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Pojo's The Spoils Card of the Day  

Micromajig Maker

When this card enters play, you may put a Micromajig token into play.*(Treat Micromajig tokens as Gearsmith character cards with 1 strength, 1 life, and 3 speed. When they leave play, remove them from the game.)

Card Ratings
Limited: 4.5
Constructed: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.06.06

doc Welcome to Micromajig week. Our first card this week is Micromajig Maker.

For a cost of 2 with threshold 2, you get 2 1/1/3 characters. The first of course being the Micromajig Master himself, the second being a Micromajig token. Never mind trying to build a Micromajig army, 2 blockers for 2 is like a “buy one get one free sale!” Sure, a Flaming Barduse would ruin your day after your 2-for-1 special, but drawing out a card like that would be worth it in my eyes.

While other cards have effects as part of their cost (see the previously reviewed card Thief Doyen), no matter how Micromajig Master comes into play, he gets his li’l Micromajig Token buddy since the token is generated “when this card enters play” vice “when this card is played”.

Without getting ahead of myself, pay attention to the rules concerning what happens to your Micromajig. No matter what happens to him or how it happens, when the Micromajig token leaves play, it is removed from the game. This is pertinent with regards to gear.

In limited or constructed 2-for-1 is always nice.

Limited: 3.5/5
Constructed: 3.5/5

Everybody, take a second. This game comes out in less than 2 weeks. We dawn the approach of arguably the greatest card game of our time. And yet, the popularity is so low. Anyway, I’m gonna help out with the COTDs, and we’ll see what happens to the game by the Games, Tenacious.


Micromajig Maker


Cost – 2

Aspect – 2 Elitism

Stats – 1 STR, 1 LIFE, 3 SPD

Effect – When this card enters play, you may put a Micromajig token into play


For those unacquainted with the beauty that is the Micromajig, you probably will sometime on Friday, but for the time being, it’s a 1, 1, 3 Gearsmith character.


So this guy gives you two guys for the price of one. The amazing thing is that it only costs 2, which is pretty cheap. The stats are tolerable, and the effect is just great. If you focus your attack around Micromajigs, then this is a necessity for the deck, mostly because it’s good…and the fact that there aren’t many Micromajig creation cards in the game yet…but that’s another story.


There’s always a benefit for having two characters; 2 Blockers, separate attack parties, and of course, creature advantage. However, the fact it has a 2 aspect-Elitism may turn you off a little bit, but assuming you are going mono-Gearsmith, you’d be fine. He pales in comparison to his bigger brother, Micromajig Master, but still gets the job done.


 Besides that, it’s a great card that can fit in any of your Gearsmith concoctions. Because of the lack of Micromajig cards, it’s not like we actually have any room for variety if you’re heading down that route. So go use it…oh, you might need some of them Micromajig Promos…


Constructed – (Micromajig Rush) – 5/5 – I don’t need to explain this again…

Constructed – (Overall) – 4/5 – The 2 Aspect hurts, and it’s not meant to be distinctively strong. But it’s still a great card

Limited – 4.5/5 – Creature Advantage wins games…Strong Creature Advantages makes your opponent cry…

Open Beta Art – 4/5 – I personally love the Beta Art, so yea. I don’t know what a Micromajig really is…but I want one…


That’s it for Micromajig Maker. Any comments or questions? E-Mail nimbly@gmail.com to chat.

Later Days…

Lucas Micromajig Maker is not a spectacular card. It is however, interesting. At a cost of 2 and one threshold, it effectively gives you two identical characters with stats of 1/1/3. Consider that Crazed Deputy has those same stats, and a cost of one. Everything’s equal so far, right? Not quite. Because Crazed Deputy has a useful ability while your Micromajig Maker and its Micromajig don’t. They just are. So you would definitely be better off it you had just played two one cost characters with some sort of useful ability, right? Not always. What makes Micromajig Maker special is that the second character doesn’t come from anywhere. It just becomes, expecto patronum, you’ve got another character. That means that you have more to work with because instead of using the last card in your hand you have I Got The Gear and its 411 j00 n33d. Or any other card, it doesn’t particularly matter. It means that if you’re desperate and just got hit by a Degenerate Molestation and need to work your way back up, two blockers will only cost you one card in your hand. In the end, I give you this equation.

Micromajig Maker=Field Advantage w/out loss of Hand Advantage=Hand Advantage=Options=Versatility=Good game.

Of course, it’s not that simple. If only it was. But for now, Micromajig Maker can help you out of a tight corner.

2.5/5 All Formats
Micromajig Maker

We start off Majig-week with the simple and effective Micromajig maker. Lets do a quick breakdown before we get

to indebt. First off hes a 1/1/3 for 2 which really isnt that impressive especially with a threshold of 2, but WAIT whats this? When he enters play you get to summon a majig token, (incase you dont know they count as a 1/1/3 as well). So for only 2 you get two bodies on the field on your very first turn if you so desire.......... pretty cool.

While a 1/1/3 isnt all that scary, it was never really what they were going for. Early game you can rush the field with token to leak in early damage before your opponent can mount an offence, or late game in a pinch you can use him to get 2 bodies out to soak up the tide of attackers.

Theres not much to say for this card. Its not overwhelming but it is SOLID which is really all you can ask for, Id rather build a deck around a bunch of good cards, then a couple of great ones.

If you playing a token deck play these, if you want to rush the field with alot of guys then play these, if you need bodies to sacrafice and dont want to waste field presence then play these. If not well.......... why are you looking at majigs?

Draft- 3.5 / 5
Sealed 3 / 5
Con- 3.5 / 5

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