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image from Wizards of the Coast

Darth Sidious, Sith Master
Jedi Academy


Date Reviewed: July 24, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.20
200 pt: 3.33


Darth Sidious, Sith Master - 57 points
Faction: Sith
HP: 120
Defense: 19
Attack: 15
Damage: 20
Abilities: Unique, Melee Attack, Triple Attack
Force 2, Force Renewal 1, Force Lightning 2, Master of the Force 2, Pawn of the Dark Side

Commander Effect:
At the end of this character's turn, 2 allies within 6 squares of this character who are the same size may switch positions.

So here we get to review a piece that I really like from the new set, the new Darth Sidious. Right off the bat, you notice something that sets this Sidious apart from every other Sidious we've ever had: The fact that he is a member of the Sith faction. Interesting, but not really preferable. After all, there is nothing new about another high costing Sith Lord for the Sith faction. Or is there? Sidious, Sith Master actually does have a way to set himself apart from the other hordes of high-costing Sith characters. Shall we examine?

First of all for the high 57 cost, Sidious's stats are actually somewhat dissapointing. With only 19 defense and 120 hitpoints and no defensive abilities, Sidious can actually be taken down pretty fast. He's by no stretch of the imagination "bulky", and therefore you have to play Sidious with that in mind. Although he does have a very good 15 attack to abuse with his Triple attack. Sidious can do some major damage if he gets close enough.

However, this Sidious, like most other versions of him, is much more of a defensive character than anything else. Now, he doesn't have his usual ability, having other characters spend his force points, but it is replaced by a rather unique strategy. Sidious, Sith Master has both Pawn of the Dark Side and Thrawn's switching ability, which allows him to pull off some pretty awesome combos. Pawn of the Dark Side is an ability that allows Sidious to activate a non-unique character, that doesn't count as one of your two activations during a phase, and then have him take 10 damage after. Using this ability in combination with another, more powerful, sith lord, you can activate a grunt and have him move adjacent to an enemy you want to decimate, swap the powerful sith lord with the grunt, then have the sith lord unleash his multiple attack wrath on him. This can work with most of the Sith's heavy hitters... Bane, Krayt, you name it. And with Force Renewal 1, Sidious can keep abusing this combo. He also has Force Lightning 2 which allows him to be able to do some major damage from behind the main fighting and Master of the Force 2, which can allow him to reroll attacks or saves twice, or gain +2 speed twice, to allow quick retreating and charging.

Overall, a good support piece for the Sith. Being the fact that he is 57 points, he may be a tad hard to utilize, but if you can pull it off he can be an amazing asset. He can also dish out some major damage by himself, but you will have to play conservatively with him because he can drop quickly if you don't play it right.

100 points: 1.5/5, Forget it. He won't be able to stay around long here, and is far too fragile to really compete.

200 points: 3/5, In a low activation sith army, you can really abuse his ability to take out large threats from your opponent. Definatly worth consideration.

Sculpt 4/5, Love it!

Darth Sidious, Sith Master (7/40, Rare—Jedi Academy; HP 120, ATT 15, DEF 19, DAM 20, DEP 57)

            Making his first appearance in the Sith faction, Darth Sidious reappears as a sort of a combination of his first and second versions from the Separatist faction. Like Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith (Champions) he’s a pretty nasty attacker with Triple Attack and a relatively high attack bonus as well as access to Force Lightning 2 which can deal 30 points of damage and arc to other targets. Like the original Darth Sidious (Clone Strike) you also get access to Pawn of the Dark Side, which is a Force power that we haven’t seen in a very long time. This allows Sidious to activate another character to take a full turn (unlike Dominate which has a save and doesn’t allow the activated character to move) as long as you are willing to deal 10 points of damage to that character at the end of its turn. The only caveat it has is you have to use it on non-Unique allies, which can pose problems in Sith builds just because it is a very Unique fueled faction. Thanks to Master of the Force 2, Sidious can use Force points twice per turn, which is always a plus and with Force Renewal 1, you don’t have to worry about him running out of Force for the most part. His Commander Effect gives the Sith access to the Thrawn-swap ability which can be a big help for your Sith squad if you can base an important piece with a scrub and still have Sidious in range of your real beat stick to do a swap out and trigger a big attack.   

            His stats are appropriately beefy for a Darth Sidious, however at the same time, he’s not nearly as big a terror as most similarly priced Sith are. His only other real drawback is the lack of defensive Force powers means if you leave him out in the open accidentally, he’s going to get damaged.

100 POINTS: With Triple Attack and Force Lightning 2, Sidious could make a pretty good stand in this format. While he’s not as beefy as the other Sith beat sticks, he’s also not nearly as expensive which can be a big help. Throw in a few non-Unique allies (like the various generic Dark Jedi or some Sith Assault Droids which can use Shields to protect themselves from Pawn of the Dark Side’s damaging effect) and it could turn out to be a pretty effective squad if played properly. SCORE: 3

200 POINTS: Here, where there are a lot more pieces to play with, Sidious becomes even more effective. The Thrawn-swap commander effect is always a great commander effect to have access to and anything that can give your Sith greater movement is always a good thing because the faction is very Melee Attack heavy. Pawn of the Dark Side also has many more options for characters to activate and if he’s with his old master Darth Plagueis, Essence of Life can create a bit of a loop with Pawn of the Dark Side by saving the life of a pawn and still leaving it with 10 hit points as long as they make the save. With the ability to do either a Triple Attack or damage at range with Force Lightning, Sidious can be pretty dangerous. SCORE: 4

Gunnar "Darth
Malstrom" Malstrom
Darth Sidious, Sith Master (R-Sith)

Cost: 57
HP: 120
Def: 19
ATT: 15
Dam: 20

Special Abilities:
Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
Triple Attack (On his turn, this character can make 2 extra attacks instead of moving).

Force Powers:
Force 2
Force Renewal 1 (This character gets 1 Force point each time he activates)
Force Lightning 2 (Force 2, replaces attacks: range 6; 30 damage to target and 2 characters adjacent to that target)
Master of the Force 2 (May spend Force points up to 2 times in a single turn)
Pawn of the Dark Side (Force 1, replaces attacks: sight; 1 non-Unique ally takes an immediate turn, which does not count as one of your 2 activations this phase; at the end of that turn, it takes 10 damage)

Commander Effect:
At the end of this character's turn, 2 allies within 6 squares of this character who are the same size may switch positions.

Hey guys DarthMalstrom back with a review of the new Darth Sidious. Though this Sidious is not great it does have its uses. His stats are okay. 120 Hit points and 19 defense are not great for a 57 point piece, but the +15 attack is nice. His damage and Special Abilities are pretty standard on a Sidious. Now his force powers bring this Palpy closer to being a great piece. First he has Lightning 2, which deals 30 to the target and two adjacent characters. He also brings Pawn of the Dark Side to the Sith Faction. What this does is grants a free turn to any non-unique piece in your squad. Pawn is used quite frequently on IG Lancer droids in the Seps… but there is a drawback… The character takes 10 damage. Now one good way to use this Force Power is with either of the Sith Assault Droids. They have shields and have a 75% of not taking any damage from it. All you need is Sight to that character and they can pull it off. It is nice to either move and put 40 on someone, then put 80 more… or not move and combine to put 160 on someone in two activations (with the Sith Heavy Assault Droid).

I am not done yet. This Sidious brings the infamous "Thrawn Swap" to the Sith faction. Palpy lets you swap two pieces with the same base size. Considering the Sith faction is full of huge hitters, this commander effect can come in pretty handy. You can now Triple with Exar for 60, then swap in Krayt or Maul or Revan and triple again. Krayt is good to use because he grants followers an extra attack. Now to pull off the swap (and Krayt's extra attack) you need mouse droids a-plenty. There is no Mas, so either bringing Palpy into the action or using mouse droids are a must with this piece. The Rebels have the same problem with K-3PO and having to use Mouse droids, and you know what…? I don't think I have ever seen anyone use K.

So the moral of the story is that Sidious is useful and squads can be built around him, but it takes skill to use him correctly. His biggest weakness is that he is unique and counts as Darth Sidious, so he can't be used with the hologram version of himself, which I believe is the best piece in the Sith faction.

Onto the ratings…

100pts 2/5: He could be used here, but you will more than likely be using him as an attacker rather than a commander and pawner. For his cost there are much better pieces that can be used than him for attacking.

200pts 3/5: Like most pieces here you can use him better. Bring in Krayt and a couple cheaper non-unique pieces and swap them in. Most of them will have Triple Attack and an Attack in the low single digits, and can be pawned. You can also use him with just some unique Sith pieces and take advantage of the swapping. Not game changing, but not a bad little piece.

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