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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Bariss Offee, Jedi Knight
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Jan. 23, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.00
150 pt: 3.50
200 pt: 3.50


Barris Offee, Jedi Knight

Faction: Republic

Cost: 30

HP: 80

Defense: 19

Attack: +9

Damage: 20




Melee Attack

Double Attack

Synergy (+4 attack and +4 defense while an allied character named Luminara Unduli is within 6 squares)



Force 2

Force Renewal 1

Force Heal 20

Lightsaber Deflect


            Today we take a look Barris Offee, jedi Knight (aka. Barris, JK) and she is a nice little piece and a huge upgrade from her older (not that that’s all to great of a feat).  This version has 20 more HP, 1 more defense and attack, Double, Renewal, and Deflect for 13 more points not to mention this Barris’s synergy gives her a +4 defense along with attack.

But the Luminara we have right now is the only one that it’ll work with unless they repeat a title which they’ve never done.


            As far as if this Barris is good I think she can be certainly nothing Tier 1 but a very nice piece for casual play. She gets even better in that she is only piece so far that has infinite heals which means she can be a nice medic for Yobuck or the other Republic pieces that have to go deep into enemy lines.


100: 3/5 She’s good here if you put her with a good power Jedi, R2 Astro and build up some force to heal the power Jedi when they need it.


150/200: 3.5/5 More of the same from 100 just on a bigger scale her purpose is pretty apparent which of course be the team medic and she’s pretty good at it.

Sith Dragon Barriss Offee, Jedi Knight
Cost: 30
HP: 80
DEF: 19
ATK: +9
DAM: 20

Double Attack; Synergy(+4ATK/+4DEF with Luminar(I))

Force 2
FR1, Force Heal 20, Deflect

Today we look at perhaps my favorite Jedi on the saga. Not sure why really, but i have always really liked Barriss. When i saw her first attempt at a mini, i was pretty disappointed. While she was solid for her points, she was still pretty blah and easy to lose. This Barriss is much better and one of the types of Jedi i have been looking for. The republic has gone a long time without solid 30-35pt unique Jedi. Since the second set released, actually, there have been two (Gui-Gon, JM and Quinlan, Infiltrator). Jedi swarms have always been my favorite, but I have hated JWM swarms as there is no real imagination to them.

Barriss has a decent 80HP for her point cost. A solid 19DEF, and an okay +9ATK. This one has double attack where her other version did not. I think if the first attempt at Barriss had double she would be much better. Then she has her "killer" ability. Well - almost. her synergy with Luminari Unduli is fantastic! Not only does she get +4 ATK, but she is the first to get a DEF bonus as well. If she is within 6 of Luminari she becomes a whopping 23DEF and +13 ATK. Add the new Obi into the mix and now you are looking at a 30 point figure with a 27DEF(31 with cover!) and +17ATK! Holy crap! That is fantastic right!? Um yeah...almost. Look at who she has synergy with and then read your Unduli cards. Its Luminar(A) not Luminar(I). For anyone who plays by strict DCI rules, Barriss cannot have synergy as there is no character named Luminari. Call this the review week of messed up synergies. The other thing i dont like about this is that we know there is a brand new Luminara coming in a future map pack this year, yet it appears that Barriss will not work with her, only the CS version. The only hope to avoid this is if the new Luminara has an ability that makes her count as LU for purposes of abilities like the galactic marines.

Her force powers are also very good. She has renewal, which alone makes her stellar at 30pts. Deflect is always big as she can protect herself from shooters for most of the game thanks to the renewal. Lastly she has Heal 20. This is what i wanted on the first one with renewal. Barriss can heal for the entirety of the game, which is a first for the republic. This and her synergy set her apart from the JWM just enough to maker her playable even when comparing her against them.

100pts: She is not going to be a powerhouse here, but i am not going to say she is worthless. Her heal and solid attack with synergy can maker her playable. A lot of how she performs at this point level is going to depend in large part to how she interacts with the new Luminara when she comes out.

150/200pts: She will perform equally well here. She is effective in what she does and has just enough of a difference from the JWMs to hold her own if you choose to try her. Wed, SWF82 said the JWM should always be run over characters like Ahsoka. He was 100% correct, but i have never liked running the JWM because everyone else was and its the easy choice. I like the unique figures even though they have their drawbacks. Ahsoka and Barriss are great figures to help bring back the jedi swarms, as is next weeks figure! ;)

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