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image from Wizards of the Coast

Top 10 Star Wars Minis of 2008

#1:Yoda on Kybuck
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Jan. 16, 2009

Sith Dragon #1 Yoda on Kybuck

You knew he had to of made the list for 2008. How could he not! For the first time since Revenge of the Sith, we have a republic version of everyone's favorite frog. For those of you who do not know where the frog comes from, I used to have a 200pt squad called team froggy that used CS Yoda with Lando DS, Boba E and CS Qui-Gonn that did very well at Gencon. That and then there is the Pink Five reference that you have to check out if you havent heard of it.

Any who, Yobuck is not a diverse character. He will not fit into lots of different builds doing different things. He is just too expensive and gimmicky to do that. What he does do, when exploited is kill LOTS of people. his one true charm is his galloping attack where he gets to attack everyone he runs by. Be careful though as it will give up attacks of opportunity if he doesnt kill the character. Grunts run in fear from him. Since you can still use a normal attack with galloping attack, it effectively gives him lightsaber assault without having to spend force points. His galloping attack becomes very abusable with the addition of R2. GA only requires movement. Tow cable IS movement, so therefore Yobuck gets a free flight assisted GA. On his turn he can then gallop and regular attack, giving him an effective triple against a character that survives the first two gallops. Tack on Master speed and Yobuck has one helluva reach.

His major downside is that he has block, so shooters are going to have frog legs for lunch. ENTER PANAKA. Not only can he be abused with R2, but Panaka can then swap him into or out of places to make him even deadlier. Yoda is dominating the meta right now because if you are not specifically ready to deal with him, he will generally wipe the hull with you.

Well there you have it. The top ten figures of 2008. The fact SWF82 and i can look at the list and make our own top 10s and only have one character duplicated shows you how diverse the year was and how high the quality of minis was overall. Let's hope 2009 follows suit!

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