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image from Wizards of the Coast

General Crix Madine
Imperial Entanglements

Date Reviewed: October 26, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.50
200 pt: 4.50


General Crix Madine (3/40, Rare—Imperial Entanglements; HP 50, DEF 15, ATT 6, DAM 10, DEP 16)             

            If you want to run any Rebel commandos, General Madine is going to be your best friend. His commander effect gives all commandos access to Cunning Attack +20 board wide. This makes Luke Skywalker, Rebel Command a nasty beatstick. Really, though the two deadliest commandos to benefit from this are the Bothan Commando from Imperial Entanglements (becoming a +14 to hit for 50 points of damage thanks to General Madine’s commander effect and its own bonuses of Careful Shot +4 and Deadeye) and the Elite Rebel Commando from Legacy of the Force (making him a +11 to hit for 30 points of damage or 50 points if you’re using his Ion Cannon on a Droid and that’s just on one of its two attacks from Twin Attack). General Madine is no slouch in combat, though you won’t want him fighting all that much. Because of that he comes equipped with Stealth which can give him some cover and make him harder to kill if you get other Stealth-friendly characters in your squad. He also comes packing Cunning Attack +20 so if you can snipe somebody with him late in the round, he can also do some pretty hefty damage. Finally, if your opponent’s squad is also commander effect reliant, General Madine is also Disruptive so he can possibly strip away some of the boosts that his attackers might get.             

            His defense score is pretty weak and that will pose him some problems once Stealth can’t protect him. The proliferation of characters with Disruptive is also going to hamstring the commandos’ effectiveness, though at least they’re characters that can attack at range so if worst comes to worst, you wind up having to move your commandos back out of the range of it before taking their shot.             

            The Rebels keep picking up good commanders, and General Crix Madine is really no different. Like the other Rebel commanders of late, you won’t want him to ever be in a position where he comes under fire, but unlike some of them, he can at least hold his own for a turn if he has to make a run for it. 

100 POINTS: I’m not really sure how good a commando-based squad will do at this level. I’m inclined to think he won’t be all that helpful here just because his commander effect only helps commandos and aside from Luke Skywalker, Rebel Commando, there aren’t any other characters with commando in their name that can really hang out at this level. SCORE: 2.5 

200 POINTS: In a commando-based squad at this level, Madine is well worth the 16 point investment. Your commandos become absolutely lethal with Cunning Attack +20. The squad will generally be pretty light on hit points, but they’ll be able to do a lot of damage before they go down. SCORE: 4.5

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