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Jedi Exile
Jedi Academy


Date Reviewed: July 31, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.50
200 pt: 3.50


The Jedi Exile (3/40, Very Rare—Jedi Academy; HP 120, ATT 14, DEF 20, DAM 20, DEP 49)             

            For 49 points, the Old Republic is getting a solid, though not amazing addition to their Jedi ranks. With Double Attack and her attack bonus of +14, she will be a pretty solid fighter for the Old Republic squads. Add in that she’s a Lightsaber Duelist and she gets a defense score of 24 while battling other Force users. Finally, with Empathy she can help control Savage characters and give them access to her commander effect which grants her allies Extra Attack. Any time you can give other characters Extra Attack, it’s a plus but add in that some of the really nasty Savage creatures like the Nexu and Gundark can pick it up too as long as they stay within six squares of her, you get a very effective leader and the Old Republic really needs as many of those as possible.             

            Her Force powers aren’t to be ignored either. Force Defense will let her cancel the use of Force powers within six squares of her, which can be really annoying. Add in her Force Repulse 3 and she can damage, push and activate characters within a four square radius of her and she can be pretty disruptive if your opponent’s pieces fail their saves. Couple that with Force Renewal and she won’t run out of Force points quickly, though it should be noted both of her powers are actually quite expensive.             

            However, her situation is not completely perfect. First of all, she lacks any defensive Force powers to protect her from attacks so if your opponent can hit her, she can’t really ward it off. To be honest, I’m also not totally sure why she needed to have Empathy since it’s a very conditional power and Savages aren’t really all that useful in Old Republic squads. 

100 POINTS: Though she’s a good piece, I’m just not sure she brings enough damaging-dealing capabilities to a squad to be the primary beat stick. Though Double Attack and Force Repulse 3 are relatively powerful, they just don’t quite bring her to the level needed to be considered a beat stick. SCORE: 2.5 

200 POINTS: Here, she’s definitely worth her 49 points to deploy. Giving the Old Republic access to the Extra Attack commander effect makes her a boon to any Old Republic squad at this level. If you happen to have a Jedi Crusader in your build, even Malak and Revan can gain access to this commander effect and bring in their own major power boosts. She is a pretty solid Jedi fighter and brings a lot to the table for the Old Republic. SCORE: 3.5

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