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image from Wizards of the Coast

Darth Maul, Sith Apprentice
Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: July 6, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.88
200 pt: 2.90


Darth Maul, Sith Apprentice, 43 Points
Faction: Sith
HP: 110
Defense: 20
Attack: +11
Damage: 20

Abilities: Unique, Melee Attack, Triple Attack, Vaapad-Style Fighting

Force 2, Knight Speed, Lightsaber Riposte, Sith Rage

Okay, so now we review the largest disappointment (in my opinion) in Jedi Academy by far, the new Maul (Apprentice). We have asked Wizards of the Coast for awhile now for a Sith-version of Maul (since seriously, Maul being on the Separatists, which was created after his death, makes no sense whatsoever), and we finally got it... and got this. If you would allow me to go on a rant, WHAT THE HELL? We get an Asajj that captures the absolute essence of Maul... and the next Maul we get snubbed. Granted, this is supposed to represent Maul in his apprentice days, so I could deal with him being weaker than other Mauls... but could you at least tone down the cost a little? The Sith faction needed a smaller support Jedi, not another medium - large Jedi that doesn't stand out in the faction whatsoever. Further, while they replaced the Separatist faction on Maul (which makes sense), they gave him Vaapad-Style fighting, a lightsaber style THAT WASN'T EVEN PRECIEVED UNTIL MAUL WAS DEAD!!! What's with Wizard's obsession in creating impossible Darth Maul characters?? Granted, Maul's style of choice, Juyo style (Maul's preferred Style) is a lot like Vapaad, but they are not the same thing! They are as different as Shien and Djem So (which are also considered the same Form number). Okay, okay, now that I'm done my little rant, let's actually take a look at the figure.

Rants aside, this isn't a terrible character. For 43 points, you get a pretty good beatstick that can be comboed within the faction (as I will explain later). Maul has a good 110 hitpoints, decent 20 defense, a quite disappointing 11 attack, and the normal 20 damage. The 11 attack is kind of a downer since that means Maul will have trouble hitting the more defensive units in this game, but it's not terrible either. His regular abilities help his cause a tad. Maul has Triple Attack, and the after mentioned Vaapad-Style Fighting. Triple Attack is pretty hard to pull off in most situations (but where there is a will there's a way, I will explain later!), but Vaapad-Style fighting (while it makes no sense...) is a very good ability that helps Maul hit with such a low attack... and hit hard, no less. Scoring a critical hit goes from a measly 5% chance to 15% chance with Vaapad, which helps Maul make up for missing occasionally.

This Maul only has two force points (which is a severe disappointment) and no way to renew them. He does have decent force powers. Knight Speed can help him charge quicker into combat while Lightsaber Riposte will make him annoying for other Melee characters to defeat. Sith Rage is nearly a staple on him, and something Maul greatly needed, as it increases his damage to 30. This helps him make up for his low attack as well, and makes crits do 50. But like I said... with only 2 force points to work with, it creates a lot of dilemna on how to spend them.

There are two ways to run this Maul in my opinion... unfortunately, both require a Sidious, which means that unfortuantely they can't be used together. The first thing you could do is run him with Darth Sideous Hologram, which gives him Force Renewal 1. This can help replenlish his dissapointing Force points, so he can better abuse his actually pretty good set of abilities. The other thing you could do with him is pair him up with the new Sidious from Jedi Acadamy, which has a potent combination of Pawn of the Dark Side and Thrawn's switching ability as a commander effect. Combined, Sidious (in one turn, mind you!) can activate a grunt with Pawn of the Dark Side and put him adjacent to someone you want to destroy with Maul, then use Sidious's switching ability to switch Maul with the grunt. Then, Maul is free to abuse his Triple Attack goodness (with Sith Rage) against a character, all in one turn which is pretty handy.

Overall, however, Maul Apprentice was not the Maul we were looking for. He's not really what the Sith needed, they have plenty of beatsticks. It's also kind of sad when the essense of Maul is instead captured by another figure (the new Asajj Ventress, reviewed last Friday), so will will wait yet again for the next Maul. I would argue that this Maul is also a tad overcosted, which also does not help his case.

100 points: 1.5/5, I'd have trouble believing he could hold his own here.

200 points: 2/5, With the support I talked about, he could be used. But the Sith have better options, in my opinion. Wow, I can't believe I just said that... when one of the least supported factions in the game has better options than you... you must suck pretty bad.

Sculpt: 3.5/5, One of the only reasons to get this figure, but even that is somewhat dissapointing.

Darth Maul, Sith Apprentice (5/40, Very Rare—Jedi Academy; HP 110, ATT 11, DEF 20, DAM 20, DEP 43)

            Maul’s first appearance in the Sith faction is definitely interesting. However, I’m not too certain interesting is necessarily good. With a figure model based off an expanded universe action figure of Maul, it’s definitely a different look for the evil Sith apprentice. However, not only does he get a make over, his stats and special abilities do as well. Coming with the standard Maul Triple Attack is pretty normal, however Maul apparently spent a little extra time training during his early days as a Sith and learned Vaapad Style fighting techniques. Giving Maul and increased critical hit range is always nice since he’s got three attacks to pull off a critical if he doesn’t have to move.

            Looking at Maul’s Force powers also shows a little difference from previous Mauls. While he’s still got Sith Rage to boost his damage, he comes with Knight Speed and Lightsaber Riposte. Both of these are solid abilities. However Maul’s biggest problem is that he only has two Force points to begin with. Admittedly, the Sith do have the Sidious, Hologram Force battery to give Maul renewal, but Sidious, Hologram is really fragile and Maul will have to either remain within six spaces of him, or you’ll need a few equally as fragile Mouse Droids to make that work well.

100 POINTS: Maul might be effective here since Sidious, Hologram is a relatively cheap Force battery and most people won’t want to waste time trying to take it down while Maul, Sith Apprentice is charging them. However, the entire squad will likely need to be built around giving Maul as much access to Force Renewal from Sidious as possible. This means you’ll have trouble bringing in enough pieces that can do damage. Maul is a pretty formidable opponent thanks largely to Vaapad Style, but I still don’t think he has enough damage dealing power to really make an effective stand at this level. SCORE: 2

200 POINTS: Here, where there is plenty of room for support to both protect Sidious, Hologram and still bring in damage dishing pieces, Maul becomes a lot more effective here. I still don’t think he’ll be anything really game changing, but with enough Mouse Droids and Sidious, Hologram, he can be a threat. SCORE: 3.5

Gunnar "Darth
Malstrom" Malstrom
Darth Maul, Sith Apprentice (Sith VR)

Cost: 43
HP: 110
DEF: 20
DAM: 20

Special Abilities:
Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
Triple Attack (On his turn, this character can make 2 extra attacks instead of moving)
Vaapad-Style Fighting (Scores a critical hit on an attack roll of natural 18, 19, or 20)

Force Powers:
Force 2
Knight Speed (Force 1: This character can move 4 extra squares on his turn as part of his move)
Lightsaber Riposte (Force 1: When hit by a melee attack, this character can make an immediate attack against that attacker)
Sith Rage (Force 1: +10 Damage on all attacks this turn)

Hey guys DarthMalstrom back with the Sith version of Darth Maul. Why Maul was never a SIth before was beyond me. He was dead 10 years before the Separatist movement even began, but when Clone Strike came out there was no Sith faction. Instead of judging him against other Maul's (which makes him the cheapest and weakest Maul) we should judge him against the other Sith around the same cost as him.

He is the cheapest unique Sith (except for HoloSid), and his stats are about the same as Nihilus. He is one point cheaper, he has -1 Attack, +1 defense, and +10 Hit Points. His special abilities are much better than Nihilus. He has triple instead of double, and Vaapad. Now where Nihilus shines is his force powers, Maul not so much. Maul has Riposte, which is pretty helpful, he also has Sith Rage which if he is based can deal 90 damage. He also has Knight Speed, which might help basing an opponent at the end of the round, but with the cost of the Sith characters you are probably not going to out activate many people.

I think the biggest problem with Maul is that he is not the figure that we wanted. We wanted the mega-beast Maul. The Triple, Twining, Stealth having beast. But when you think about it, Maul was not that Jedi. On his big reveal to the Jedi he was killed by a padawan, pretty weakly if you ask me. Though Maul was pretty awesome, he died before he really became that Sith. And the fact that he died so easily in the movie can also be seen in his mini. He has no defensive abilities at all, and not really any way to give him any except for +2 from Jolee Bindo.

Now onto the ratings…

100pts 2/5: This format is very melee friendly, and he is okay. The good thing about him is that if you use him you can bring in another character as well. You will probably still get destroyed by Bane or other Boba or other beasts.

150pts 3/5: He can do better here, with more room for help. Malak DLotS can give him +4, HoloSid can give him Force Renewal.

200pts 3/5: Here you get even more room. Maybe you can run Sidious and try swapping in Maul to take full advantage of Triple/Rage.

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