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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Dragon's Anthem

This turn, your characters gain 5 strength.

Card Ratings
Limited: 4
Constructed: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 10.17.06

doc Bomb Tactic #2, the Warlord Tactic Dragon’s Anthem.

10 cost, 4 threshold. I sense a pattern emerging….

This will probably be my shortest review yet. Giving all your characters +5 Strength will do one of two things;
1) Decimate your opponents troops or
2) Reduce said opponent’s Influence to 0.

Both are good.

The only cards you need be concerned about would be Limited Liability, Tactician Vacation, Voidal Replication and a Shocking Reappearance played on a Pettifogger.
Otherwise, extend your hand and get ready for a “Good game.”

In Limited, I’d use it for sure given that the rest of the Warlord cards I got made a good showing. In Constructed with Warlord beatsticks and pump and direct damage, I think you can likely find better use for your resources, unless this is one of your win conditions in mono-Warlord.

Limited 4/5
Constructed 3.5/5
lgmk Dragon's Anthem

This card wins games. Seriously. This and Downsizing won me my first money tournament. Downsizing really just kept me alive until I drew this (the last card of my deck, I'd spun it there first turn).

This card is a lot simpler than Downsizing. It increases the strength of all your characters by 5. You could have four Skilled Negotiators and a Hidden Sniper and attack for the win on a clear field of you played this. The more characters you have, the better it gets. Oddly enough, if you have enough characters (five or more) it is easily overshadowed by Strength in Numbers. But there is a key difference. Strength in Numbers only works for one attacking party. This works even if you attack one by one through Hangdog Alley.

Sealed: 4/5 I'm biased.

Constructed: 4/5 In constructed you might want to choose Strength In Numbers. Then again, just run both.

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