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image from Wizards of the Coast

Crimson Nova Bounty Hunter
Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: September 24, 2009

Sith Dragon Crimson Nova Bounty Hunter (Fringe)
Cost: 15
HP: 30
DEF: 14
ATK: 4
DAM: 10

Bounty Hunter +2, Cunning Attack, Jedi Hunter

This feline (farghul for those wanting to know what species she is) is a piece i really want to like, but cant ever quite justify using. That 12-16 pt range is full of characters like this. They look really good, but dont quite justify the cost vs tech or filler. As is, her stats are pretty low for 15pts. She should have 40HP, about a 16 DEF and maybe a 6-8ATK. The damage can vary. Well, when most pieces have stats lower than the cost you hope they have abilities that make up for it. The CNBH definitely has that. With BH +2 you at least make the average 6ATK for the cost. She also has Cunning. Most times you will have better pieces to use cunning with, but at least you are looking at an 8 to 10ATK for 20DAM. This is much better and probably better than 15pts. Finally, she has Jedi hunter. Pull off all three bonuses you are looking at a 14 ATK for 30DAM. From a 15 point piece, that is damn good. Being a fringe follower, she also is a great beneficiary of pretty much every CE out there Mobile, evade, +3/+3, etc.

So why is she so questionable if she can swing so hard? Well, the first trick is that you ahve to pull off all three bonuses at once. Without them she is much more fragile and not worth the 15pt spot. Cunning will be the hard one to consistently pull as you will usually have better pieces to start with. Either your opponent has Jedi or they wont. There is nothing you can do about this one, and the BH2 again is dependent on your opponent running uniques. Without these bonuses, she is not worth playing. In the end i would save her for reinforcements or reserves. Some games she will be good for you, and others she will be a total waste. That's a big swing for 15pts.

100pts: Even as filler there are better options.

150pts: Here i would leave her as reinforcements or reserves as i said. You generally will not have the spare points to justify her here unless you know what people are running in your neck of the woods.

200pts: This will be her best place if you want to run her in a squad. you can afford to have 1-2 and still have room for plenty of other good stuff. She really can be a great piece, but for 15pts it is just to much dependent on what your opponent is running to use her consistently.

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