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Mini of the Day

Commander Gree
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Mar. 12, 2009

Sith Dragon Commander Gree
Cost: 20
HP: 60
DEF: 14
ATK: 11
DAM: 30

CE: Allied characters are treated as having the same name as each other, only for purposes of special abilities whose name contains Squad. Followers within 6 squares gain Squad Assault.

Today we do a pretty straight forward figure. Commander Gree costs 2 points more than his other version, but brings so much more. He has a very nice 60 HP the defense sucks, but what clone doesnt. His attack is solid and his 30DAM is off the charts good. He doesnt really have more than that with abilities, but he has a sweet CE. Basically, all characters in your squad (note it says allies so it does include other commanders) have the same name, so the squad assault that the other half of his CE grants is applied to every follower in your squad. The thing to remember about squad assault though, is that you need three OTHER characters within 6, so you essentially need 4 figures in order to pull it off. That can make for some uncomfortably close quarters fighting. Watch out for missiles and other area effects.

100pts: He could be played here, but his format really wont bring enough to be competitive. He can hit big, but the clones need more.

150/200pts: Here Gree can be run very well. It is going to push you towards running swarm squads, but in 200pts you can put Gree with smaller costed Jedi to give them an attack boost that would stack with other bonuses like General Kenobi. Also, for some added punch, there is an Imperial character coming in Imperial Entanglements that could give Gree opportunist, making him a +15 for 40 DAM! You would have to run Palps, sith lord, but he would also have opportunist so even better. Gree has great potential, but it will take some practice getting the characters set up correctly.

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