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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Berserker Corps

This card gains 1 strength for each token on it.*At the start of your turn, you may destroy a character you control. If you don't, destroy this card. If you do, put X tokens on this card, where X is the destroyed character's strength.

Card Ratings
Limited: 3.5
Constructed: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 10.11.06

doc Today we have the culmination of the Warlord cards Dragon’s Catheter and Dragon Juice. With the flavor text “Got juice?” I give you the Warlord Character Berserker Corps.

I must say, I love the flavor of this card too, “shhh…the screaming arouses them.”

First thing you notice (well probably the second considering the macabre artwork even in black and white Open Beta art) is this guy’s a 5/5/3 for 3 with threshold 3. So you then ask yourself, what’s the catch? This guy’s sort of cannibalistic in that you must destroy one of your own characters at the start of your turn. But, the loss is made up for in his amazing pump ability. The strength of the destroyed character is transferred in the form of tokens which are each worth +1 strength to the Berserker Corps.

Since any/all tokens on the card are worth the same +1 strength, you might consider this beast in an Arcanist token deck. With the right combo of token generation and manipulation, this guy could easily become an unstoppable juggernaut able to take out a Dragon Tank single handed.

While his drawback of eating your own characters does knock him down a notch as far as rating goes, if it’s planned for properly (can you say Micromajig buffet?) it’ll only be a matter of time before your opponents board is cleared.

Limited: 3.5/5
Constructed: 4/5
DarkJake Berserker Corps

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jake, mostly known as DarkJake. I have recently passed the judge test of The Spoils, and am also a COTD reviewer down at the Pokémon place. Enough with the exposition!

The quote is hilarious. The image? Not so much. The card does seem good, even at first glance; paying 3 (although you also need 3 rage in play) for a 5-5-3 character is a good deal. What this has is an interesting ability; you must destroy a character you control at the start of your turn, if this is not done, you must destroy this guy instead. Upon the death of a fellow character, Berserker Corps gains a token dependent on how much strength the previous character held. For each token, Berserker Corps gains +1 strength. What I learned through experience in many other card games, is that tanking one character is never a good idea. There are many cards in the game that are designed for the combat of one character only. Although 5 life is excellent, your opponent could play a number of cards that lead up to you putting a character back into your hand. If that character is B. Corps or another card you have in play usually doesn't matter since it'll be difficult getting multiple cards in play anyway. Also, while the cost is low, playing him in the first turn is extremely stupid, since you will inevitably die from lack of anyone to consume (if you will). I guess I am a person who believes multiple characters with special abilities is where it's at. That's mainly because you don't have to rely on one guy that is just a huge bull's-eye, also attacking with multiple parties can usually fish your opponent's tactics out, instead of just attacking with 1 character twice or 2 characters once, when your opponent will usually be able to combat this. In other words, if used correctly, I'm sure this card can be quite useful, but the fact it is easily destroyed/picked up to hand is a huge negative because you spent so much time building it up. You might as well play Kettinger.

Limited: If you were lucky enough to pull characters that have a cost of 1 to play, then this game would be a good choice, although there are still many cards that make him a wasted attempt at attacking. 3/5

Constructed: Maybe I'm missing something here, or I'm just biased. But I am still against loading up one big character, who is just shouting for 'kill me'. Remember, your opponent can just destroy the other character you have in play (which I assume will have less strength, making it an easier target) so B. Corps will just self destruct. 3/5

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