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Mini of the Day

Imperial Sentinel
Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: July 20, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.25
200 pt: 2.50

Sith Dragon Imperial Sentinel
Cost: 51
HP: 160
DEF: 20
ATK: 12
DAM: 40

Melee Reach 2; Speed 8

This is a very interesting character. For 51pts, he has a huge HP and solid DEF. The ATK isnt so hot, but the DAM 40 is huge!! This guy is fast as well. Speed 8 will help him reach the battle fast. Tack on the MR2 and this guy has an effective reach of 10 squares from his starting point. This also makes him a handy gambit sprinter.

So is this guy uber-powered? Not really. In fact, i am not overly impressed. His drawback is going to be his cost. He is worth it, but he is going to have a hard time synergizing with the rest of an imperial squad. One of his better friends is going to be Univ Thrawn. Thrawn will get his ATK/DEF up, but again, at his cost you will generally find yourself doing better with a force user at this price. Another plus would be to run him in an Imperial Opportunist squad where he will have a +16 for 50 DAM. Another downside is going to be riposte squad/blockers. With only one attack and no defense other than his high DEF, He will take damage faster than you might think.

100pts: Run as an Opportunist squad he might be playable, but a Jedi with renewal and possibly MotF2, and this guy gets neutered.

150pts: Here you could run one. Where this guy is going to shine is against Vong. The vong don't get their JH bonuses and will miss most of their attacks while this guy can drop them fairly quickly. Other that that i see this guy only being run as a personal favorite because you will most likely have to pass on one of the solid Vaders to run this guy.

200pts: Here he is much more playable. you have room to fit in much more help, but again i think you wont pick him often unless he is either a favorite or you are meta building against something. Solid but not must by any stretch. There are just too many Jedi that can stop his attack and then hand him his lunch. Keep in mind that lightsaber defense is coming out more, so stopping the lone attack is becoming easier. This will also be a battleground for the new Luke as well.

Imperial Sentinel (21/40, Uncommon—Jedi Academy; HP 160, ATT 12, DEF 20, DAM 40, DEP 51)

            For 51 points, you are getting an incredibly beefy melee attacker for the Imperial faction. With Melee Reach 2, it can swing its ax for a big 40 points of damage without actually having to base your target which is always a plus. With its +12 bonus to hit, the Sentinel isn’t going to have trouble hitting most things except the strongest of Jedi. Thanks to it Speed 8, it can also engage your opponent’s pieces faster, allowing you to bring its 40 points of damage per swing to bear much faster. This guy is pretty straight forward, you’ll run him up and just have him start wailing on things. With 160HP, he can take a good deal of damage before falling and thanks to being in the Imperial faction, he’s got access to a lot of really good commander effects (Mitth’raw’nuruordo’s Opportunist and Vader, Legacy of the Force’s granting of Extra Attack come to mind as two of the best) to make him even nastier.

100 POINTS: As much as I like this piece, at 51 points I just don’t think there’s actually room for him in an Imperial build at this point level. He’s just too big and doesn’t have that much special going for him on his own (save being able to deal 40 points of damage in his single attack each turn). SCORE: 1.5

200 POINTS: Here, he’ll be a great asset to your squads. Running him with Emperor Roan Fel gives you the ability to turn him into a Bodyguard for an extra 160HP to help Emperor Fel while at the same time having a protector that can dish out some serious damage. Opportunist from Mitth’raw’nuruordo can make him really deadly as a late round activation and if you’re also running him with Vader, Legacy of the Force for an Extra Attack he can be extremely deadly. You’ll probably only even want to run one of these per squad just because he’s a pretty hefty point investment but he’s definitely going to be worth it where you’ve got room for a lot of commanders to make him nastier. SCORE: 3

Gunnar "Darth
Malstrom" Malstrom

Imperial Sentinel (UC-Empire)


Cost: 51

HP: 160

Def: 20

Att: 12

Dam: 40


Special Abilities:

Speed 8 (Can move up to 8 squares and attack, or 16 squares without attacking)
Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
Melee Reach 2 (When attacking, this character treats enemies up to 2 squares away as adjacent)


DarthMalstrom is back with a review of a piece I can't wait to play… The Imperial Sentinel.  Now this guys is just a beast across the board.  His HP are 160 which means he will be around for a while.  He defense of 20 and attack of +12 might look on the low end of a 51 point piece, but his amazing 40 Damage, I believe, makes up for it.


Now another great thing about him is that instead of having heavy weapon (like you might think he would have), this guy can move 8, and attack a character 2 squares away, this can come in very handy.


Another huge advantage this guy has is that he is an Imperial, which means he has access to some of the best commander effects in the game.  You can give him Opportunist with Thrawn, making him +16/50 damage.  You can give him an extra attack with Vader Legacy also.  If you are brave you can run Vader Champion of the Sith, and if you miss your attack you may reroll that attack @ +20/60 (with Thrawn and Opportunist).  But don't miss because if you do you will lose him.


Another great piece to pair this guy with is an old school Speeder Bike, or the 11 point cheaper Dark Dark Hellion Marauder on Swoop Bike.  Now you can move 24 and swap in the Sentinel to do his thang.  Also instead of adding a second sentinal you can use 14 point Imperial officers, who can give an immediate attack to the sentinal for each Officer.  Now we are talking damage output.


Now one problem you are going to have when it comes to the Sentinal is that he is going to be a big target, and a lot of people are going to be gunning for him.  Healing is pretty important when you put so much of your team into one piece.  Unfortunatly the Empire has no cheap healers in their faction.  A lot of people are going to bring in a medical droid and a bacta tank.  Well if you do run a bacta tank and a Medical droid you are healing 20 a round and they cost 27 points, two medical droids only cost 24 points… so unless you are running three or more Med Droids, don't run a Bacta Tank.  Now you can run Cade, but with Cade's high cost, he just isn't worth it.  At 51 points you are really going to have to be pretty careful with the rest of your squad.


Onto the ratings…


100pts 1/5:  With only one attack even if you can put 50 on someone there are so many more options. 

200pts 2/5:  Here you have more room to work with.  Still you are putting all your attacks in one basket.  For 1 point more I would rather run 4 Evo troopers.  You lose 40 hp, but you can do 160 points of damage a round, with Thrawn.


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