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image from Wizards of the Coast

Zam Wesell
Clone Strike

Date Reviewed: Mar. 4, 2009

Sith Dragon Zam Wessell
Cost: 45
HP: 90
DEF: 19
ATK: 12
DAM: 20

Bounty Hunter +4
Kouhun Infestation

We are back! We too a couple weeks off just to take a break before the maelstrom that will be Imperial Entanglements. Today we get back in gear with a reader request from the CS days. She comes in at a cost of 45 points. This is a bit steep, but she is such an old piece that it is not that surprising. Her 90 HP is actually pretty good as is her 19 DEF. The 12 ATK is pretty good as well. Overall, her stats have held up over time.

For abilities, she has BH+4. This can boost her attack to a nice +16. Add in her loner for another +4 and all of a sudden she is shooting at a +20! There are not too many targets she is going to miss with an attack like that. She also has stealth. This was decent back in the day, but now with all of the super stealth commanders running around, she has gotten even better. Finally, you have her unique ability in Kouhun Infestation. This is a pretty powerful ability. It does a whopping 60 DAM to a character within 12, save 11. This is great against non-jedi, but with all of the Jedi that are running around, amny now having master of the force 2, KI's infestation has gone down a bit. KI also has the added advantage of not need line of sight. This is great because she can do it from around a corner. HOWEVER! you must still follow normal targeting rules. You cant hit a stealth character further than 6 squares. You have to hit the closest target when they have cover, etc.

Nice stats and some great abilities, so why isnt she worth it? Well there are a couple reasons. First off is her damage output with her normal attack for the cost. Most characters in this point range can dish 40-60 DAM. She gets a measly 20 DAM. She also lacks accurate shot, so she has to target what is out front. 45 pts for an ug killer is a bit overkill. Give her double and accurate and suddenly she is very much worth the points.

100pts: Not enough damage output here to be competitive.
150pts: She can work here, but she is too expensive to be cost effective. Her best build will be in some sort of super stealth.
200pts: This will be the best place for her because you can dilute her cost. Again super stealth will be your best bet, and i would also recommend Thrawn from the universe. His Ysalimari will make her KI much more effective against Jedi as they cant reroll the save. They have one shot to not take a quick 60 DAM. She is way over costed but can still be used effectively if not efficiently.

Zam Wessel

Cost: 45

Faction: Fringe

HP: 90

Defense: 19

Attack: +12

Damage: 20




Bounty Hunter +4

Kouhun Infestation




Today is a blast from the past. Zam even today has some uses with or without decent CE’s. She is one of the few people in the game even today that can boost her attack to +20 without CE’s.  But given CE’s se can get up to 23 defense and 24 attack with General Obi-Wan Kenobi. Her stats aren’t the best things about her though she is tied with the ASN assassin droid in highest auto damage ability in Kouhun Infestation which just got a lot better with Grandmaster Luke Skywalker coming out in these next few months. She also has stealth which is always nice to have.


            Some current combos that work good for her are GOWK of course as mentioned earlier, General Wedge Antilles or General Rieekan, Nyna, Holo Sidious, General Windu, Darth Krayt, Vader LOTF just to name a few.


            In the end this one of the few pieces that still has a use from CS she has definitely taken hits because now a days you can get much more productivity for 45 points nowadays and the lack of extra attacks has also hurt her wince quick damage is the speed of the game now.

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