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Mini of the Day

R4 Astromech Droid
Jedi Academy


Date Reviewed: July 22, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.67
200 pt: 3.90



R-4 Astromech Droid, 8 points

Faction: Fringe

HP: 20

Defense: 15

Attack: 0

Damage: 0

Abilities: Droid, Targeting


Now here's a common figure from Jedi Acadamy that I really like. It's not a complex piece at all, but can be a major help in any army. The R-4 Astromech Droid has normal astromech stats: a frial 20 HP and 15 defense, with non-existant attack and damage stats. Its only ability, besides being a droid, is a new ability called Targeting. Targeting reads "Until the end of the round, target enemy has -4 defense". To clear up any confusion there may be, this effect follows normal targetting rules, as designated by the word "target". So you can't just select one enemy regardless of line of sight or anything... your target must either be a piece without cover, or the nearest enemy with cover.


The effect is still very powerful, though. -4 defense is really quite a devastating drop, and virtually makes all of your attacks against that character have a 20% chance better to succeed. What makes it also really good is how long it lasts, until the end of the Round. So if the R-4 is among one of your first activations, the targetted enemy could be hindered that way for the entire round, allowing your army to destroy him. And since Targeting has no range, the R-4 can safely sit in the back, away from the fighting, targetting things to give your squad the edge. Something of note is that since named abilities never stack, you can't use two R-4s to give enemies -8 or anything like that. You can, however, stack Targeting with Wicket's Traps for a whopping -8.


For what he does, he can really be worth the 8 points. Since he is fringe, you will have no trouble fitting him in with a squad, either. Try this astromech out, he can really make the difference for your team!


100 points: 3/5, Not as powerful here since you may need those 8 points for something else, but they can be useful to weaken the opponent's beatstick.


200 points: 4/5, Here these can make a positive impact for almost any army. Who wouldn't want a free -4 defense on an enemy every round?


Sculpt: 2.5/5, Nothing special, but nothing terrible either. 

R4 Astromech Droid (36/40, Common—Jedi Academy; HP 20, ATT 0, DEF 15, DAM 0, DEP 8)

            For eight points to deploy, you’re getting a fairly nice piece. You’ll be running this droid solely for Targeting, which reduces its target’s defense by 4 points. Depending on what piece you target with it each round that can really mean a lot and might help you land some hits on your opponent’s larger pieces. Like most generic cheap droids, its stats aren’t that great but you get a pretty nice special ability for the little you pay for it.

100 POINTS: Here, since it’s so cheap, I think there’s room for one or two R4 droids. In an environment where your opponent is likely to have at most three pieces, this R4 can take advantage of that by just focusing Targeting on your opponent’s beat stick. SCORE: 3

200 POINTS: In a format where you have even more points to use, the R4 will be a welcome addition to any squad. Targeting is a surprisingly effective and can really help bolster some of the lower-level shooters that get used more frequently in these larger builds. It’s still going to need a lot of protection since most characters will be able to wipe it out in a single turn with its low number of hit points and the low defense score, but it is definitely a nice addition. SCORE: 3.5

Gunnar "Darth
Malstrom" Malstrom

R4 Astromech Droid (Fringe-C)








Special Abilities:


Droid (Immune to critical hits; not subject to commander effects)
Targeting (Until the end of the round, target enemy has -4 Defense)


Hey guys… DM back with a review of a simple piece, but one that I think will start seeing a lot of play very soon.  The R4 Astromech droid.  This guy's stats might be on the low end, but this guy shines in other areas.  Besides being a droid this little guy has one ability, that is he can target one character with line of sight and for the rest of the round that character gets -4 defence.  This could be huge.  This piece might not be as good as Mas, the uggie demo, mouse droid or any of the Artoos, but I ask you to find a better piece under 10 points that could so eaisly fit in any squad in the game.


Onto the ratings…

100pts 5/5:  I think this piece fits perfectly in this size game.  He leave you 92 points left for your big guns to do some nasty damage to your opponent's big guns.


200pts 4/5:  The only reason I lower him a little here is because you have to use targeting rules, and your opponent could throw some uggnaughts in front so you can't target his beatsticks, but careful where you play him because with only 15 defence and 20 hitpoints they will go down fast.  Run a couple of them and lower a couple different pieces defences.


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