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image from Wizards of the Coast



Kol Skywalker
Jedi Academy


Date Reviewed: September 10, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.50
200 pt: 3.50

Sith Dragon Kol Skywalker (NR)
Cost: 38
HP: 130
DEF: 21
ATK: 14
DAM: 20

Double Attack, Lightsaber Duelist

Force 2(FR1)
Push 2, Block, Precision, Master of the Force 2

Today we look at the last of the 'mature' Skywalkers, Cade's dad. Kol, for a Jedi has very nice stats. All are pretty solid and when duelist is tacked onto his defense, it is even better.

For force powers, Kol has renewal, which is nice because he actually has a cadre of useful powers. He has block, so he can stand up to melee nicely. Add on MotF2 and he can really get defensive. he has perhaps my single favorite force power for the lightside as well in precision. He can run out and smack someone for 30, or if he is already based, hit them for 60. I would really like to see this power turn up more. Finally, you have Push 2. I like this power. It replaces attacks so you can still move and use it, and while it only does 20 DAM it moves the character back. This can be helpful if you are based by something like GM Luke. He may only take 20 DAM, but it saves you from six attacks to the face. With two blocks, you may not even take damage with the follow-up twin. If you push first then move, it also has the advantage of allowing you to do damage while also letting you get out of range of a follow up attack.

The one thing i did not mention yet is both his best part and the reason i actually have a problem with him. On the up side, he is 38pts!!! You get a great package and keep him in the magical 30s range, which can be the sweet spot for combat Jedi. That, however, is my gripe as well. Let's look at Tuesday's Jedi, Vodo. You have very identical Jedi. Their stats are pretty much the same with a slight edge to Kol with duelist. You lose parry, but gain renewal, MotF2, block and precision, which really ups Kol's power output. Let's not forget that Kol will also have access to both evade and mobile, making him well rounded against all threats. NR is already a beast of a faction, and yet Kol is 6pts cheaper. I really do not get why Rob costed these backwards, but i suppose that is irrelevant now.

Kol is very good for the NR and well worth running. He outshines most of his similar counterparts.


Kol Skywalker (28/40, Rare—Jedi Academy; HP 130, ATT 14, DEF 21, DAM 20, DEP 38)             

            For only 38 points, the New Republic is getting another surprisingly good piece and another member of the Skywalker line. With Double Attack and his solid +14 bonus to hit, Kol is an impressive mid-level fighter for the New Republic. Add in his Lightsaber Duelist, which raises his defense to a whopping 25 points, he’s a pretty impressive fighter when squaring off against Force users.             

            His Force powers are also quite impressive. Like most Jedi Academy Force-users, Kol has access to Force Renewal which is always a positive. Picking up Master of the Force 2 is also great considering his variety of Force powers. Force Push lets him to a little bit of damage at range, which is always a plus for any Force users. With Lightsaber Precision he can dish out 30 points of damage on a hit (and thanks to Master of the Force 2, he can use it on both of his attacks, which is a really nasty surprise). However, if he winds up needing to go on the defensive, he also has Lightsaber Block to defend himself from other Melee pieces. Again, with Master of the Force 2, he can do this twice in a round if he’s based by something else nasty with Double Attack or he can do a pairing of Block on his opponent’s turn and Precision on his own.             

            This is a very well-balanced, mid-level Force user. He doesn’t have too many drawbacks. About the only real negative I foresee is just his lack of protection from the stronger ranged attackers. For 38 points, you’re getting a very solid piece that still leaves a lot of room for other beat-sticks in your squad. 

100 POINTS: Here, he can be used as a very solid secondary beat-stick thanks to his high level of hit points and his very strong attack bonus. Yet, at only 38 points to deploy, you can bring in another New Republic big hitter with plenty of room to spare. Running him with 48 point Shado Vao is a pretty tempting option which still leaves you with 14 points to play with to bring in things like Ugnaughts and a couple of R4 Astromech Droids or an Antarian Ranger. SCORE: 3.5 

200 POINTS: With even more room to put pieces in, Kol can become a pretty lethal threat just because of his strength. To be honest, he’s honestly stronger than some of the more expensive New Republic pieces but if you’re playing for points, your opponent might not put as much focus on a hard-to-kill 38 point piece. This means Kol can hang around and do some serious damage before he becomes too big of a threat to ignore. His stats are across the board beefy and for only 38 points, you’re really getting a lot of bang for your buck. SCORE: 3.5

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