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image from Wizards of the Coast

Asajj Ventress, Separatist Assassin
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: July 3, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.33
200 pt: 3.67

Sith Dragon Asajj Ventress
Cost: 43
HP: 110
DEF: 20
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

Melee, Double Attack, Twin Attack, Loner, Rolling Cleave, Stealth

Force 3
Sith Rage

Today we are looking at the new Asajj. To me this new Asajj is closer to an ideal Darth Maul than most Mauls we have. For 9pts, you are getting 10HP and the rest of the stats are the same, as are double and loner. Where this Asajj stands out is she now has twin, so she can either attack twice from 6 out or unleash a quad attack if she doesnt move. If she has loner that is a none too shabby +16 for 60-120 DAM.

There is one very key ability that she adds that really changes her and quite honestly makes her a center point for squad building. The new Asajj has stealth. Why is this so big? By running her with a Bith Vigo you now gain evade, giving her at least some shooter defense. Some of you know what is next. :) If you now add a Twi'lek Vigo, She gains greater mobile and can quad from 6-8 squares out! the downside to pull it off you will either need the the vigo or a mouse within 6, so no loner and at +12, she is going to miss a lot. You are going to need Wicket badly.

Her force is just as limited as her other version. She has one more point, but only has rage to use it with instead of riposte from the old one. Then again, a +16 quad attacking. That SHOULD be a quick 120 DAM. Of course then you have to roll that stupid little die i like to call Satan's *ahem*. ;)

100pts: She is not likely to do well enough here. She is a bit too fragile and needs help. Your opponent could likely survive her attack, and then will kill her.

150pts: Here she can have lots of help. San, Dooku, the vigos, Jareal...etc. You will need to play her carefully, but she could be quite good here.

200pts: Here she can be run with all the help you could want and flush her squad out to its fullest. the one problem here is that Luke GM will be running rampant, so watch out. With all of the Djem So out there, you will need to make sure she has the right support. She is very much worth her $10 if you play Seps at all.

Asajj Ventress, Separatist Assassin, 43 points
Faction: Separatist
HP: 110
Defense: 20
Attack: 12
Damage: 20

Abilities: Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Loner, Rolling Cleave, Stealth, Twin Attack

Force 3, Sith Rage

Wow oh wow, what a beatstick. This thing is far more sexy than her original form, woh is this piece amazing! Well, first things first. Today we are reviewing Asajj Ventress, Seperatist Assassin that comes in the newly released Map Pack 2. I picked up this Map Pack as soon as I could, not only for the maps, but for "her" too, and she was well worth the money, no doubt!

For 43 points, her stats are pretty average for a Jedi character. 110 HP is good but not spectacular, 12 attack and 20 defense are solid, and of course she has the usual 20 damage. Asajj's true offensive force lies in her amazing combination of abilities, however. First of all, Asajj has Loner, an ability that gives her 16 attack, providing there is no ally within 6 squares. 16 attack is very good, and will make it difficult to miss just about anything. Asajj also gets Stealth, which is really useful for her so she can't be shot down by shooters on her way to an assault. When provided with some ranged support, this could become very deadly.

And then we get to the abilities that affect Asajj when attacking... Asajj has both Double and Twin Attack, meaning she can move up to 6 and attack twice or if she bases someone, attack four times. WOW! That really needs no introduction, that is amazing. Combined with Sith Rage, which gives her +10 damage for the turn, she could attack up to 4 times for 30 damage, rediculous! And to make things even better, they also threw in Rolling Cleave, which allows her to move one space and make an extra attack (which turns into two attacks due to her Twin Attack) as long as she killed someone this turn. This makes her maximum damage output for a turn (assuming no critical hits) a whopping 180 damage, which gives her one of, if not the largest, damage output in the game. And with 16 attack, the chance of missing is slim. Of course it would be very rare to get the 180 damage off, it still shows that she is an absolutely amazing destructive force. She can seriously annihlate a large force in a single turn.

Unfortanutely, Asajj does not have everything going for her. Her defenses are quite slim and without any real defensive abilities, Asajj can get taken down pretty easily. The key to making her a great piece is to abuse Stealth so that shooters cannot simply pick her apart, then kill melee pieces before they get the chance to strike Asajj down. Asajj also runs into trouble with force points, since she has no Renewal and once her 3 is gone, it's gone. After three Sith Rages, assuming you have no way to give her more force, part of her power will be gone. Furthermore, unfortanutely for Asajj, she gets stuck in a faction where it sucks to be living... Seperatist support for her is slim. The best thing I can think of is sticking her with either Sidious to get some added force or maybe sticking her with the original Tyranus to give her Lightsaber Duelist via Dark Inspiration. Besides that, her best support would be strong fringe shooters. You may be able to fit her into your Grevous Droid Army Commander squad, but it would be difficult.

100 points: 4.5/5, For a unit of her cost, she can really deal a lot of damage, she may be able to hold her own against the force-using giants that exist in this format... espessially with the support that her low cost allows. I would say try her here!

200 points: 4/5, Put her in the right squad and she can be a devastating offensive force. The real problem here is her faction. Had a piece with similar stats and abilities been Imperial (to take advantage of Super Stealth!!) or Republic, it would be a near-staple. Unfortunately, Separatists have little use for non-Droids.

Sculpt: 5/5, Love the pose, love the detail, love it in general! Exactly how I envisioned her!

Asajj Ventress, Separatist Assassin (3/6, Fixed—Clone Wars Map Pack 2; HP 110, ATT 12, DEF 20, DAM 20, DEP 43)

This version of Ventress is really much better than the original released in Clone Strike. First of all she’s not a commander, which means other commander effects in your squad can actually help her out. Secondly, she’s not a Clone Strike very rare which means you actually have a chance of tracking her down.

            Her stat card is pretty impressive. Her stats are relatively beefy, especially for a 43 point character. Where she shines, like so many others, is in her special abilities. With Twin and Double, Ventress can make four attacks per round meaning she can do up to 80 points of damage in a single turn (120 if you use her Sith Rage). That, in and of itself is pretty nice, however she also picks up Rolling Cleave, something we haven’t seen in a while. Getting to move after defeating a character can chain for a while since you’ll be getting to make two attacks thanks to her Twin Attack. With Loner, Ventress gets a little bigger shot in the arm if you keep her away from the rest of the squad. Finally, giving Ventress a health dose of Stealth is pretty helpful since you can keep her out of harm’s way for longer and if you run a Bith Vigo with her she can get access to Evade, which will make her even nastier.

            Her lone Force power is Sith Rage, which is pretty basic but on Ventress, with four attacks per round, can be pretty nice.

100 POINTS: While she’s a pretty solid figure, I just don’t think she has the beef here to hang with the beat sticks. She’s under 50 points so you can at least get a few more characters in there, but most of the dominant beat sticks won’t have too much trouble ripping her to shred. SCORE: 2.5

200 POINTS: Since you can bring in the other Separatist Sith support in here relatively easily (namely any Sidious Force battery and Darth Tyrannus for Dark Inspiration), she’s more effective here. However, to bring in the support you’ll need to make her effective will leave you pretty low on activations. Like other living Separatist characters, there’s just so little synergy that it’s hard to make a solid squad around them. SCORE: 3

Gunnar "Darth
Malstrom" Malstrom

Asajj Ventress, Separatist Assassin (Separatist)

Cost: 43

HP: 110

DEF: 20

ATT: 12

DAM: 20


Special Abilities:

Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
Double Attack (On her turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving)
Loner (+4 Attack if no allies are within 6 squares)
Rolling Cleave (Once per turn, if this character defeats an adjacent enemy by making an attack, she can immediately move 1 square and then make 1 attack against another adjacent enemy without provoking an attack of opportunity)
Stealth (If this character has cover, she does not count as the nearest enemy for an attacker farther than 6 squares when choosing targets)
Twin Attack (Whenever this character attacks, she makes 1 extra attack against the same target)


Force Powers:

Force 3
Sith Rage (Force 1: +10 Damage on all attacks this turn)


DarthMalstrom is back with a review of the new Asajj Ventress from the second Map Pack.  Once again like most of the pieces we have been getting lately, this is a remake of Asajj Ventress from Clone Strike, and to decide which piece to play we should look at them both side by side.


The new Ventress cost 9 more, and for those 9 we gain +10 HP and making them 110 could mean staying around one more hit.  We also gain stealth, we keep double, but we also gain twin, we also gain Rolling Cleave which when paired with Twin could be pretty nice.  As for the force we lose riposte, but gain Sith Rage (which means she could put 120 on you in one turn).  We also gain 1 force point.  The best thing about the new Ventress is that we lose her stupid Commander Effect, not that her old effect was stupid, but giving her Loner and a commander effect is kind of counterproductive.


Now being a separatist gives her access to some good bumps.  When in a squad with Sidious DLotS she could use his force points, for more Raging.  Tyranus can give her duelist.  Durge can give her momentum (which would mean you would lose Loner).  There are also some sweet fringe commander effect she has access to.  throw in a Twi'lek and Bith Vigo and she can get Greater Mobil Attack, which means she could move 6 and still attack 4 times.  If used correctly Ventress could move and attack 4 times at +16/40 while Raging.


Onto the rankings…

100pts 3/5: Not as powerful as she could be with commander effects and abilities, but the fact that Melee users rule this format she could be pretty good.  Run her with San Hill, Aurra Sing JH, and 2 ugnaughts and you have a nice 100 point squad… not great, but nice.


150pts 3.5/5:  Still here you could use her, add Tyranus and you make her even better.


200pts 4/5:  Like most pieces the more points you add the better she becomes.

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