get you there up to 5 turns earlier.

Not only do you gain 5 more resources, you thin your deck…another great tech trick.

Back to the benefit helping out you and your opponent, naysayers will shout “But what if it helps him more than it helps me???” Well, herein lays yet another point of the strategic nature of The Spoils. If your deck is designed to “go-off” after you get to a certain point, and RI gets you there sooner, you should be in the driver’s seat. Your opponent will like having the boost, but because you’re planning on putting it to good use and he is only using it for what he can, the advantage should go to you.

Lastly, this card was part of many decks that claimed 2nd or 3rd turn wins. When comboed with Invent (pay twice X to tutor for X-1 cards) you could have a ton of resources and the exact cards you needed in your combo/win condition. It has already been announced (just a few days ago) that this card will be modified for First Edition due on retail shelves in mid November. The threshold will change to 6 and the number of Staples searched for will only be 3.

In Limited RI will likely be too slow to be of any benefit. In Constructed, as worded for Open Beta, it was ˝ of many killer decks. With the change already a done deal, we’ll have to see if the new stats allow it to maintain such a lofty post.

Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 5/5 as is for Open Beta
lgmk Research Investment

I'm not sure which version of the effect Pojo's going to post, but it will be altered for the release. The First Edition version of the card will have a threshold of six, not four. In addition to this it will only grant you three resources in place of the previous five.

The old version of the card was the center of what many believed to be the most broken combo in the game. My opinion differs, but we can ignore that for now. This combo involved using this card and a card called Invent which allows you to pay any number of resources to search your deck for half that number of cards -1. Research Investment would fuel that card allowing a player to search out more Research Investments and then play some great big hulking card that would domiate the game.

The new version of the card can still be used for the previous purpose... sorta. It's just that it can't go off on turn 2 any more and Research Investment doesn't single handedly pay for Invent.

Ratings are for the First Edition version.

3/5 Constructed

1/5 Limited (six thresh...)

2.6/5 Draft

The new flavor text is hilarious.

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