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image from Wizards of the Coast

C-3PO, Ewok Diety
Imperial Entanglements

Date Reviewed: June 17, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt:  2.00
150 pt: 2.00
200 pt: 2.50

Gunnar "Darth
Malstrom" Malstrom
C-3PO. Ewok Deity (Rebel VR)
Cost: 5
HP: 30
Def: 16
Att/Dam: 0/0

Special Abilities:
Droid (Immune to critical hits; not subject to commander effects)
Speed 0
Disruptive (Suppresses enemy commander effects within 6 squares)
Draw Fire (If an enemy targets an ally within 6 squares of this character, you may force that enemy to target this character instead if it can; save 11)
Evade (When hit by an attack from a nonadjacent enemy, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)

Okay lets get to the elephant in the room. This 3PO is a VR, has Speed 0, and no ewok Commander Effect. That is all I hear about this piece. I have never heard a good thing about this piece, and you know what… I don’t know why. This piece isn’t that bad.

Lets start off with 5 points. Take the Uggie Demolitionist, the Caamasi and the Mouse droid out of the picture… name me a better piece the rebels could use that is 5 points or less. Most of them are going to miss most of their attacks anyway unless you take the time to beef them up.

Next up look at his abilities. He has one of the more deadly combos in the game, Draw Fire and Evade. Which means that there is a good chance your opponent is going to have to get through 3PO before they can get to your heavy hitters, and if the dice gods are with you, you may not take any damage at all. This could be huge. Also, with 30 points it might take 2 hits before 3PO is dead. He also has Disruptive which kills enemy commander effects. Once again this could be huge in helping your characters stay alive.

Okay now onto the bad. Like I said before 3PO can not move on his own. He needs Luke Commando, Light Tudor (from Yoda) or K-3PO’s swapping (he does not get K’s Commander Effect) to move. This takes some strategy to be able to use correctly… but if you can pull it off it will be worth it. He also is a VR, which only effects the people trying to pull Rieekan or Vader and pulled Threepio. I think his biggest weakness is that you can’t use him with ChewPO, double draw fire would have been sick.

Onto the ratings…

100pts 1/5: Unless you already are running Luke Commando or K3PO and have 5 points left you are not going to run him here.

150pts 1/5: Same here.

200pts 2/5: You can run him here, but again you need K-3PO or Luke Commando. If you want to mess around with the Draw Fire try using ChewPO with Light Tudor from Yoda) Obi Force Spirit, and Rieekan. You might not have much left to protect, but it could be fun to play.

Roque Saber
C-3PO, Ewok Deity
Cost: 5
HP: 30
Def: 16
Att: 0
Dmg: 0

SA: Unique, Droid, Speed 0, Disruptive, Draw Fire, Evade

Starting off my reviews here on Pojo is C-3PO, Ewok Deity. This piece really is an enigma. Costing only as much as a Caamsi Noble or Stormtrooper the stats, besides having no attack and no damage, are actually quite good for 5 points.

However, it’s the amount of Special Abilities that really are the eye catchers on this piece. Unique and Droid are both standards. Speed 0 is a big setback on this figure. Unlike Emplacement, Speed 0 still allows the figure to be moved, he just can’t do it by himself. (he must’ve gotten glued to his chair by accident) This ability seemed to have been designed to go with Luke Skywalker, Rebel Commando’s Levitate ability, which is one of the easiest (and one of the only) ways to move C-3PO without nearly killing him. The next 3 abilities, Disruptive, Draw Fire, and Evade all give this piece the C-3PO feel that we’re all used to. Disruptive, while useful, won’t be all that potent unless the enemy foolishly walks right into the bubble. Draw Fire and Evade are more useable. C-3PO can force himself to be attacked and, assuming the Draw Fire save is made, will then be able to avoid the damage. (Again assuming he makes his save) So, in total, he’s actually not bad for 5 points. And, if you’ve got hot dice, you might be able to save your units from some damage. Because it’s a VR, however, I wouldn’t go spending $15 on him unless you’re a collector.

100/150/200: 3/5 I’m lumping all 3 formats together because he’s so cheap. This piece is really all about the dice. Half of his abilities (excluding Droid and Unique) rely on good dice rolls. And, since the Rebels don’t currently have access to any auto rerolls, this piece is a real toss up. And if you don’t play him, I’m sure he’d look pretty cool as a paper weight.

C-3PO, Ewok Diety - 5 points
HP: 30
Attack: 0
Defense: 16
Damage: 0

Unique, Droid, Speed 0, Disruptive, Draw Fire, Evade

Yay! Now we get to review one of the largest joke pieces since the release of Nute Gunray: C-3PO, Ewok Diety. Unlike many other SWM players, I'm actually glad we got an Ewok Diety version of C-3PO... because it's funny, not because of its playability.

I'm not going to lie to you: C3PO, ED is just about useless, even at his 5 point cost. He even has some pretty good abilities including a nice combination of Draw Fire and Evade... and if that wasn't enough, it has Disruptive too. Too bad that is all negated by a single, horrible, terrible ability they gave it: Speed 0. That's right, this piece CANNOT move by itself. Meaning you have two options to get your Disruptive and Draw Fire... To lure the opponent to you, or to move this some other way. With DCI's gambit rule, the first won't work. And beacuse this is a Rebel version of C3PO, the R2 with Tow Cable can't be used to move it, either. The only way I can really think of is using Luke Skywalker Rebel Commando's Levitation ability to carry it around the battlefield but the question is... is it worth it? No... you would spend all your effort and force points with Luke to do that only to have some Melee attacker come over and defeat this.. not to mention that having a piece a Disruptor (who you don't want to die) and a Draw Firer (who you play specifically to take hits) is counter-productive... If this piece could move, even at a lower speed, it might see some play. But the way it is now, you will never want to use this piece. Even if you have 5 points remaining in a Rebel squad, you'd just want to use an Ugnaught over this. This piece is only for the lols and possibly for some special scenarios you want to make.

100 points: 1/5 - Unfortanutely I can't rank it lower than 1 under Pojo's review system. But you can be assured that if I could, I would rate this -5 in all formats.

200 points: 1/5 - Now that I think about it, being only 5 points, it won't HURT you in 200 points too much, but it won't help you at all either. Still 1/5.

Sculpt: 4.5/5 - The only reason to own this piece. FTL!! (This stands for both "For the Loss" and "For the Lols")
Jonathan C-3PO Ewok Deity

Cost - 5
HP - 30
Defense - 16
Attack - 0
Damage - 0


Droid (Immune to critical hits; not subject to commander effects)

Speed 0

Disruptive (Suppresses enemy commander effects within 6 squares)

Draw Fire (If an enemy targets an ally within 6 squares of this character, you may force that enemy to target this character instead if it can; save 11)

Evade (When hit by an attack from a nonadjacent enemy, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)

Well, this is a piece that I will probably get to sit on top of my TV and likely never use in a game. I like the the abilities (disregarding speed 0, no that isn't a typo, he actually can't move) since you can draw fire and then evade it (assuming good rolls) he can protect your key pieces, but it's hard to position it since he can't move. The only things that he'll be redirecting fire from (assuming you're not using another 20 points for K-3PO's position swapping CE) are your unlimited range commanders, but if your opponent has reached the areas you're hiding them in then it's probably safe to say that in you're pretty much done for anyway. So, in conclusion, awesome looking piece with very limited use, get it to decorate a room, but that's about it.
Josh C-3P0, Ewok Diety (Rebel, 2/40, Very Rare—Imperial Entanglements; 30HP, ATT0, DEF16, DAM 0, DEPLOY 5)
This piece is obviously designed to represent C-3P0 during Return of the Jedi while on Endor and it wasn’t one that originally pops to mind as a good idea for a Star Wars Minis piece. However, after taking a look at it, this piece can actually be pretty useful (unlike the other immobile piece, Han Solo in Carbonite) if used correctly.

While it is saddled with Speed 0, which is a very serious drawback, the two ways around that particular issue actually make C-3P0 even more useful. First of all, there is Luke Rebel Commando’s Levitate which can move C-3P0 around. If you happen to have that Luke attached to any of the Force batteries that the Rebels have, it’s not a bad option for Luke to spend his Force points to move 3P0 around. However, the other (and in my opinion better) option is to use the Rebel Troop Cart. To make sure this goes off without a hitch, you’ll want to place 3P0 adjacent to it right when you set up. Since the Troop Cart’s text says that adjacent characters may board it at the end of their turn, activate 3P0 first and get him into the cart and let it move him around. Being on the cart give 3P0 a couple of nice advantages. The increased base size of the Troop Cart increases the range of his Disruptive, which can be a royal pain if your opponent is playing a faction that relies heavily on commander effects to be successful. His Draw Fire gets a nice boost as well, since 3P0 can protect the Cart itself plus doing that while on the cart which (at least as far as I can tell from the card text) gives him a cover bonus as well. Finally, giving 3P0 Evade is really impressive because now it’s not a sure thing that a power shooter will hit him if they fail their Draw Fire save. This version of 3P0 could wind up turning out to be nearly as annoying as the Jar Jar piece if your opponent keeps failing your save while you keep making them.

Like the other version of a solo 3P0, he only has 30HP which isn’t going to last terribly long, though with the addition of Evade, at least a successful attack by a Jawa is not a guaranteed death sentence for him anymore. Speed 0 is still obviously the biggest drawback for him and you will have to use other pieces to get around that in order to make him a successful part of your squad.

100 POINTS: While 3P0 is really cheap, I don’t necessarily think he has the ability to play him anywhere that most cheap pieces have just because you’ll have to bring in either Luke, Rebel Commando or the Rebel Troop Cart/Nikto Gunner with Desert Skiff just to move him around and make him useful. At the 100 point level, needing other pieces just to be able to use one (no matter how cheap) is a pretty serious drawback. SCORE: 2

200 POINTS: Here, with enough support, this version of 3P0 can really shine. You’ll need to put him on the Troop Cart to get the most out of him, but that’s not too big of a drawback since you’ll have plenty of room for other squad support. Another thing you’ll want to include in this build is some sort of character with Repair. Chewbacca, Rebel Hero is still the best option for Rebels in this arena because he’s got both Repair and Bodyguard which can be helpful if 3P0 fails his Evade saves. There are plenty of ways to synergize 3P0 here and for only 5 points, he’s too annoying and too hard to destroy not to seriously look at including. SCORE: 3.5

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