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Mini of the Day

Mouse Droid

Top 10 Minis of 2009:
Mouse Droid
Imperial Entanglements

Date Reviewed: January 22, 2010

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 4.67
200 pt: 5.00

Sith Dragon

#1 Mouse Droid

Well, i think the #1 figure of the year is a no brainer. The mouse droid, also number one on my list, has been one of the most anticipated minis since it was hinted at over a year before its release. What doesnt this mini have going for it. It was a new 3pt figure, which is always good for filling squad points. It is a non-unique droid with a friggin 20 DEF! No sending cheap fodder pieces to kill this piece. You are generally going to want to take this piece out as soon as you can, so it will require a main attack to take it out. Best yet, was its ability to relay ranged commander effects. This made many of the fragile commanders attempt-able if not down right playable. Now this is still a distant second to Mas Amedda, but to all the factions that do not have access to Mas, I don't think they are going to complain. They are cheap enough that you can generally add 2-3 depending on your build and still get some Ugs in there.

Now there is one complaint i have for this figure. I really dislike the fact they not only made this an uncommon in the set, but they made it one of the rare uncommons that you are not going to get in every case. This combined with the necessity to have them, and the fact people are going to run 2,3 and even 4 of these has made these painful to get your hands on. You are going to shell out $12 easily for these guys. Yet WotC in their infinite wisdom keeps reprinting crap commons that no one wants instead of giving this figure another printing. In my opinion this piece along with some other must haves, like ugnaughts, need to be released in a blister pack or something, making them easier to obtain for players.

Great piece but horrible distribution.


Mouse Droid (36/40, Uncommon—Imperial Entanglements; HP 10, DEF 20, ATT 0, DAM 0, DEP 3) 

When you look up the phras “game changing” in the dictionary, the picture of this little guy will be there. For only three points, you are getting a wonderful Fringe piece that really makes your commanders sing. Relay Orders allows you to count distance for the purpose of commander effects not just from the commander himself, but also this piece. Now factions other than Republic and Imperial get access to a piece that can increase the range of a commander effect. All sorts or great commander effects get an extra boost thanks to Relay Orders. 

For three points, its defense is also quite impressive, which is definitely a good thing. With as powerful as this little thing is, it’ll be pretty high on your opponent’s hit list for any of their characters with Accurate Shot. This little thing is going to see play all over the place and at only three points you can fit it in anywhere you need to. 

100 POINTS: Characters with commander effects don’t generally see much play at this level, but at the same time with as cheap as it is, you might seriously think about trying some commanders down here just because it can really increase their effectiveness. SCORE: 4 

200 POINTS: At this level, running a Mouse Droid is an absolute no-brainer. All the other factions that have desperately needed access to Mas Amedda’s Booming Voice get a much needed assistance with this little Fringe guy. Its hit point levels aren’t very high, so you’ll need to find a way to protect it but there are some options there (personally, I’m thinking it’s a perfect candidate for the Verpine Tech’s Droid Defender) but mercifully its defense is also surprisingly beefy, not because of armor but just because they’re so small. This little droid is going to see a lot of play for years to come and it’s no real surprised that it is the #1 mini of the year. SCORE: 5

Darth Mauler

                The Mouse Droid had to be on the top 10. You all knew it was here. After becoming a must-have in every squad regardless of faction, and becoming a $5 uncommon, the Mouse Droid is the top mini of 2009.

            The Mouse Droid has stats that range from horrible to phenomenal. 10 hp is the only possible amount really at 3 measly points. 0 attack and 0 damage are the worst possible, so they have to fall into the horrible category. Its defense, however, is a whopping 20. Only 7 other non-uniques have such a high defense, and only one, the Jensaarai Defender, has a higher defense. This has caused the Mouse to be a useful shield. One Mouse Droid (or maybe two, judging by the mini) is enough to block a Twin Attack for only 3 points. It even has a 49% chance of surviving a Twin from Dash (with both or neither Opportunist and cover in effect). Being able to keep you power shooters alive is undoubtedly worth 3 points.

            It gets better, though. In addition to the obvious Droid SA, the Mouse Droid has Relay Orders, allowing CEs normally limited to six squares to count range from the Mouse Droid as well. This gives every faction something that previously was limited to the Empire and Republic: the ability to hide a limited-range Commander in a corner while the CE still works. This is a huge step forward for all the other factions.

            In addition to all this, the MD works extra well for the Separatists. GGDAC+Cover=Mouse Droid with 28 defense. Furthermore, most droid squads have Gha Nackht, who can cut the Mouse Droid’s cost to 2, making it the cheapest character in the game. For a while, there was fear of the Mouse becoming a shooter due to the Roger Roger ability of the Battle Droid Sergeant. Only a pre-release errata regarding the ability stopped the creation of Mouse Droid armies.

            The effect of the Mouse Droid has been tremendous. I never build a squad without one or two Mouse Droids, even if just for the mobile cover. Being as amazing as I have shown the Mouse Droid to be, its price has risen to $4-$5 in most online shops, making the availability more of a limit than the point cost for this 3-point wonder.

            100/150/200 pts: 5/5 Have a limited-range commander? Need cover? Need to boost activations? Even if you only answered yes to one of these three, the Mouse is the choice for you. The Mouse droid is amazing in all formats.


Mouse Droid

Cost: 3
HP: 10
Def: 20
Att: 0
Dmg: 0

Special Abilities:

Relay Ordesr

And here we are with the #1 mini of 2009. It’s probably no surprise to many who were expecting it to show up, this little guy seriously changed the game, arguably more so than any of the other Top 10 pieces. As one of the four 3 points pieces, the Mouse can literally fit anywhere and be useful. Relay Orders is also such a powerful ability, the Mouse has become a necessity in pretty much all squads that rely on CE’s (excluding Imperial/Republic as they have access to Mas). Additionally, what is up with 20 defense? I’ve had one Mouse put up as a “shield” to protect a more expensive piece, and it literally took 4 shots just to hit this guy. The only downside to the Mouse is its price. Because of their insane amount of utility, no one wants to give them up (no thanks to the players who have 10+ of them…). So unless you but IE cases in bulk, get lucky on eBay, or are willing to dish out some serious dough, good luck on getting a good number of these.

100/150/200: 5/5 Once again, I’m lumping them all together. Cheap, effective, and deadly. You can’t really go wrong with a Mouse or two. Even in Imperial or Republic squads, Mice serve as a good backup in case Mas gets taken out or as door openers/shields.

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