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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Subversion Matrix

Treat the attached character as though it has no rules text. (This includes abilities.) MOVE COST: Pay 2. Pick a character. EFFECT: Attach this card to the character.

Card Ratings
Limited: 4
Constructed: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.15.06


The matrix is an interesting card and no doubt about it. It basically erases a character's 'effect.' It turns Erotic Assassin into a 2 cost 3/3/3. It makes Ferret sit down and cry despite all its tokens. And then it means that other characters are good for nothing but blocking/attacking. In my opinion the best part about it is that it can be moved. Hey, this Luberian Octopod's been rendered silly, but it's depleted now and there's an Insidious Ecto Manipulator putting tokens on... whatever. You can actually play it on a card other than Ferret if you don't mind paying twice. First you attach it to the Ferret, then you pay two to move it. Since you pick an alternate character while Ferret's ability is offline it works. This card makes me laugh at Thief Doyen. Alot.

Sealed 4/5
Constructed 4/5
Art: Hunh? Sweet! Wait, where'd the birdie come from?


Subversion Matrix

Cost : 2

Aspect – 1 Elitism

Item – Gear

Effect : Treat the attached character as though it has no rules text. Pay 2. Pick a character. Attach this card to the character.


Got Ferret problems? Need to let your Erotic Assassin attack freely? Or maybe those pesky Coverts are making you cry. Well, then this card is another solution for you!


Subversion Matrix can be great if you play it the right way. Any card that can be both beneficial to you when used and painful for your opponent always has a place in anyone’s deck. You pretty much get to take away your shortcomings of your creatures, while hurting your opponents creatures.


Now, if the countering speeds are correct, this card pretty much nullifies any card that would have an effect coming into play. Say your opponent gets out a Flaming Barduse, and you have the 2 loose resources. I would assume that you would be able to attach upon summon, but that makes this card a little too amazing. Until I get some clearer errata, I’m gonna stick to this. But still wow.


Like I said, it’s the Ferret Killer, making it a 1/1/4. Kills off Thief Doyen (0 life at that point), and kills coverts like crazy. Oh and of course The Pogo Bear. You know the pogo bear? One crazy ruling is that if it was already a creature at the start of your turn, you can Sub.Matrix it to make it a plain ol’ 3/3/3. So now, it can’t Schproing! or Hide! But now, you have to keep paying 3, so the Matrix attached satisfies the monster requirement. Once again, another one of those crazy rulings that have no clarity yet.


So pretty much, there isn’t much of a negative side to this card if it is as counter prone as it is, and if it is as broken as we say, but for now, it’s hard to really call it anything until some errata comes up. But I’ll still give the rating.


Constructed – 4/5 – It costs 2, for 1 aspect, and affects almost all creatures in the game. There really isn’t a negative side to this card. Making your opponents cards doing nothing is always a good thing. However, it doesn’t help you against Warlord Rush, and you do have to keep some resources free if you want the good times to roll on.

Limited – 4/5 – Once again, same thing. Effect nullification is great.

Art – 4/5 – So…if a white cat walks through a flash of Binary code…it turns into a bird?

Flavor Text – None.


That’s not really it for Subversion Matrix, but we’ll get back to it, maybe in a Featured Article or something. Anyone with a question or comment should e-mail me at nimbly@gmail.com

Later Days…


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