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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Land Shark

Covert This card gains 1 strength and 1 life for each face-down resource your opponent controls.

Card Ratings
Limited: 3
Constructed: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.27.06

doc Today we look at the Rare Arcanist Character Land Shark.

Adding yet another Covert Character to the Arcanist stable, this 4 cost 3 threshold Character has been the subject of a small debate among The Spoils players. It’s stats as printed are 0/0/3. As we all know, any character who’s life equals 0 goes to the discard pile. So how is it that this card will see any play? “This card gains 1 strength and 1 life for each face-down resource your opponent controls.”

This is of course where the debate arises. How many face-down cards do you normally see played as resources? I’d bet not very many, and certainly not enough to warrant giving this guy a slot in your deck, never mind in quads. Right?

I am of the opposite opinion. While players are still getting a grip on the Resource management aspect of this game, it is true, Land Shark will hardly ever be a threat. As more people build constructed decks around low threshold cards to try and be as consistent and efficient as possible, you will see more and more face-down resources.
Mark my words, Land Shark will be a keeper.

Before I close on this card, I’ve got to mention the flavor text. While this one isn’t nearly as funny as others, it will certainly make you sit back and think “ewwwww!”. I leave you to check it out yourself.

I already see a fair amount of face-downs in limited so I’d take this guy as at least useful. In current constructed, he’ll take a back seat to most (if not all) of his brother Covert Arcanists. 6+ months from now, you’ll see…and you’ll say you heard it from Doc here at Pojo!

Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 2.5/5
Land Shark

Today we look at one of my favorite cards in the whole set, Land Shark. First off let me say that before I knew of this cards existence I was running 2 copies of the dreaded Octopod. While it was a fun card it quickly became too hard to keep on the field do to its late game setup. I mean 4 threshold is simply awful in a deck like mine. Then along came 1st Edition and with it the Land Shark. It only cost 4 and has a nice little threshold of 3 which is definity better. His stats are 0/0/3, but he gains +1/+1/+0 for each face down card your opponent controls, so he can get big in a hurry and to top it all off he's freaking Covert.

Now the Shark is a card that can make or break a game for you. If your playing against a nooby and they have 20 resources in there deck then you'll have to come up with some tricks in order to get some facedown or he will sit uselessly in your hand. OR if you facing a top eight clone deck of the Dual Rage rush deck I faced last week then you will quickly see the look of absolute terror on there face as they watch you summon a 9/9/3 Covert hairy @$$ed shark.

Right now most people aren't playing many face downs, but the good players are. So in effect, if your facing newbies then this may not be the card for you, but if your taking on players that are getting the hang of things then Land Shark may become a valued ally. I cant say enough good things about this card. He may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but 3 sets from now when they come out with "Your opponent must lay one card face down as a resource" cards, you will watch this card climb to $100.00 on ebay as its playability goes through the roof.

Sealed- 1 / 5
Draft- 1.5 / 5
CON- 4.5 / 5 ( I run two boys and girls)
lgmk Land Shark is an interesting card to say the least. It gets its only stats based on your opponent's face down resources. I can see several ways for this to be optimized. One, which is someone difficult to pull off due to thresholds, would be to play Emergency Obfuscation and lay all the face down resources you can. A better way would be to cause your opponent to discard cards out the wazoo. They'll then have limited choices as to what to lay as a resource. Better yet, cause them to discard specifically targeting resources. This is hard as some cards say that you can't target resources with them, but for those that don't...

You can use Spastic Tentacles to help out if you can discard the resource.

In the end, this card is very good against some decks, and terrible against others. I'd find a way to search for it, and then only play a few copies. In the bad match-ups, it will find itself face down.

Sealed: 1/5 It's so much easier to run off face up resources only here.
Constructed: 2/5 It needs far too much support for a not outstanding effect.
Art/Flavor: 5/5 My eyes started to tear in fear.

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