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image from Wizards of the Coast

Anakin on STAP
The Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Mar. 6, 2009

Sith Dragon Anakin on STAP
Cost: 35
HP: 80
DEF: 17
ATK: 7
DAM: 20

Pilot, Flight, Twin Attack, Strafe

Force 4
Lightsaber Deflect

Toady we look at the other Anakin in the set. One i find vastly underwhelming. For 35 points, the sweet spot for most solid Jedi, you have an okay 80HP, a very lack luster 17 DEF,a horrible 7 ATK and 20 DAM. He has pilot, which means he can get penetration - big whoop. Flight is good so he doesnt provoke attacks of opportunity on his strafe attacks. Strafe is his main gimmick. Couple this with twin and it SHOULD be a deadly combo. What i dont like is that horrendous attack of a 7! Being able to do 100DAM doesnt mean anything if you can hit you target. Granted you can add in Gen Obi Wan go make him a 21DEF and 11ATK, but even then that isnt that good. Against most Gen Obi squads you ahve defenses in the mid 20s as do Jedi with lightsaber duelist. The problem with Gen Obi Wan and Anakin is that Ani will generally NOT be near an ally when you strafe.

He has four force, which you are going to spend rerolling attacks. Otherwise he has defelct, which makes him defendable.

100/150/200pts - He CAN be played in any of these, but he wont work well in any, save 200 where you can dilute his cost. It all comes back to horrendously low stats on a 35 pt figure. Drop his cost to 28-30 and he would be much more attractive, but there are so many other better options for the mid 30pt Jedi.

Anakin Skywalker on STAP

Faction: Republic

Cost: 35

HP: 70

Defense: 17

Attack: +7

Damage: 20





Strafe Attack

Twin Attack


Force 4

Lightsaber Deflect


            K, today we take a look at yet another Republic deep strike threat.  While this one is no were near as good as Yobuck or R2 he has some nice stuff. First off he has Twin over Yobuck and Flight so he can go through a group and kill a whole group like Yobuck but take no damage and 30 HP swarms don’t merc Ani on STAP like they can Yobuck due to twin. However don’t quite bank on him hitting all of those attacks because this character has only 7 attack which is terrible even for 35 points. Also just in case someone does see him he has deflect. Some of the aforementioned things are bad but two thigns really stick out to me. K this did Ani get a crappier STAP then Battle Droid from CS because while the one from CS had 30 damage this one has only 20. Also while the CS STAP had no speed upgrade I am pretty sure giving this one a speed upgrade would be smart and it would still be balanced.


            As far as how playable this piece is I would say he isn’t to playable outside of a sub for Yobuck which outside of 100 you should never due that and even in 100 I would try to get Yobuck in there. The real thing though is for the point cost they really could of beefed this piece up and the upgrades would be logical and still keep this a balanced piece.


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