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image from Wizards of the Coast

General Rieekan
Set: Imperial Entanglements


Date Reviewed: June 12, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.75
200 pt: 4.50

Killer_Nacho General Rieekan

Rieekan really has stirred up the Star Wars Miniatures metagame since its release, and is one of the main reasons that Rebels are starting to see play again. We all remember Rieekan as an excellent Rebel General, and his piece truely reflects that.

First of all, Rieekan is a commander that costs 14 points, about the price of two trooper units. Most commanders of this cost have average commander effects that are only really useful in select circumstances, but Rieekan surely stands out. Before I get into his excellent commander effect, let's take a look at his stats... which happen to be just what you'd expect, not great, but at least it can attack if it wants to. Rieekan has 9 attack and 10 damage, meaning it won't be able to hit things easily and even if he does, it will only do minor damage (But this obviously isn't the reason you would be using Rieekan). He has an insanely low 15 defense, with a mere 50 HP, meaning he is extremely frail... You want to keep Rieekan in cover away from the fighting as much as possible.

Fortanutely, Rieekan's commander effect isn't limited to the usual 6 range. Instead, Rieekan provides followers two extremely useful abilities at unlimited range. The first ability that Rieekan grants is Evade, a very useful ability that grants a 50% dodge of ranged attacks to all of your units. I don't really need to explain how good Evade is, since the ability to get a free dodge from any attack is obviously excellent. Even with just this, Rieekan would be extremely playable. But wait! There's more! On top of Evade, Rieekan grants ANOTHER excellent ability in Mobile Attack! Mobile Attack allows your units to move before and after attacking. This allows your units to move out cover to attack your opponents without cover, then move back into cover. And combined with Evade, those units in cover get an additional 50% chance to evade any nonmelee attacks they are hit with. One thing I like to do with Riekaan is to combine him with the Elite Rebel Commandos, who have Twin Attack. This allows my units to move, attack twice, then move.

Another thing to note is that Riekaan has Recon, which allows him to roll twice for initative when he has line of sight to an enemy. While this isn't excellent, it can really help you win those key initative rolls. I've seen Riekaan played with Kazdan Paratus to abuse his Droid Reserves, too.

100 points: 4.5/5, Normally commanders aren't as good in 100 points... but Riekaan is only 14 points! He can still be a great asset in 100 points. The only reason he loses the .5 points is because 100 points is normally dominated by melee attacking beatsticks, which Riekaan doesn't help against too much.

200 points: 5/5, Running a rebel army? Use Riekaan, no exceptions. You won't regret it. He's 14 points. There is no reason not to use him short of you not having him.

Sculpt: 4/5, Just how you remember him in the movies, intimidating and wise.
Josh General Rieekan (Rebel, 4/40, Very Rare—Imperial Entanglements; HP50, ATT 9, DEF 15, DAM 10)
Greetings from The_Joiner_King. I’ve been a reader at Pojo for quite some time now and thought I might as well jump in and start reviewing figures. To be honest, I’m kind of glad this was the first figure I was asked to review because General Rieekan is a great addition to the Rebel armies.

With this figure, the Rebels pick up yet another nice commander that is really going to help extend their longevity. His commander effect is worth his 14 deploy points alone. Much like the New Republic General Wedge Antilles, General Rieekan gives Rebels access to a commander that gives your entire squad Evade and Mobile Attack. Anymore, you wind up needing at least one of those two abilities to make your squad effective. For a mere 14 points, Rieekan gives the Rebels access to both which will really help your squad. Recon is a nice additional bonus, but with the increased number of characters that can get around initiative control powers and Rieekan’s own fragility (50HP with only a 15 on defense) you won’t really want to try and take advantage of Recon too much. Keep him well-protected in the back and he’ll make sure your squad lasts a long time thanks to Evade and will make it easier to prevent your characters from getting pinned down in a firefight thanks to Mobile Attack.

100 POINTS: You won’t really want to run Rieekan here since he’s best when you have a bunch of figures that can take advantage of his commander effect. Commander-based squads, outside a few special cases, aren’t strong enough to be run at the 100 point level. Score: 1 (possibly a 2 if you have a good squad build for this level--I very seldom build 100 point squads because where I play it's pretty much dominated by beat-sticks but if the play environment at 100 is different where you are he might work better)

200 POINTS: Here, Rieekan is almost a necessity. In recent expansions, the Rebels have really picked up some great commanders. Running him with General Dodonna means you can control activations more effectively and make your squad more difficult to kill. Another interesting option would be to run him with General Crix Madine. It will give General Madine some added protection from your opponent’s characters with Accurate Shot. General Madine will also likely be in a commando build and means your commandos will not only have access to super Stealth (assuming you’re using Rebel Commando Strike Leaders) AND Evade and Mobile. That’s pretty nasty if you ask me. Even if you don’t have a specific build in mind yet he can fit really well just about anywhere in the Rebel armies at this level just because his commander effect is so useful and he’s not that expensive. Score: 4 (for certain and possibly a 5 if you can find some really good commanders for him to synergize with)

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