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Top 10 Minis of 2009
#5 - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General

Galaxy at War

Date Reviewed: January 18, 2010

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.50
200 pt: 4.50

Sith Dragon

#5 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General

Kicking off this week and our top 5 is the revamped GOWK. This one is considerably more expensive, but much better balanced than his banned predecessor. His stats are typical Kenobi, but this version has some perks that i really like. The biggest among these (and what makes everything else that much better) is flight. His surprise move now becomes that much easier to use as you will not give up AoOs, and his double attack is that more effective. Also his ability to get away from multiple attacks is awesome. He has mettle again, but this time he does not have Master of the Force 2 or renewal, so his 5 FP can disappear quickly. To be honest it also makes his Soresu Mastery not much different than lightsaber defense.

I really do not think much of his commander effect. He is the cheapest character to grant extra attacks, but also it does grant it to allies, which can be helpful. At his cost its hard to get too many quality followers into his squads, but not impossible. You just have to spend wisely. This is definitely not a character you want as a follower. This new Obi is pretty strong, but nowhere as abuse-able as GOWK, and requires a bit more skilled hand to use. I had him at #4, so i like where he ended up in our poll and feel it an appropriate place for this version that truly has the feel of Kenobi.


Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General (32/40, Rare—Galaxy at War; HP120, DEF22, ATT14, DAM20)


            This version of Obi-Wan is surprisingly versatile. Any time a Jedi has Flight, he’s already got an advantage just because he can engage and disengage from other beat-sticks without provoking attacks of opportunity. If he can afford to stay based to a character, with a +14 attack bonus, his Double Attack isn’t going to miss that frequently. Thanks to Soresu Style Mastery he can also avoid damage from all sources provided he makes a save of 11, and if he happens to miss and you use a Force point to reroll, Mettle comes into play and gives that reroll attempt a +4 bonus as well.


            While he only has one Force power, Surprise Move, it actually works pretty well for this version of Obi-Wan precisely because he has Flight. If he happens to get based by something really nasty, you can use Surprise Move before any other character activates to get away from it without triggering an attack of opportunity. However, you will have to remember that he does not have Force Renewal, so you’ll have to spend points wisely between this and Mettle-based rerolls.


            Finally, his commander effect is something we’ve seen before, but any time your commander can grant Extra Attack to allies, it’s always a plus.


            Overall, this is a very strong version of Obi-Wan, however, he does suffer slightly from lack of Force Renewal, though if that were included this figure would be perilously close to being overpowered regardless of how much he cost to get out on the field.


100 POINTS: Here, he can actually be a pretty solid piece thanks largely to Soresu Style Mastery. Obi-Wan, Jedi General could wind up being pretty hard to kill if you can keep making your saves and thanks to Flight, if he has to he can still rabbit away if something goes awry. Honestly, he and Commander Ahsoka wouldn’t make a terribly bad duo team-up since she’d pick up the benefit of Obi-Wan’s commander effect. SCORE: 3


200 POINTS: Here, where there’s a larger point base to pull from he can be an ever better addition. Many Republic characters can benefit strongly from Extra Attack so he’s a great addition there. He’s still pretty expensive, but he’s definitely worth the points. SCORE: 4


Addendum for the 10 Ten Minis of 2009 List: Wow, so I totally forgot I even reviewed this character once before and what’s really scary is that as I was writing the fresh review, I said basically the exact same thing. I did boost his score in the 200 POINT format up to a 4 just because thinking about it a little more he’s a very good piece to run at the 200 point level. There’s plenty of room for other pieces to synergize with him and even though he doesn’t do a lot of damage, that defense score of 22 is a pretty high mark for your opponent’s pieces to hit so Obi-Wan is going to last quite a while if you play him correctly.

Darth Mauler

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General was 3rd on my top 10, but based on who beat him, I can see why he is 5th. He is the first DCI-legal Obi-Wan in the Republic faction since all the way back in Universe. He captures who Obi-Wan is very well, and is very competitive.

The most impressive part of Flobi is his Commander Effect. Granting Extra Attack to allies, he can be combined with a number of other characters. He can be used with Argyus and the Senate Commandos for squads of shooters that inflict 180 damage per turn (240 with Yularen). If he and Rex are used with the 501st, you get 13-pt. shooters that inflict 60 damage while moving, not to mention Rex’s damage output being boosted to 120. Again, Yularen is his best friend, boosting the Troopers to 90 damage. Just looking at the Commander Effect, we can see that Flobi belongs in the top 10.

Flobi is also as excellent at defense as the Obi-Wan we have come to know. SSM captures his essence, and Mettle boosts it further.. It is only balanced by his limit of 5 force. If Qui-Gon, Force Spirit is ever made, there would be cries of this character being as broken as GOWK.

Aggressively, Flobi is lacking. He can inflict 40 damage when standing still at 14 attack. He should not be used as a squad’s main attacker or an attacker at all much.

When using Flobi, combos are the key, even more than normally. Those who will be most boosted by his CEs are generally the best to use with him. He can also provide a good shield, taking hits very well, and getting in front with his one force power: Surprise Move. He is on the top 10 not for versatility, but for sheer endurance in an age of damage-beats-defense, and for his synergy.


Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General

Cost: 66
HP: 120
Def: 22
Att: 14
Dmg: 20

Special Abilities:

Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Flight, Mettle, Soresu Style Mastery

Force 5:

Surprise Move

Commander Effect:

Allies within 6 squares gain Extra Attack

Last half of the Top 10 list this week, yahoo! Coming in at #5 is Obi Wan, Jedi General (lovinly known as Flobi). Flobi was essentially the replacement piece for GOWK (in the gamer’s eye, at least) and does a pretty good job filling that role. Though his stats are sad, he makes up for it with his CE and SA’s. Soresu Style Mastery, in particular, makes up for his bad stats. Although he loses MotF and Force Renewal from his Starter Set incarnation, SSM is still a very nasty ability. 5 fixed force points prevents abusive rerolls and also gives him a number of chances to use Surprise Move (which has excellent synenergy with Flight, woot!). Finally, his CE is super-swell. A carbon copy of Vader, LotF’s, Extra Attack to allies is very useful and means that you can play Flobi with just about anybody. IMO, Flobi should be used as a shield, not an attacker. He access to just about no damage boosters, so he’s stuck with a cap of 40 damage. Parking him in front of your more fragile shooters, however, will allow him to absorb attacks and hopefully bat them away.

100: 2/5 Too expensive for too little damage. A strictly fun combo could be playing him with Rex. 6 attacks is nothing to laugh at.

150: 4/5 Much better here. Try to get the most out of his CE and SSM.

200: 5/5 The bigger the better for Obi, JG. Be creative with your options, there’s a lot he can do.

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