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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Voidal Webbing

COST: Pick a character. EFFECT: This turn, the character loses 1 speed.

Card Ratings
Limited: 3.5
Constructed: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.13.06

lgmk Voidal Webbing

Cost: 2
Threshold: O
Cost- Pick a character
Effect- This turn, the character loses 1 speed.

This card makes me think a lot of some rogue cards like Befuddling Beggar and Jumping Screamspider. Now it's easy to dismiss Voidal Webbing as inferior to either of those, and I can see your point. However, there is one thing that you've overlooked. It's a tactic. This makes it hugely unpredictable. Your opponent could have this very neat attacking party set up so he had Crazed Deputy with a Kettinger coming it at speed three and Plodding Brute coming in at speed two as one party. The five from Brute will kill you. With Voidal Webbing, you will survive even if your only blocker is Research Assistant. It's the unexpected that wins games.

None the less, it is a one use thing. As much as you should value surprise tactics, it's nothing spectacular. While it can be used on your own characters to strike at different speeds (though not more than once in an attack) it isn't as universally useful as, say, Dragon Juice.

Sealed: 3/5

Constructed: 2/5

Draft: Last pick. Or close to it unless you've managed to get several Ferrets. You won't mind hitting your own Ferret with this in many cases.
Nimbly Hey hey Pojo. We’re finally reaching the release of this epic game, and we just got through our Pre-Release weekends. I hope everyone is enjoying their new Ipod shuffles...

Voidal Webbing
Cost – 2
Aspect – 1 Obsession
Effect – Pick a character. That character loses 1 speed.

So, what will make this card so special? Well, anyone who pays attention to the Open Beta series would know that this card was number 39, the card that never got printed and everyone pretty much got 2 times as much Voidal Perversion. Imagine if we actually got this card…

I think that if we did have this for the Open Beta, it all the more makes Arcanists more playable. The fact that you can lower speeds makes Arcanists at least keep those Rogues in check, with their fancy 4 or more speeders.

So, since speeds are stacked by levels, lowering is nice. You got a 3 speeder facing a 4? Well, instead of their guy normally killing you without an effect to them, they do damage at the same time. Or, if the speeds are the same, you do damage first! For only 2 resources and a spot in your deck? Seems decent.

Now there are downsides. If you don’t need to lower speeds, like facing a speed 2 with a speed 4, then lowering the 2 is redundant…unless you like seeing your opponent look at you like you’re out of your mind. Sometimes, it also doesn’t help you if your strength is actually “strong” enough to take down whatever blocks or attacks you…because you’d get smashed anyway.

So, it’s one of those situational cards that really can fit in any deck. I don’t see much constructed value as much as there is limited value, because by the time constructed hits, everyone should probably have an idea of what creatures to expect in a deck, so the card will take a little more thinking to master.

Constructed – 3/5 – Use with Befuddling Beggar and Entrancing Harlot, and you got yourself one pretty kickin speed manipulation deck. Besides that, use sparingly. I’d say put it in a side deck…but…there isn’t one…
Limited – 4/5 – A little better here, because speed confliction seems more essential here. It appears as if this card can be another kill spell, which of course, is the gas that fuels this engine.
Art – 3.5/5 – I get it…they’re caught in a web…funny.
Flavor Text & Subtitle – 4.5/5 – IT’S HILARIOUS. This is the spoils way of saying, of course this card exists…you people are k-razy…

That’s it for Voidal Webbing. Anyone who got a question or comment should e-mail me at nimbly@gmail.com
Later Days…
Voidal Webbing


This card ticked me off for awhile lol. It took me a week or so before I realized that it was indeed missing from open beta. Lets just say that I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why I couldn't complete my beta set and it was all thanks to a little card called Voidal Webbing.

Mysteriously missing from beta this card doesn't exactly scream PLAY ME, but you'll see that it will have its uses. It only cost 2 which is great, a perfect threshold of 1, and a neat little effect that will be more tech than anything. While it doesn't jump out at you as amazing it can be a godsend if played in the right situation.

As an avid player of Pillaging Pirate I can tell you that having a nice fat speed of 4 is quite the confidence booster. Ill gladly attack and defend any character foolish enough to engage me in hand to hook combat. Now lets say I smugly block with my Pirate then WHAMO you play Voidal Webbing and decrease my speed to 3, making sure that even a Majig token would insure my demise.

Still don't like the card? OK well how about in sealed where Scouts run rampant? Yeah Ill be playing these at our late prerelease on the 18th.

Sealed- 3 / 5
Draft- 3 / 5
Con - (not sure but I want to say 3.5)

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