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image from Wizards of the Coast

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General
Galaxy at War

Date Reviewed: November 19, 2009

100 pt: 2.87
200 pt: 4.17

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General (32/40, Rare—Galaxy at War; HP120, DEF22, ATT14, DAM20)            

            This version of Obi-Wan is surprisingly versatile. Any time a Jedi has Flight, he’s already got an advantage just because he can engage and disengage from other beat-sticks without provoking attacks of opportunity. If he can afford to stay based to a character, with a +14 attack bonus, his Double Attack isn’t going to miss that frequently. Thanks to Soresu Style Mastery he can also avoid damage from all sources provided he makes a save of 11, and if he happens to miss and you use a Force point to reroll, Mettle comes into play and gives that reroll attempt a +4 bonus as well.       

            While he only has one Force power, Surprise Move, it actually works pretty well for this version of Obi-Wan precisely because he has Flight. If he happens to get based by something really nasty, you can use Surprise Move before any other character activates to get away from it without triggering an attack of opportunity. However, you will have to remember that he does not have Force Renewal, so you’ll have to spend points wisely between this and Mettle-based rerolls.  

            Finally, his commander effect is something we’ve seen before, but any time your commander can grant Extra Attack to allies, it’s always a plus.  

            Overall, this is a very strong version of Obi-Wan, however, he does suffer slightly from lack of Force Renewal, though if that were included this figure would be perilously close to being overpowered regardless of how much he cost t get out on the field.  

100 POINTS: Here, he can actually be a pretty solid piece thanks largely to Soresu Style Mastery. Obi-Wan, Jedi General could wind up being pretty hard to kill if you can keep making your saves and thanks to Flight, if he has to he can still rabbit away if something goes awry. Honestly, he and Commander Ahsoka (from Tuesday) wouldn’t make a terribly bad duo team-up since she’d pick up the benefit of Obi-Wan’s commander effect. SCORE: 3 

200 POINTS: Here, where there’s a larger point base to pull from he can be an ever better addition. Many Republic characters can benefit strongly from Extra Attack so he’s a great addition there. He’s still pretty expensive, but he’s definitely worth the points. SCORE: 3.5


Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General

Cost: 66
HP: 120
Def: 22
Att: 14
Dmg: 20

Special Abilities:

Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Flight, Mettle, Soresu Style Mastery

Force 5:

Surprise Move

Commander Effect:

Allies within 6 squares gain Extra Attack

Obi, JG is an excellent mini who also serves as a semi-replacement for GOWK. A high cost of 66 grants you slightly subpar stats. 22 defense is great, but 14 attack and 120 HP are both on the low end.

Melee and Double are expected, but Obi retains some elements from GOWK with Soresu Style Mastery and Mettle. (more on these later) He also gain Flight, an unusual ability for a melee piece (again, more on this later).

He starts each game with 5 force and one force power, Surprise Move. This ability is actually quite effective with Obi’s Flight and the Republic’s other movement breakers. Obi can choose after init is determined to either engage an enemy to pull of Double, or disengage from a potentially disasterous fight. However, with only 5 force, you’ll really have to think about when you want to use it. In addition, his rigid amount of force balances SSM. (or at least, balances it more)

Lastly, his CE is incredible. We’ve seen it before, but that doesn’t take away from its awesomeness. Extra Attack to allies, woot! Because of this, Obi synenergizes with just about anyone.

The biggest thing that Obi lacks is damage output. With a maximum output of 40, he’s not going to be a big damage dealer. Instead, he acts more as a disruptive damage absorber because of SSM. Use Surprise Move to spring on smaller targets, like commanders or medic droids, and let his allies take out the big guns.

100: 2/5 Too expensive for too little damage. LV could rip him up real fast.

150: 4/5 Much better here. Make sure to make the most of his CE, Rex is a great option.

200: 5/5 The bigger the better for Obi, JG. Be creative with your options, there’s a lot he can do.

Darth Mauler

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General
Faction: Republic
Cost: 66
Hp: 120
Def: 22
Atk: 14
Dmg: 20

Melee Attack; Double Attack
Soresu Style Mastery

Force 5
Surprise Move

Commander Effect: Allies within six squares gain extra attack.

                Darth Mauler here, reviewing the Republic's newest jedi beatstick. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General, also known as Flobi, is evidently WOTC’s replacement for GOWK. Besides GOWK, it is the first Republic Obi-Wan since Universe’s Obi-Wan on Boga. As such, it has a lot to accomplish, being a major movie character. Does he live up to the name Obi-Wan? Yes.

                For starters, his stats are all right. 120 hit points is slightly low for a force user at this cost. 22 defense is good. 14 attack, however, is poor. However, you will not be running him to hit beatsticks, and he can still take quite a beating.

                His abilities start to redeem the character. Flight is great, allowing for better mobility, but I will touch more on this later. Double Attack is standard, although many characters at this point level have Triple instead. He has two very important abilities: Soresu Style Mastery, and Mettle. SSM lets him avoid damage from an attack with a save of 11. It is Parry and Evade put together without the weakness against adjacent shooters. On GOWK, it was broken with MOTF 2, FR 1, and Mettle. Here, however, it is far more limited, although he still has Mettle.

                Where GOWK’s Force Powers made an incredible combination with SSM and Mettle, Flobi is very lacking here. He has no renewal, normally an atrocity at this point level. However, he has 5 force points to start with. He also has only three uses for them. He can move two more squares as part of his move, although that use is fairly useless on him because of the second: Surprise Move. This rare ability allows him to move six squares immediately after initiative is determined at the cost of a force point. Combine this with the use of Doombot and spending a force point to move further during his turn, and he can move 32 squares on round 1, nearly crossing the board. Add Flight, and you won’t even be slowed by difficult terrain or targeted by attacks of opportunity. Combine this with Panaka, and you can swap in another heavy hitter to inflict some serious pain. The final use is also important to keep in mind. He can spend a force point to reroll at +4. This gives him an extremely good chance of making his Soresu save. Once again, though, no Force Renewal means a player needs to be very careful about how to use the force.

                Finally, Flobi features an excellent Commander Effect: Allies within 6 squares gain Extra Attack. Allies. This is extremely useful in the current meta oriented towards pouring out as much firepower as possible and evading/parrying away as much of your opponent’s shooting as possible. It can be combined with Captain Rex to create a very formidable team. With six shots a turn, Rex would be able to inflict 120 damage. That is but one example, however. There are a great many possibilities for this CE.

                Overall, Flobi is a highly effective character. He has great potential for his commander effect, mobility, and endurance. He is another solid addition to the Republic.

100 pts.: 3.5/5 This level is dominated by beatsticks, but Flobi fails to properly compete here since he has too little offensive abilities and cannot stand up to the point level’s gatekeeper, Darth Bane. There is also room to swap him for another beatstick, or any commanders for him to get behind enemy lines to attack. You could try to use his defense here, but he might simply run out of force.

150 pts.: 4/5 At this level, there are shooters aplenty. He can truly use his endurance, and a swapping squad is highly viable. He can be used with Captain Rex as well here, which is truly a formidable team.

200 pts.: 4/5 Same as 150. The difference is that you have more room to work with, but so does your opponent.


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