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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Recapitulating Apparition

If this card is put into your discard pile from play, you may pay 1. If you do, put this card into play under your control, depleted.

Card Ratings
Limited: 4.25
Constructed: 4.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.14.06

lgmk Recapitulating Apparition

Meet one of my new favorite cards. This card means that as long as you're careful you'll never have no characters left on the board. Sure, it's weak. But then again, it only costs three. And seeing as you can bring it back from the discard pile for a mere cost of one... hey, no complaints over here. This card really shines when you combine it with other cards. My Sealed deck on Saturday was a good demonstration of this. When I had this card and Index of Natural Resources on the field and a singe resource left, if I had to use Apparition's ability, so be it, if I didn't, hey, that's a card draw. It also works to a lesser extent with a card later this week. Another card I had in my sealed deck was Rapine. I think you can do the math. It makes it so that Rapine basically has a cost of six and the additional cost of depleting Recapitulating Apparition.

Better yet, you can revive the card as many times as you like per turn. So if you use it to block and revive it, you can play Rapine and revive it again in that same turn. It just keeps coming back.

Sealed: 4/5
Constructed: 5/5
Art: 3/5

Flavor text: 3/5 It's funny, but not call the guy at the next table over to see funny.

Recapitulating Apparition

Cost: 3

Aspect: 3 Greed

Type: Character – ghost

Stats – 2 – 1 – 3 (STR, LIFE, SPD)

Effect: If this card is put into your discard pile from play, you may pay 1. If you do, put this card into play under your control, depleted.


Ok, before you all begin to freak out. It’s an artist reprint. If you went to the Pre-Releases, you should have seen some (I personally <3 Land Shark, but that’s just me). Most are at least uncommon, some even rares. Here’s one of them…


O...My…Goodness. Anyone realize that this card is amazingly broken at the get go? For the mere cost of 1 mana, you get to re-play this ghosty back to the field if it somehow leaves the field to the graveyard. The possibilities are endless, assuming there is no errata yet. Berserker Corps got another piece of fodder. Bankers prove to be the aspect of regeneration. Oh, and of course, you get an endless line of attackers/blockers, as you wish to use it.


Now, there are the downsides. The fact you have to hold on to at least 1 mana can hurt, so facing a mirror match that uses The Ministry of other Smaller Ministries would be good to at least begin the dam to stop it. 3 Aspects kinda hurts, but doesn’t really matter as you probably aren’t playing this first turn anyway. I mean, you could, but then you’re on mana caution for the entire existence of RA.


The power of the thing isn’t stellar, so it’ll be dying constantly. With one life, it dies by a micromajig. Arcanists have this thing’s number by bouncing (a.k.a sending back to the hand), and then discarding. Warlords have enough brute force to really make your opponent struggle with the decision of bringing it back or not. And, like most things, if it gets finger trapped or jeweled up, it’s useless…


But I digress. It’s probably one of those cards to use with things like Rapine and Berserker Corps, over and over again. It’s a great wall, and if you need it, can deal the 2 damage. Not too shabby…


Constructed4/5 – Simply amazing, but not broken. It does have flaws, like most other cards, and it is only a 2-1-3. But, this is the first and only card that does anything like this, so to say it is less than playable is a mistake.

Limited – 4.5/5 – I know 3 aspect cost is painful to bear, but if used properly, it becomes the staple of your deck. Not like a Runic Cannon, mind you, but still, always a potential draft or pick if you go that Banker route.

Art – 4/5 – I’m broken up here. The artist work is really original and unique, but it doesn’t really fit the card’s idea. I see this card, and I honestly don’t see the banker aspect here…

Flavor Text – 4.5/5 – Really funny. Not Reckless Challenger funny or even Creaky Old Swordsman funny, but since there’s a damn in there, it’s auto-funny. Nice.


That’s it for Recapitulating Apparition. Anyone wit a question or comment should e-mail me at nimbly@gmail.com

Later Days…


Recapitulating Apparition

This could very well be the best creature in the game.

Not a bad way to start off a card review huh? Today we look at the toughest character that bankers have to offer in the form of a fantastic rare from 1st Edition.

The breakdown: Costs 3 which means its first turn ready. Threshold of 3 which isn't horrible, with stats of 2/1/3 you might be like "huh?" but just wait! Its not this cards stats that should get your attention, instead direct you eyes to its effect.

"If this card is put into your discard pile from play, you may pay 1. If you do, put this card into play under your control, depleted."

Holy crap. Trust me when I say that you will have a war on your hands if you go up against this or the dreaded pogo bear. If your playing against a smart player this thing is going to be in your face for a LONG LONG time.

I want you to repeat the following sentence out loud, you'll like it I promise.............. ready?

"Block, pay one, regenerate. Block, pay one, regenerate."

I get a chill just thinking about it.

Draft- 5 / 5
Sealed 5 / 5
Con- 4.5 / 5

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