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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Makeshift Contrivance

DEPLOY COST: Pay 1. Deplete this card. EFFECT: Put a resource into play.

Card Ratings
Limited: 3.5
Constructed: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.21.06

Makeshift Contrivance

In my opinion, Gearsmith needs a fair deal of work to be a viable option for constructed. There was very little Gearsmith in the top 8 of the $5k at GenCon, with only 1 person making it a primary theme for themselves. They will need some good bombs to make it viable. Makeshift Contrivance has a neat ability, but is definately not that card. It's hefty threshhold along with it's cost of 6 puts it just out of play. Gearsmith themed decks seldom need to turbo put things into play, and not being able to play this properly until turn 4 and use until turn 5 is simply too slow to make it good. By that point you're already so close to wht you need to play anyway that spending the card, plus enough resources that could have drawn you two other cards makes this fairly useless.
In limited you might have a much more limited card pool so this could make the team. You would likely mulligan it early or play it face down if need be, but it is a little more useful here since drawing it at the right time could help accelerate you into late game card advantage.

Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 2.5
lgmk I want you to appreciate the flavor of this card. Go ahead and chuckle. Did you break out laughing and type 'rofl' or 'lmao' into your mental IM windows? You're weird.

This is one of those wider 'in' jokes for people who've been playing card games for awhile. But onto the card.

This card seems to me to be built to let you meet threshold though its ability is similar to that of Index of Natural Forces. As far as letting you meet threshold goes it isn't impressive as it stands at an imposing three threshold itself. It occurs then that it could come in handy for meeting threshold in other trades. To me that says 'Play me in Sealed!' Does that mean that it's bad in constructed? No! It just means that you have to look at it differently. In constructed it allows you to get a new resource for the next turn. It makes you pay one to lay one so it doesn't change anything for the current turn- other than threshold.

Even in constructed it can be used to meet threshold in some hardcore Gearsmith decks. There are currently two Gearsmith cards with six threshold if memory serves. This can certainly help you get to those, or even a four threshold.

The final comparison that I feel should be made is to Index of Natural Forces. Both cards cause you to pay one to get one of the abilities on your faction, just cheaper. Index let's you draw and this let's you lay a resource. This card costs six to Index's five. But then you should consider that laying a resource, on The Tournament Faction, costs more than drawing a card. So with the faction we have right now you, Makeshift pays for itself in two uses. Index requires three (oh alright, two and a half, spoilsport). That seems to make MC the better deal.

Cards are for a day, resources are forever. Resources are a gamers best friend.

4/5 Constructed

4.5/5 Sealed (preferably you'll have a one resource splash trade and start with that resource and an Elitism along with another 'main' trade to play this card)
Makeshift Contrivance

Lets start things off by saying that there is more to this card than meets the eye. First YES 6 is kinda late game for a card like this, and yes 3 threshold is a bit rough but this card is begging to be broken.

While your not going to see it in gearsmith splash decks YOU WILL see it in the Mono-Majig deck. I have seen first hand how brutal this card can be. My brother and I designed a deck that uses this and 1337 to generate early game win conditions like... oh I dont know... a bunch of GIGAMAJIGS! lol.

While I dont recommend playing a bunch of Gigamajigs I can tell you that it would be possible with this card.... well actually just about anything is playable once this thing starts rolling.

You will see sombody break this card before the expansion, and I may just be one of them. This card is nasty nasty nasty.

Sealed 1 / 5
Draft 1 / 5
CON 4 / 5

Dont say I didnt warn you.

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