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Mini of the Day

Top 10 Star Wars Minis of 2008


Star Corps Trooper
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Jan. 09, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.00
200 pt: 4.50

Sith Dragon #6 Star corps Trooper

Today's mini, coming in at #6, is another figure that i did not have on my top 10 list, but i have loved since i first saw it. He comes in as one of the cheapest of the solid, offensive O66 pieces that we have, yet he has the most going for him in many respects. His base stats are pretty solid for only 15 points (14 with the Queen). His quick reactions makes it a figure that is all but guaranteed to hit on an AoO. Like Sev and some of the other upper clones, he has the ability to hit for 30 DAM, and the stable footing means he can move fairly efficiently. Tack on his advantageous cover and you have a figure that is incrediby hard to take down from range (23 DEF in cover and 27 DEF with Obi). This little guy is one of my favorites of the O66 clones. I would say he should now dominate the O66 squads, but there is such a nice diversity of power with the current clones that a mix would be best. You still want to be packing a few of these though. While #6 may be a bit high, i have no problem with him making the list.

Five down, five to go! We return on Monday with the mini that just wont die!

Top 10 Minis of 2008 Countdown!!!!

10. Moff Nyna Calixte

9. General Dodanna

8. Captain Rex

7. Jar Jar Binks

6. Star Corps Trooper


Star Corps Trooper

HP: 30

Defense: 15

Attack: +9

Damage: 20



O66, Advantageous Cover, Quick Reactions, Squad Firepower (+10 damage while 3 Allies with the same name as this character are within 6 squares), Stable


            #6 on the top 10 minis of 08’ list is the first mini we haven’t already reviewed.  Well the Star Corps trooper to say the least packs a punch a very large punch especially when paired with 1-2 good commanders but well get to those later.  The stats are nice with 30 HP garnering a Hp/Cost Ratio which isn’t bad.  His defense is pretty decent for the cost at 15 the attack I can definitely live with at a nice +9 and the damage is a solid 20.


            The S.C.T has a whole slew of abilities that can make this 15 point piece be able to hold it’s own against most 20-30 cost uniques.  Advantageous Cover really helps the all ready decent defense, Quick Reactions a very rare ability founds it’s way to this character and is great against the Lancer or Yobuck , Stable Footing is also another very rare ability as this only the 2nd piece I believe to have it ever, that really helps the S.T.C get into position.  Then the next ability Squad Firepower helps the only other stat besides to be bolstered and that is damage. Squad Firepower is basically Squad Assault but instead of +3 attack you get +10 damage which is really great with Commander Gree.


            The great thing about this piece is that it’s perfect for Clone commanders and Jedi Commanders alike.  General Ayala gives him double which then makes Rex a good throw in.  But him with Gen Kenobi + Commander Gree and get even more upgrades (possible +7 attack and +4 defense upgrade), and that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to commanders for this piece.


100: 3/5 Big hitters in this format we’ll kill the Star corps fast and with  little room for commanders I don’t see it


200: 4.5/5 The S.C.T takes his mantle here where there is room for many commanders and many troopers plus you can make so you are always benefiting from Squad Firepower basically S.C.T= Pwnage


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