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Mini of the Day

Antarian Ranger
Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: July 16, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.67
200 pt: 3.85



Atarian Ranger - 12 points

Faction: Republic

HP: 40

Defense: 15

Attack: 7

Damage: 20


Abilities: Affinity (for Old and New Republic), Stealth, Synergy (+4/+4 with allies with a Force Rating)


Man, was I excited when I saw the stats for this figure! While this may seem like just another random filler, this piece is actually very useable. It's really a great tribute to how good of a set Jedi Academy is overall, almost everything is useable. This piece can be very useful. By itself, it really is nothing special. 40 HP for a 12-point unit is nice, but 15 defense and 7 attack are a bit below the norm. 20 damage is good, though. I hate weak shooters with 10 damage, it makes them nearly unusable in my opinion.


Now on to what the piece can do. It's signature ability is Synergy, more specifically Force Synergy. Whenever he is within 6 to an allied force-user, his stats get a good increase. This increases his rather bad 15 defense and 7 attack into a very respectable 19 defense and 13 attack. Surely you can find a use for a 40 HP, 19 defense, 13 attack, 20 damage minion for a mere 12 points? This unit also has Stealth, so it can't be targeted in cover when the opponent isn't within 6 squares. Further, even when it can be targeted in cover, it has an impressive 23 defense if a Force-user is nearby. Oh, did I mention that this piece can be in any of the Republic squads? Yup, three of the most Jedi-dependent factions get access to this unit. The Old Republic's only good units are Jedi, the Republic is swarming with Jedi, and the New Republic got a big boost in Jedi Academy by introducing a bunch of new Jedi. There can simply be a lot of use for these guys. In any squad you are playing even a few Jedi, these easily become the best grunt units that points can buy. Team him with Grand Master Luke for filler, try him out in GM Yoda squads (or GOWK squads outside of DCI)... even your Old Republic squads, since they are undoubtedly swarming with Jedi as well.


Overall, this piece is not the most exciting piece in Jedi Academy, but it is among the most playable. I think these little guys will find a home in a lot of squads looking for some grunt fillers, they are really versatile and can be included in most squads that feature some force-users. Try him out!


100 points: 3/5, Could team him with your beatstick here since most beatsticks are force-users. Could be a decent support piece.


200 points: 4.5/5, Like pretty much everything, they get even more sexy the higher you go. In 200, you get more options with your force-users, so naturally they become very good grunts... More than the standard clone, old republic trooper, or new republic trooper.


Sculpt: 2/5, Don't really like this one... Looks kind of funny to me for some reason.

Antarian Ranger (12/40, Common—Jedi Academy; HP 40, ATT 7, DEF 15, DAM 20, DEP 12)

            I would argue that this character is the best common that has been released from Jedi Academy for three different factions. While he’s listed as a Republic character, his Affinity allows you to bring him into Old Republic and New Republic squads as well. This gives all three of these factions a very solid shooter to bring in for not that much. You’ll want to run him with Jedi because his Synergy gives him a +4 bonus to his attack and defense scores if he’s within six squares of a Force user (raising him to a much more respectable +11 to hit with a defense score of 19). With Stealth you can hide him around the board (which is good since without Synergy his defense score is pretty weak), and if you throw in things like the Bith Vigo you can give him Evade or the Rodian Vigo to give him a bit of super Stealth. He works very well in just about any Jedi build you can throw him in and can give them some much needed ranged offensive capabilities for relatively little to deploy.

100 POINTS: At only 12 points to deploy, he might not be a bad way to fill out a Jedi build from any of the three factions he can be put into. However, you probably won’t want to put in more than two just because you’ll still need room for your Jedi beat stick. SCORE: 3

200 POINTS: Here, you’re going to have plenty of room to put in a lot of these guys and have a lot of Jedi around so you can get him his Synergy pretty easily. I would recommend packing a Bith Vigo or two just to get them Evade since without Synergy these guys are pretty easy pickings. This gives Jedi build some pretty solid offensive ranged hitting power and he is definitely a welcome addition to all three factions he can play in (though especially Old Republic since they don’t have a lot of good trooper characters, at least in my opinion). SCORE: 4

Gunnar "Darth
Malstrom" Malstrom

Antarian Ranger (C-Republic)


Cost: 12

HP: 40

Def: 15

Att: 7

Dam: 20


Specail Abilities:

Affinity (May be in a New Republic or Old Republic squad)
Stealth (If this character has cover, he does not count as the nearest enemy for an attacker farther than 6 squares when choosing targets)
Synergy (+4 Attack and +4 Defense while an allied character with a Force rating is within 6 squares)



DarthMalstrom back with a review of the Jedi's new best friend, the Antarian Ranger.  Now I ran into a couple of these guys at our JA relese tourny and they just destroyed GM Luke, graunted they rolled 17s and 18s all night and Luke kept missing his saves.  I can't promis you that these guys will roll good for you, but I can promise for a mere 12 points you get a pretty nice piece.


His stats are on the low end, but actually can be beefed up pretty good.  The 40 HP are decent on a 12 point piece, and are extended further by stealth.  The attack of 7 and defence of 15 might look low, but when paired with jedi they can get a big boost.


Now this guy can be in any squad that has the word republic in it, so he has a ton of ways to bump him up.  Put him in a New Republic squad and give him Evade/mobil (from Wedge), or Duelist (from the new Kyle) or give him deceptive and It's a Trap from the CorSec Officer.  Want to run Old Republic, with Malak or Revan… boost his attack to +15.  If running the Republic you can give him mobil and lower his cost to 11 from Amidala.  You can boost his attack and defence with GM Yoda or GoWK.


The moral of the story is that for 12 points this guy can do his part.


Onto the ratings…


100pts 2/5:  He is cheap enough to be added here, but this isn't where he shines.

200pts 3/5:  Here you can mess around with him.  Mix and match, see what you can come up with.  This guy is going to see some play.

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