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Roron Corrob - Clone Wars Battles
(No Art Yet)

Date Reviewed: Jan. 28, 2009

Sith Dragon Roron Corrob
Cost: 24
HP: 90
DEF: 19
ATK: 10
DAM: 20

Double Attack

Force 4
Force Repulse 3, Deflect

When i saw the cost/stat ratio on Roron Corrob i about flipped. Like Barriss and Ahsoka last week, we have yet another low cost, highly effective Jedi. For only 24 points you are getting a very nice 90HP. While this ranks him 13th in the HP/cost ratio for the republic, he is arguably the most playable of the 13 above him, especially in an offensive roll. He has a very nice 19 DEF and solid 10 ATK. He doesn't have any bells and whistles other than double attack, but with solid stats at 24 points, you generally are not going to get too many.

He has four force, which is very good not only for the cost, but for any Jedi without renewal. He has deflect to help against those pesky shooters. That alone means he can either try to prevent four shots, or a couple shots with some extra for rerolls or extra movements. Then he has one more force power that is trademark Ithorian. In the Cartoon we see him use his Ithorian throat roar and wipe out masses of droids and knock Grievous around a bit. His Repulse 3 is a great add. He loses his turn but in the process does 30 DAM to all characters within 3 and pushes them back 4 squares. That is a pretty nice chunk of damage from a 24 point character.

100pts: Like Ahsoka he wont be a great force here, but he can fit into squads if you have points left over or a Jedi swarm squad. His Force Repulse can really help him over other characters here.

150/200pts: He will be equally good here. You can use Panaka to swap him into prime repulse position. You can run him in a Jedi swarm squad, or add him for another solid, low cost lightsaber in case you run into damage reduction or such. Keep in mind those running Kenobi that he becomes a 23DEF and +14 ATK. Is he as good as a JWM? Of course not. Although his repulse does give him an advantage in certain areas. For me the Holy Grail of jedi is that 30-40 point range and while we have not had any for the republic in awhile, these last three Jedi are great adds to that level. Many even have their own niches to make them a bit different from the other Jedi of that range.

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