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Mini of the Day

Commander Ahsoka
Galaxy at War

Date Reviewed: November 17, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.75
200 pt: 3.50


Commander Ahsoka (24/40, Rare—Galaxy at War; HP70/DEF20/ATT9/DAM20/DEP24)         

            For 24 points, you’re actually getting a pretty decent version of Ahsoka Tano and one that I personally find a lot more useful than the original version from Clone Wars. As a fighter, she’s really not that bad for a mid-level Jedi. With Double Attack, she can do some good damage and thanks to Rolling Cleave, if she gets based by a group of scrubs (like Battle Droids) she can keep chopping through them until she runs out of kills, which can always be fun. Admittedly, it probably won’t happen that often but when it does it can be pretty fun. Her commander effect also gives Rolling Cleave to followers within six squares of her and with the recent good whack of mid-range, Jedi followers that could turn into a pretty nasty pack as long as you can keep them near Ahsoka.

            She only has one Force power, but Lightsaber Defense is pretty nice since it protects her from any attack rather than just a Melee or non-Melee. Her stats are pretty solid and with a defense of 20, not a lot is going to get through, but for the shots that do, Lightsaber Defense is a great little addition. Her biggest drawback is that she only has 3 Force, which means you’ll have to use them wisely since the Republic still doesn’t have a Force battery (at least that I know of).

100 POINTS: Really, at this level she’s not a bad mid-level addition, but there are a lot of things that could have more use that you could put in for the same number of points. If 100 wasn’t dominated so much by beat-sticks, Rolling Cleave could be pretty powerful but as it is, her one unique special ability and her commander effect really won’t do you much good at this level, so you’ll probably want to put in someone else. SCORE: 1.5

200 POINTS: In a build centered around Jedi followers and some decent shooters to soften up larger pieces before your Jedi reach them, she could turn into a pretty powerful piece. You’ll either need Mas Amedda or a few Mouse Droids to get around the within six squares limitation but an army of Jedi all with Rolling Cleave heading in to fight some pre-softened targets could if nothing else be pretty fun to see. It might not win a lot of games but if you can get some cascading Rolling Cleave actions it still will be fun. SCORE: 2.5


Commander Ahsoka

Cost: 24
HP: 70
Def: 20
Att: 9

Special Abilities:
Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Rolling Cleave

Commander Effect:
Followers within 6 squares gain Rolling Cleave

Commander Ahsoka is a real step up from her previous incarnation released in Clone Wars last year. For 4 more points, you are getting an addition 10 HP and +2 attack. She retains her stellar 20 defense.

For Abilities, she loses Impulsive Attack and Flurry Attack, both of which are usually unreliable abilities, and Synenergy (which wasn’t too effective anyway due to the wording). Replacing those abilities is Rolling Cleave. This ability was originally on Darth Maul from Clone Strike and hadn’t been seen since then until Asaaj Ventress, Separatist Assassin. Rolling Cleave is a very useful ability and is almost reminiscent of YoBuck’s scrub-killing power. If Ahsoka can take out an enemy with her attack(s), she can move a square and then make another attack. One especially useful aspect of this is that the move does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity, so it also serves as an effective way to disengage combat if she is surrounded.

This Ahsoka replaces Lightsaber Deflect with Lightsaber Defense, short and simple. This is an obviously great upgrade and I don’t think I need to expand on it very much.

Ahsoka’s CE is what really stands out IMO. Followers within 6 (board wide with Mas) gain Rolling Cleave. Wow. This helps out so many characters, it’s hard to say how best to use it. One possible combination is to throw her in with Captain Argyus and some Senate Commandos. Argyus grants the Commandos Twin Attack and Close-Quarters Fighting, and Ahsoka gives them Rolling Cleave. The Commandos can move adjacent and make 2 attacks at +13 for a potential 60 damage, and if the attacks kill the enemy, move and make 2 more attacks against another adjacent enemy. Potent stuff.

100: 2/5 I wouldn’t run her here simply because she’s too fragile.
150: 4/5 More room for support here, though it might require you to build around the CE.
200: 4.5/5 Even better here, lots of room for supporting characters who benefit a lot from her CE.

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