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Mini of the Day

Top 10 Minis of 2009
#10 - Cad Bane

Date Reviewed: January 12, 2010

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.75
200 pt: 4.25

Sith Dragon

#10 Cad Bane

Another year gone and another top 10 list! Over the next two weeks we will review the top 10 minis of 2009 as voted on by our pojo writers. Squeeking in at #10 is Cad Bane. I will admit it. I did not place this in my top 10 for many reasons. The main one is that i absolutely hate this piece! Get off the stupid uber shooters already. The last thing this game needs is yet another shooter with double, twin and greater mobile! He is also a follower, so he gets about every CE out there. On top of this they gave him flight, stealth and evade. Not only do we not need this in the game, but i feel this is a very poor approximation of who Bane even is. I will admit he is one of the cooler characters/bounty hunters we have gotten in a long time, but this figure is just nuts. He was extremely intelligent and well prepared, so let's give him huge attacks! For his cost, he wont fit into every squad, but when you look at the number of squads that Boba, BH was in when he came out and how much better and cheaper bane is, he will fit enough.

I would stop short of calling him broken because you only have 80 HP for 54pts, but this is still a figure the game did NOT need.


Cad Bane (35/40, Very Rare—Galaxy at War; 80HP, DEF 19, ATT 10, DAM 20, DEP 54)


            Coming in at the #10 spot is Cad Bane from Galaxy at War. For 54 points, you’re getting a really stacked stat card that accurately reflects the vision of Cad we’ve seen in the cartoons. That’s the biggest reason I hoped he would be on this list. It’s one of the best translations of a character from screen to mini they’ve had in a long while. Starting off at the top of his card, he comes with his hidden jet belt to give him Flight. When paired with Double Attack and Greater Mobile Attack, Bane is an excellent hit and run artist. Add in his Twin Attack and he can pull off four attacks per round and still dodge back and forth to make himself a hard target to hit. Stealth will let you hide him under cover after a four-attack turn thanks to Greater Mobile but if there’s not enough cover around, he also has Evade so if he gets stuck out in the open, he can still try and dodge the shots. Finally with Bounty Hunter +6 he’s going to be pretty nasty against the growing number of Unique characters out there.


            His stats are also pretty impressive and he’s going to be pretty hard to pin down with a defense score of 19 but also Stealth and Evade. His +10 bonus to attack is pretty strong on its own and he’ll have little trouble nailing scrubs but when you add in Bounty Hunter +6 he’s a whopping +16 to hit on Unique characters, meaning he’s not going to miss that often. His lowest stat is probably his 80 hit points but when you add back in that double whammy of Stealth and Evade, he’s going to be surprisingly long-lived.


100 POINTS: Honestly, with as Unique and Melee dominated as this format is, he might have a pretty wide open home. He can dish out a lot of damage and at only 54 points to deploy, you can still bring in some other nice pieces to support him. For example pairing him with the #9 figure can be pretty brutal since it brings in Opportunist and there’s still a little extra room for some scrub support. As long as you keep him on the move, I think he stands to be pretty nasty in this format just because of the way it has become so dependent on Unique Force using (meaning for the most part Melee) beat-sticks. Bane can hit at range with a pretty powerful punch and it will take time for them to get close enough to deal any sort of damage back. SCORE: 4


200 POINTS: Here he can be just as deadly but can get a little added boost because there’s more room for support. You’ll need to be a little more cautious in his placement between attacks just because there are more pieces that can fire on him, but as long as he’s played wisely he can be pretty brutal here. SCORE: 4.5


Cad Bane


Cost: 54
HP: 80
Def: 19
Att: 10
Dmg: 20


Special Abilities:


Unique, Double Attack, Twin Attack, Bounty Hunter +6, Stealth, Flight, Evade, Greater Mobile Attack


Today we start off the Top 10 list for 2009, aren’t you thrilled? ;) Coming in at #10 is Cad Bane, the not-so-new bounty hunter from the Clone Wars TV series. Cad Bane honestly didn’t even make my Top 10 list, for reasons I’ll explain later.

Cad Bane is a cookie-cutter Double/Twin/GMA piece with some fun new toys. His base stats are all sorely under par for his high cost. He makes up for these with his myriad of abilities. As previously mentioned, Double + Twin + GMA makes for a potent combo which we’ve already seen on several pieces. In addition, Bane is given Bounty Hunter +6, Stealth, Flight, and Evade. Lookin’ a lot like Boba, BH now aren’t we? BH +6 boosts his low attack to much more appropriate levels, Flight greatly enhances his mobility, and Evade boosts his survivability. The most notable of his SA’s is Stealth, he’s currently the only big-name bounty hunter to have it. Stealth, while first of all keeping him very safe from shooters, also allows him access to some potent combos. Some of most notable are Moff Nyna Calixte and Prince Xixor. Nyna gives Bane access to Super Stealth as well as a bonus against Stealthed enemies. Xixor, arguably the more deadly of the two, gives Bane Accurate Shot. Accurate combined with his 4 attacks is very, very dangerous. Granted, the two of them (Bane + Xixor) cost 94 points together, but it’s still a viable option.

Cad Bane is definitely a powerful figure with some fun tricks, but he’s just so bland. There’s nothing really new about him, he’s a high costing bounty hunter with lots of special abilities meant to inflict pain, but very little flavor. This is the main reason he didn’t make my list, he didn’t add anything to the game. As far as the meta goes, Bane can be a pretty solid option if you can get your hands on him (check out squads like Dawn of Bane on BlooMilk). That brings us to the other problem, his collectability. Being the tough macho-alien that he is, Cad Bane has quickly become one of the most sought after figures in the game (rivaling Darth Revan and Boba, BH). Getting your hands on him can be tough business.

100: 3/5 He actually could do well here. His multiple attacks can punch through a lot of the big beats pretty quickly (especially when BH +6 kicks in). Just keep him running around and make sure to abuse Stealth and Flight as much as possible.

150: 3.5/5 Got a little more room here. Nyna is a solid partner for him, you could even throw in Thrawn to give him an additional damage boost. Once again, make sure to keep him running around the map.

200: 4/5 Bane is the most solid in 200. Be creative with his uses as a follower and make sure you aren’t simply “throwing him in there”. Ensure that he synenergizes well with the rest of your squad for optimum results.

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