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image from Wizards of the Coast

Top 10 Minis of 2009 - #3:
Emperor Palpatine on Throne
Imperial Entanglements

Date Reviewed: January 20, 2010

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 4.00
200 pt: 5.00

Sith Dragon #3 Emperor Palpatine on Throne

Today's piece is an interesting piece that i like several things on, but at the same time really dislike for several reasons. Palps on throne came in at number 6 on my list. This piece was huge as a counter to GOWK squads, but still has a place in today's game. One thing i love about this piece is that it really does not replace the RS emperor. Both are good and fill different niches. This new version is 7pts cheaper, and again lacks natural attacking powers. What this piece does is similar to the RS version in that he is a force weapon as well as a force battery for anyone on your squad, save droids. His force renewal 3 and cheaper cost makes him a better value than the RS version. So why doesn't he replace the old version? Well, for starters he has emplacement. You can pick anywhere on your half of the board to set up, but once he is set, he ain't moving. That is what i really dislike about this piece. You have to put him in a place to be effective, yet wont get torn apart by your opponent's shooters. The nice thing is that he has evade, but at the same time that is an ability that really doesn't fit the character but works well for the game.

The mega battery for sick Vader abilities was key in beating GOWK squads because of the direct damage ability. His popularity may have come down some, but at his cost, he can still be a great piece to use for a force battery. Characters with low attacks can use him for rerolls as well, so that too can help. There are also a lot of maps that will let you gain first round gambit and still be somewhat sheltered. I hate the emplacement part of this piece, but his uses are big enough that they can outweigh it. Palps is a piece that you will have to get use to running and place smart with.

Emperor Palpatine on Throne (13/40, Very Rare—Imperial Entanglements; HP 130, ATT 0, DEF 21, DAM 0, DEP 33)


            All stupid “on Throne” jokes aside, this version of Palpatine is arguably the best version of Palpatine that Wizards has ever released. With Force Renewal 3, this version of Palpatine is going to have Force points to burn and thanks to his Commander Effect which gives your entire squad access to his Force points, he is definitely a Force to be reckoned with. Now, characters like Vader’s Apprentice and Vader, Unleashed don’t ever have to worry about running low on Force points even though they have Force Renewal. As an Emplacement, Palpatine can’t move but he’s not going to be defenseless. Evade gives you the ability to dodge some damage and with two impressive offensive Force powers (Force Lightning 3 and Force Push 2) he can still defend himself without too much trouble. Force Push 2 gives you a great way to get around Force Lightning 3’s arcing since Palpatine can’t move away from characters that base him so you can just make them move instead. Force Lightning 3 also gives him the ability to activate your opponent’s pieces if they fail their saves on it, which can really help keep Emperor Palpatine safe despite being unable to move.


            For 33 points, you’re getting a very powerful Force battery piece. Though you can’t move him, he’s still got plenty of tricks up his sleeve to keep him alive a lot longer.


100 POINTS: Much like the original Force battery Palpatine, he is small enough to run in 100 points without having to sacrifice your beat stick too much. Considering how powerful Vaders have gotten for 50 points, you can have a pretty nasty squad of just a Vader and Palpatine and still have room for a couple of stormtroopers. SCORE: 4


200 POINTS: At this level, this version of Palpatine is a must for any Force based Imperial squad. Now characters like Vader’s Apprentice and Vader, Unleashed can brutalize your opponent’s with their high damage but high cost Force powers without too much trouble. With a Force battery this big and powerful (let’s be fair, by the time Vader, Unleashed or his Apprentice get in range to use their Force powers Palpatine will likely have 9-12 Force points already), the Imperial Force users become even more deadly. SCORE: 5


Addendum for the Top 10 Minis of 2009 List—I absolutely love this piece and really wish I had it in my collection. It is a great boon to Imperials across the board (as if they needed the extra help). He’s best when working with the super-powered Force users but even less insanely powerful ones like the Imperial Knights benefit a lot from having this piece around. To be honest, I am surprised he’s a cheap as he is considering how much he brings to the table. He brings a nearly unlimited supply of Force points to Imperials and he really changed the game for Imperial force users. And if you think this piece is amazing, let me tell you, pieces #2 and #1 managed to even put him to shame.

Darth Mauler

We are now reviewing the final Top 3, starting with Emperor Palpatine on Throne. He is another character with only one thing to do. He generates force for a squad, and with Force 3 and Force Renewal 3, he is great at it. Unless you run Vader’s Apprentice, Unleashed and/or Darth Vader, Unleashed, which is a great idea, you will never run out of force. Emplacement is actually somewhat as he can start in gambit.

If you start him somewhere where he cannot be attacked by enemies further than six away, your opponent likely won’t try to kill him due to Force Lightning 3 and Force Push 2 letting this chair fight back. Also, killing him is no easy feat. With 130 hp, 21 defense, and Evade, that chair is tough. The evade part has been subject to much controversy. How does a guy in a chair dodge blaster bolts? There are two explanations that I have seen.. Either the chair swivels, or, as I saw in a sig on the Wizards forum, Palpatine makes the bolts dodge him. Regardless, everyone and their chair is getting evade now, including Palpatine on Throne.

100 pts: 4/5 I would actually suggest trying to run him here in a combo with Vader Unleashed or Vader’s Apprentice Unleashed. Doing Force Lightning 5 or Force Grip 4 every turn is going to give your opponent a run for his money.

150/200 pts: 5/5 It doesn’t take one of the aforementioned unleashed characters to benefit from force. Since anyone can use a reroll, use him with virtually any Imperial (except Grand Admiral Thrawn). Moving 2 extra squares is also helpful. And as an added bonus, starting in gambit never hurt.

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