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Mini of the Day

Top 10 Star Wars Minis of 2008

#5 - General Wedge Antilles

Date Reviewed: Jan. 12, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.00
150 pt: 5.00
200 pt: 5.00

Sith Dragon

#5 General Antilles

The mini that just wont die is none other than General Wedge Antilles.  He was a loose end after epIV.  Wanting a familiar face on Hoth, Lucas remembered he hadnt killed him, so Wedge came back.  In EpVI he is back again to lead the attack on the second death star.  All this plus all his minis have had avoid defeat practically makes him immortal.  He is also the ONLY movie character to fight in all three movie space battles.

His latest mini had a huge impact on gaming.  He made great pieces greater and average or below average characters playably and some became competative.  He was actually #3 on my list.  Granting mobile and evade to any follower is huge.  Jedi can now survive the run up to the enemy with less damage.  Shooters can stay out of sight, so fragile characters like Han Scoundrel or Bossk BH can now shoot and not have to stay out in the open to be picked off.  The original Mara became almost goddess like!  Cade became a powerhouse and small grunts became much harder to kill.  Can you imagine a Boba Fett having to shoot at an ug 3-4 times jsut to kill it?!  IMO, Wedge had one of the biggest impacts on the game over almost any other figure.

Tuesday, we get a leader that everyone had been waiting for.  He, as an accumulation of all the figures before him, is to be feared!


Top 10 minis of 2008 Countdown!!!

10. Moff Nyna Calixte

9. General Dodanna

8. Captain Rex

7. Jar Jar Binks

6. Star Corps Trooper

5. General Wedge Antilles


General Wedge Antilles


            Here we are starting the last half of our top 10 minis of 08’, and getting the #5 spot is General Wedge Antilles.  When Wedge’s CE was first announced I thought “Oh god boy I picked a crappy time to stop playing NR”.  The General really made the NR one of the top 3 factions in the game if not the best.  I’ve only had to play against him once however surprisingly.  The only thing about the General is that most of the NR that is played already has Evade and Mobile but throw in some fringe and that doesn’t matter at all.


100: 3 /5 He is about 1/4th of your squad and he won’t be able to command much.


150/200: 5/5 Here is only about 1/10th of your squad and he can command as many people as he want’s.  Throw in Cade, KK, JBM anybody really and he’ll make them even tougher to beat which is always good


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