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Mini of the Day

Top 10 Minis of 2008


Captain Rex
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Jan. 7, 2009

Sith Dragon

#8) Captain Rex

The new Captain of our repetitive friends, the clones.  Captain Rex comes in at #8 on our list.  Honestly, he didnt make my top 10 list.  I dont even think he made my initial list of pieces.  Rex is a very good piece.  He is one of the few non-jedi commanders that actually is a very real offensive threat.  He has a solid attack and can attack four times a turn regardless of movement.  His CE is also nice because now clones can have greater mobile.  My problem with Rex isnt really Rex.  It has to do more with his poor support.  There are no clone pieces with double attack right now, so greater mobile is wasted.  You can get mobile cheaper and more efficiently using Queen Amidala.  Aayla can grant double, but between Aayla and Rex you are tying up 83pts of your squad.  Even after all that you still have clones that are going to have a hard time hitting anything with a solid defense.  Also the average clone that is even worth playing costs upwards of 15pts.

To me it is just too much commander for not enough follower.  If we get some solid double attacking clones in the future, i think his stock will go up as a commander.  If you really like Rex, though, feel free to run him just for his offense.  He is a tad too expensive to do that, but for four attacks that have a solid chance to hit most characters he can be worth it.

Tomorrow is the Emperor's favorite because he can feel the hate swelling in you now. ;)


Top 10 Minis of 2008 countdown!!!

10. Moff Nyna Calixte

9. General Dodanna

8. Captain Rex


            Today’s mini of the day is Captain Rex again.  He came at #5 on my list though.  Rex has now changed at all since the review due to him being so new but now I have been able to play him more and I can justly say THIS PIECE IS A MUST FOR O66 HEAVY SQUADS.  He shoots for more damage in one turn than any Boba (Barring crits and Disintegrations).  His commander effect is good even with the lack of double attacking clones.  The defense hurts him more than I thought it would.  One note is I think they could’ve given him accurate and he wouldn’t be to OP but that’s just my opinion.  One good use of him I feel is my Echo Squad and the Palpy, SL squads on Bloomilk.com.


His ratings are the same as the old review!!!


Next piece is  BkiJrarJnsa

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