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August 14, 2006
             Hello, fellow pojo readers!  As some of you may know me, I am NinjaDuelist from the Star Wars Miniatures COTD review section.  However, today it isn’t just about Star Wars Miniatures, but for any game that involves collecting, trading, and battling or competing.  That mean, games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, and Pokemon TCG is also addressed in this report.  And today, I am talking about respecting the new players of your game.
            Before I begin ranting about what you should and should not do, I am not addressing that everyone is mean to the newer players, but I’m instead revealing the importance of the newer players in our society.  After all, without new and inexperienced players, we wouldn’t have experienced ones, now would we?
            For starters, respecting the newer players is a key thing we must do when playing at local tournaments.  Calling them n00bs or newbies isn’t going to win any popularity contests.  Why?  They make up a large chunk of the tournaments’ population around the world.  Not everyone is out to play competitively, as they just want to collect and play with their favorite pieces or cards.  Now, they may play for fun for a small period of time, or perhaps they will as long as they play.  However, inexperienced players eventually turn into experienced players.  Not to rant on about my life story, but I started with TCGs thanks to Pokemon cards when it first came out in the late 90’s.  I was only collecting for a good year or two, slowly learning the game, and then when I hit competitive level I was a judge at my local Toys R Us.  Now, I play many games and have learned so much from each and every one of them, and I thank Wizards, Konami, Upperdeck, and Score (I’m probably missing someone…) for the education that has brought me this far.
            Also, teach them how to get better.  Trade with them to improve their deck/squad/armada/whatever so they may learn new techniques and to keep the game alive.  Teach them new techniques and rules so they may understand the game at a more competitive level.  Also, compliment them when they improve.  Now, why do this?  Inexperienced players pick role models (competitive players) to assist in their progress, and when they become more independent they will be thankful for the help.  One time, I helped an inexperienced player with his Yu-Gi-Oh! deck and the very next week he got second place.  After that, he traded me a Jinzo that I needed badly (when it just came out, too).  Now, I’m sure many of you have had similar events happen to you, even outside of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but it means a lot to them when you help them out.
            Lastly, learn from the inexperienced.  The reason they started is to have fun.  Some players that I have seen at major tournaments have stressed out way too much with their competition and forget what brought them there: fun.  Learn to live a little and remember to have fun.  After all, victory isn’t always winning, but getting something positive out of it.
            So, in conclusion, remember to respect the little man.  After all, show them no mercy and they won’t show you mercy if they ever surpass you.  Also, have fun with the games that you play.  Cheers!


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