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IG-100 Magnaguard
Clone Wars Battles

Date Reviewed: Jan. 30, 2009

Sith Dragon IG-100 Magnaguard
Cost: 16
HP: 60
DEF: 18
ATK: 8
DAM: 20

Melee, Lightsaber Resistance, Electrostaff +10

Today we look at a very interesting addition to the separatist army. It is basically a remake of the bodyguard droid from RotS. This is a great example of a new piece that does not make the previous piece irrelevant. The first thing you will notice about the IG-100 is that it is 4 pts cheaper than the old version. Since the rest of his stats are the same as the BG droid it should make the old version irrelavent, right? Not quite.

While both are melee, single attackers with lightsaber resistance, one plays a much more defensive role, while the newer plays to the offensive side. The old BG droid has bodyguard. This is great for distributing damage around and keeping key pieces alive. The new IG-100 lacks that, but gains electrostaff, which gives him the ability to activate living characters. This could be huge if you are swinging on your opponent's main character with four attacks. If you run into a mirror droid squad or mounted weapon characters (non-living), then all of a sudden this guy is swinging for 30 DAM. Not too shabby.

100pts: He probably is not going to fair too well here because droids generally take a lot of boosting to get them sickeningly good. The real problem is going to be his HP. Most characters that dominate this level can drop this guy in a single turn. A swarm of these could be deadly though if you minimize the commanders and run at least one of the BG droids.

150/200pts: He will be equal effective here with an obvious edge to the 200pt format where he can have more commanders and more help. Grievous DAC can turn this guy into a hulk with a base 22DEF(24 vs Jedi) and a 16 ATK(BDO included) All that and he would have twin. Throw in a well timed and well placed overseer and you have your four attacks. Basically, you have a 16 pt piece that can drop most any character in the game rather quickly. Add in the activations and it is just sick. No swing backs. No renewal that Jedi must have.

As i said his main weakness will be his HP. Throw in a BG droid or two and you can see some nice things happen. Watch out for disruptive though. Kyle JBM will scare the bolts out of any droid army.

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