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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Micromajig Avalanche

COST - Pick a value for X. Pay twice X.*EFFECT - Put X Micromajig tokens into play.*(Treat Micromajig tokens as Gearsmith character cards with 1 strength, 1 life, and 3 speed. When they leave play, remove them from the game.)

Card Ratings
Limited: 3.25
Constructed: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.08.06

doc For our third installment of Micromajig week, we revisit a 0 cost Tactic, the rare Micromajig Avalanche.

While not as cost efficient as either Monday or Tuesday’s cards, Micromajig Avalanche gives you the opportunity to make as many Micromajig Tokens as you can afford at a cost of 2 each. The only catch is, in order to play Micromajig Avalanche, you must meet a threshold of 4.

With a little resource manipulation either via cost reducing effects or with resource acceleration (both plentiful in Gearsmith), you could find yourself with 4 or 5 or more instant Characters. With Micromajigs, the more the merrier! And if you’re going for a constructed deck Micromajig Army theme, this will be your biggest one shot deal.

In limited, use it for as many chump blockers as you can or maybe for Berserker Corps food.

Limited: 3.5/5
Constructed: 4/5
Nimbly Hey Pojo people. Sorry about yesterday. Got caught up with school. Anyway, I just want to say…happy 18th for me! Now I can buy scratch tickets!...Wait…

Micromajig Avalanche
Cost – 0
Aspect – 4 Elitism
Type – Tactic
Effect – Choose an X, and pay 2X. Put X Micromajig Tokens into play?

OMG? This card is insane, especially if you play it right. Pretty much, you get a lot of little weenies for 2 times the amount of them you put into play.

Doesn’t sound too good? Recheck your spoils rulebook, because the beauty is that late game, you can get a hell of a lot of quick creatures that you know you’ll need. Works really well with Warlord the most, because not only does warlord have a bunch of power ups, but also the man power to take down some of those blockers that could take you down.

Personally, I'm trying to build stall w/ this thing…it’s a pretty amazing stall tactic, once again, if you can use it properly. Plus, micromajigs give you the ability to get some quick token fodder for your other cards, like Micromajig Master.

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. “But the card costs 2 times the number of tokens you want…”. I respond to this wholeheartedly… SO? The card really strives to get you some creature advantage when you really wanted, and in essence, that’s what you want. I mean sure, one shriever or barduse or hidden sniper or 2, and you’re tokens are done…but think for a sec…doesn’t this really take the focus off your other creatures if they go after these things?...hmmm…

Constructed – Overall – 4.5/5 – If you really want to use micromajigs, then you really don’t have a better card than this. It does have other purposes than this, but for the most part, it’s an amazing card that truly may be one of the cards in this game that takes skill to use.
Constructed – Elite Rage Stall – 5/5 – Think…You’ll see it…
Limited – 4.5/5 – Creature Advantage = Game Winning…
Art – 3.5/5 – It’s almost as if Furby went on a rampage…

That’s it for Micromajig Avalanche.
Any comments or questions? E-Mail nimbly@gmail.com to chat.
Later Days…
Micromajig Avalanche

Today we review a card I sadly know all too well. The MA is a late game "OH @*#&%" card. My brother plays 3 of this guy in his deck and when I drop my Hiest Planners, its always one of the first cards I take out of his lineup.

OK first off it cost freaking nothing, a big FAT ZERO, to play it, which is always nice. Its threshold of 4 means that itll take a few turns in dual proffession which isnt bad but in mono you can drop this badboy turn 2 (though you probably would never want to).

MA lets you pick a number, pay it twice, then summon a 1 / 1/ 3 token into play for each 2 points you payed....... pretty boss. My brother has already dropped 12-20 tokens on me in a single turn thanks to this jerk and a few costdown cards.

This card isnt hard to understand. You can use it to make an army of weenies, or a huge defending wall of gnats lol. You can use it to stall, to overwhelm, to annoy...... lots of things.

I dont know what all you could use it for yet but the possibities are endless. One thing I can tell you though is that its quite frustrating to play GTA and bring out 4 big bag charectors just to meet an opponent who smuggly blocks everything you throw at him with the army he just summoned with one freaking card.

Draft 4.5 / 5
Sealed 3 / 5
Constructed 4.5 / 5

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